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Total failing by the Philadelphia Eagles’ offense costs game against the San Francisco 49ers (VIDEO)

Monday, September 29th, 2014

by Brandyn Campbell

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With the many questions surrounding what this Philadelphia Eagles team is and what it isn’t heading into the fourth game of the season, there was never a question about the offense. The 3-0 start showed that, regardless of the start, the

Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles offense could get nothing going against the San Francisco 49ers.

Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles offense could get nothing going against the San Francisco 49ers.

Birds would and could generate points in a variety of ways. Of course they can–that’s Chip Kelly’s hallmark.

Enter the trip across country to San Francisco to face the 49ers on Sunday, a game that flipped the script of the Eagles’ season so far. Yes, there were highlights, one of which you’ll see below. Even with the offense’s inability to get anything going, the game was within grasp until the last moments of the game. But Philadelphia just couldn’t finish. A 91-yard drive starting at 6:35 in the fourth quarter could have gotten the lead and probably the game for Philadelphia. They got within in 1-yard of the goal line, but they couldn’t seal the deal and fell 21-26.

Ironically, the Eagles didn’t wait until the second half to put points on the board against San Francisco. They got to a quick start and lead the Niners 21-10 at the half, but generated a grand total of 0 points in the second.

Nick Foles’ stat line for the day wasn’t pretty: He was 21 for 43 and 195 with no TDs and two interceptions. Ouch. The Eagles could have used some help from their running game, except it didn’t exist and is going to continue to struggle with the battered offensive line. LeSean ran the ball 10 times for a paltry 17 yards. After the game he called the performance “embarrassing” and said he didn’t want to talk about anything having to do with the run game. Makes sense, but, you’re the running back…

The offense’s implosion came on a day when the defense was stout. They showed that they could contain a potent offense and finally got some pass rush going. Safety Malcolm Jenkins returned an interception 51-yards to account for 6 of the Eagles total 21 points, making him the first in that position since Brian Dawkins to garner an interception in three straight games.

Special teams was amazing and accounted for the other two Eagles touchdowns, both of which occurred in the first half: Brad Smith recovered a blocked punt for a touchdown, then our boy Darren Sproles ran in an 82-yard punt return. 

Quick aside: Please tell me that someone from the Eagles has at least sent flowers to the Saints organization for the acquisition of Jenkins and Sproles, as both seem to be gifts that keep on giving.

The Eagles now fall to 3-1 with a lot of reason for hope, but a number of concerns as well. A performance just as this–for the defense and special teams to step up when the offense falters–illustrates exactly why football is a team sport. But when the offense doesn’t just sputter but totally fails, you have what we witnessed on Sunday. Amazingly, though, the Eagles almost won it.

When we have a week when all phases of the team are firing on all cylinders for the majority of the game, we are going to have something wonderful to behold. It will happen. Having the o-line back to health, when it happens, will help. Until then, keep those Tums nearby.

The first Monday of the season when we’re dealing with a loss. No Dunkin Donuts coffee. The hits just keep coming. Think about this play to make your day a little bit less brutal–Jeremy Maclin’s incredible diving one-handed catch in the drive that almost pulled the Eagles through.

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Brandyn Campbell of Philly Sports Muse, for War Room Sports

Former Eagle Nnamdi Asomugha marries ‘Scandal’ star Kerry Washington

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

by Brandyn Campbell





Scandal! Did former Eagles CB Nnamdi Asomugha marry “Scandal” star Kerry Washington?

The depths of the disappointment that was CB Nnamdi Asomugha’s career with the Philadelphia Eagles cannot be overstated. When his time with the Birds ended earlier this year, no fan of the midnight green shed a tear.

We have yet to see if Nnamdi will deliver the same underwhelming coverage for the 49ers defense this season, but his personal life is on the uptick with his return to the West Coast. E! reports that the defensive back and “Scandal” star actress Kerry Washington are now married.

Not exactly a Scandal, but this is certainly a surprise!

Kerry Washington married San Francisco 49ers cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha on June 24 in Blaine County, Idaho, E! News exclusively confirms.”

Idaho? Really? They were both okay with that?

According to Black Sports Online , the NFL star is merely dating Washington. Robert Littal’s opening line is one that will make Eagles fans either laugh or cry:

“Hopefully, Nnamdi won’t blow this relationship, like he blew coverages with the Eagles, but I digress.”

It’s possible that this is one situation that Asomugha was able to successfully cover completely, so good for him. Just like old (pre-Eagles) times.

Whether they are betrothed or merely dating, they are certainly a gorgeous couple.

Now, stay tuned for another episode of “As the Offseason Turns!”

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Brandyn Campbell of Philly Sports Muse, for War Room Sports

Can Frank Gore Avoid The Aging Running Back Curse?

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

by FanDuel


Does Frank Gore have more?
(Image via


If you are a running back in the NFL, there is no celebrating when you turn 30 years old. Most franchises believe that running backs take a huge hit in productivity around that age, and they have the numbers to back that up. Frank Gore is now 30, so the question is, will 2012 end up being his last solid season in the NFL?

Last season, the 49ers owed a lot of their success to Gore, as he experienced a solid campaign for the second year in a row. After some 2010 struggles, Gore averaged 4.5 yards per carry and found the end zone eight times each season these last two years. Will his productivity in 2013 keep him among the top daily fantasy sports picks?

Just one year ago, Michael Turner was the latest running back to hit that 30-year old wall. In 2011, he had 1340 yards and 11 touchdowns. While he did find the end zone 10 times in 2012, he was only able to pick up 800 yards. He seemed half-a-step slow during the year, and he saw his average yards per carry dip below four for the first time ever in his career.

One way the 49ers can help protect Gore and keep him productive is to utilize the other running backs on their roster as well. LaMichael James played well in limited action in 2012, and Kendall Hunter is a solid running back as well. Gore should no longer be treated like a feature back, but instead one who gets the bulk of the carries only.

Gore has been with the 49ers ever since they took him in the 3rd round of the 2005 draft. He has been one of their most productive players in recent history, and the coaching staff knows how to put their players in a position to succeed. If Gore can just stay healthy and provide around 1000 yards with 5-8 touchdowns, they will be more than satisfied. Just do not expect a repeat of the last two years.


FanDuel, for War Room Sports

Super Bowl XLVII Preview

Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

by Brandon Pemberton





While it’s the day we’ve been looking forward to since training camps opened up in July, it’s also bittersweet, knowing that the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens are playing the final game of the 2012 NFL season on Sunday.  There are plenty of good stories related to the big game: Jim and John Harbaugh are the coaches and brothers, born only 15 months apart and coming from a father Jack, who was a good coach himself.  Ray Lewis is playing in his final game, win or lose and the story that he used a banned substance to speed up his recovery from his torn triceps has trumped the fact that his 17-year illustrious career is coming to a close.   Finally we have 49ers’ QB Colin Kaepernick who will being starting only his 10th game of his career –  In New Orleans at Super Bowl XLVII, which by far is the most important and intriguing story of them all.  The fate of the 49ers for the most part lays on his shoulders.  I will preview and breakdown the game: Offensively, Defensively, and on Special teams and give you my winner.

Joe Flacco (l); Colin Kaepernick (r)










49ers: When head coach Jim Harbaugh decided to stick with Colin Kaepernick and make him the 49ers starting QB after Alex Smith went down with a concussion, he was taking a big risk.  A move like that could split the locker room and possibly cost a team that already was good enough to make the Super Bowl, their season.  But Kaepernick has been 7-2 as a starter (including 2-0 playoffs), adding a big play dimension to the 49ers that they lacked with Alex Smith at the helm.  The 49ers utilize the zone read and read option very well with Kaepernick’s ability to use his legs, opening up more passing lanes off of play action and it also gives more running room for running backs Frank Gore and LaMichael James.  They will have a tough task running up against the stout front of the Ravens, but they will and have shown the tendency to keep running the ball, to keep teams honest.

The 49ers passing game is much more explosive with Kaepernick’s strong arm and the 49ers receivers are benefiting from it.  Vernon Davis had 5 catches for 106 yards and a TDs two weeks ago versus the Falcons.  Randy Moss had 3 catches for 46 yards, his best performance in a while.  While most think he his just a running QB, Kaepernick has shown the ability to throw accurate strikes from the pocket.  Look for the 49ers to attack the Ravens linebackers and safeties in the passing game with tight ends Vernon Davis and Delanie Walker and with a fast running backs like LaMicheal James.  I think that’s going to be the key for the 49ers offensively to beat the Ravens.


Ravens: The Baltimore offense is led by Joe Flacco who has thrown for eight TD’s and no interceptions in three playoff games thus far.  Flacco has proved the doubters wrong about his ability to perform and win big games and is one game away from being in the “Elite” class of QB’s.  This Ravens offense has been on fire, scoring 30 points per game in the playoffs.  The one-two punch of Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce have been very effective, averaging 148.2 yards during the playoffs and allowing Flacco to hit targets down the field via playaction.  Expect offensive coordinator Jim Cadwell to continue to feature the running game and take advantage of Anquan Boldin, Torrey Smith, and Dennis Pitta down field in the passing game.  Also, the Ravens offensive line must do a good job protecting Joe Flacco.  49ers linebacker Aldon Smith has been on a sack drought lately and could have a breakout game.

Ray Lewis (l); Patrick Willis (r)










49ers: The 49ers defense is led by the two best inside linebackers in all of football, Patrick Willis and Navarro Bowman.  Watching them on film is a joy, they can do it all.  They are great against the run and even better defending the pass.  What the 49ers do scheme-wise is solely on Willis and Bowman’s ability to cover tight ends, running backs, and some slot receivers effectively.  The 49ers are usually stout against the run and they must be ready for the Ravens stubborn, but effective rushing attack.  Their defensive backs must play better as well.  There were times vs the Falcons in which the safeties were caught out of position and allowed receivers to get behind them.  The Ravens passing game is predicated on getting the ball down the field.  Aldon and Justin Smith must put pressure on Ravens QB Joe Flacco and force him to make errant throws and possibly turn the ball over.

Ravens: The Ravens defense is playing its best football of the year at the right time.  During the season, Ray Lewis, Haloti Ngata, and obviously Terrell Suggs were all hurt and not at 100%.  But during the playoffs, they have looked like the Ravens defense of old, allowing just over 14 points per game, not counting the 14 points their special teams unit allowed to Denver on two returns.  When watching the coach’s tape, three players that aren’t household names: cornerbacks Carey Williams and Corey Graham, and Inside Linebacker Dannell Ellerbee, jumped off the screen.  Williams and Graham have been excellent in the playoffs, challenging receivers with press, man-to-man coverage and disrupting the routes and timing.  Dannell Ellerbee has been great, especially in pass coverage, covering the open areas of the field that Ray Lewis can’t at this point of his career.

Ray Lewis is obviously their emotional leader, clearly not the same player he once was, but he still gets his team in the right places pre-play and uses knowledge and smarts to make plays.  Ed Reed will definitely pose a problem for the young QB Colin Kaepernick.  He has baited the best of quarterbacks into throwing a pass they think he can’t get to, but he does.  An interception in a big spot could decide the football game.  Also, the defensive unit must play assignment, team defense when the 49ers go with their read option attack.  If everyone sticks to their assignment and guys defeat blocks and tackle, they will be fine.


Special Teams

49ers: Kicker David Akers broke an NFL record with 14 missed field goals, a year after having the best season of his career.  He’s been shaky all season and a bad performance by him could cost his team the game.  KR/PR Ted Ginn Jr. is a big play threat, and could help the offense with field position.

Ravens: Kicker Justin Hunter has been very good this season, making 21-23 field goals.  We know he’s great inside of 50 yards, but he hasn’t attempted or made a field goal outside of 50 yards all season.  This game is played indoors, which is better conditions for kickers, so he might get a shot to show us where his leg really is.

Jacoby Jones is a Pro Bowl Kick/Punt Returner and one of the league’s best.  He is not only a home run threat, but he is sure-handed as well.


Prediction: Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers are playing great football.  The move to him as QB has paid huge dividends as they are in the big game, but I think the Ravens are going to force him to win the game from the pocket.  This is the game in which Kaepernick makes a mistake or two that will give the Ravens a short field, allowing Joe Flacco to strike.  I simply trust Flacco more in big game situation and I think he leads the Ravens to the victory.  Ravens 24 49ers 23


Brandon Pemberton of Sports Trap Radio, for War Room Sports


T.O………….Your Life is Calling You!

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

By LeRoy McConnell III

Hey T.O. it’s me, your Conscience!  The Ghost of T.O. past, present, and future awaits us!  Terrell, someone asked how you were doing these days and you politely told them, “I’m in hell.”  Now how could that be?  You are T freaking O! 
Shall we stroll down memory lane?  We beat the odds getting to the NFL in the first place!  We were able to observe the legendary work ethic from the greatest wide receiver in NFL history, Jerry Rice.  We lasted 15 seasons, been one of the top receivers in the game for over a decade, and our career numbers will hold up against any receiver that has ever played in this league.  Where did we go wrong?  Why are we in such turmoil? 
_*The Ghost of T.O. Past*_
Let’s be quite frank Terrell; we $H*T on a lot of folks to get to this “hell” we find ourselves in.  Yes we did!  WE REALLY DID!  Since our memory is short, let us reflect on the past that may have led to our misery.  Remember when we, (I mean *you*) did all of those wonderful things to people!
Jerry Rice’s last home game as a 49er; you caught what was then an NFL record 20 receptions while Rice was on the field.  That was really the beginning of T.O. (me, me, me!).  Out with the old, in with the new, right?
How about Jeff Garcia?  You implied that he was gay in an interview!  Goodness, there was nothing I could do to stop you from opening your mouth that day.  Twenty-four hours later, you typically denied ever saying it.
Standing on the STAR in Dallas!  I was telling you “NO, NO, NO”!  You did it anyway. Genius move!  I just wish I had gotten credit for that one.  When you did it a second time I could only shake my head, but it was still genius!
When you played with Donovan McNabb (then quarterback of the Philadelphia  Eagles), he had his best years as a quarterback when he was throwing you the ball on every down.  But you defecated on him by announcing to the world that he was tired and had poor conditioning during the Superbowl.  Your criticism of Donovan ended what could have been a dynamic duo.
The Dallas Cowboys, you remember them?  It seemed to be a perfect match even though the “Glorified Gym Teacher” (Bill Parcells) used to call you “The Player” instead of your real name or nickname.  (Now that’s funny)!  I truly believe you enjoyed playing with Romo.  You even shed a tear for him when he was accused of letting Jessica Simpson wreck the team!  That all changed in the last year of your contract when you decided to rip Romo because he was secretly designing plays and allegedly holding private meetings with Jason Witten.  But Terrell, you were still the man in Dallas.  You were getting your usual share of the ball despite leading the league in drops.  Why mess with what was working?  As in years past, our antics were no longer cute and we, I mean you, were no longer pursued by elite teams.  You were only getting one year deals from Buffalo and Cincinnati.   

_*The Ghost of T.O. Present*_

Why are we “in hell”?  It has been a difficult year.  For the first time in 15 years we didn’t lace ’em up for any team in the NFL, because of an ACL tear in our knee.  What made matters worse was the fact that our injury happened right before a lockout year.   

We held a televised mini combine in October.  Not one NFL team showed up for our workout.  Let’s stay positive.  When they see the footage, word will get out that we are as healthy as ever.  Soon the phone will begin to ring.  All we have to do is be patient.

The Ghost of Present has to intervene.  Terrell, at age 38 and coming off major knee surgery, we are still a top 20 NFL receiver.   Why didn’t we get a call?  Has father time set in finally?  Is this the time NFL teams are going for a youth movement?  We can still play this game, can’t we?  T.O., is it possible that we are beingblack-balled” by the league now?  I wonder if Barry Bonds has the same questions about baseball.  Has the way we treated people our whole career finally caught up with us?  I think we really left a bad taste in all of our employers’ mouths.  The NFL world revels in the fact that we have been unemployed for so long (until recently) and that our reality T.V. show has failed.  

“In hell” as you say?  Is it because we are foolishly wasting our fortune?  The media is dragging our good name in whale dung by helping these gold-digging females who demand $44,000 a month in child support…. $44,000 a month………Are you kidding me?!?!?!  Yeah, I guess you are right, we are “in hell”!  Did we learn anything by spreading our seed all over this country?  I guess one part of our body was HARD-headed!  A true friend would have advised us to get a vasectomy!  A vasectomy would have kept a lot of money in our pockets.  Paying for all these unwanted kids with these devouring lottery ticket holders who we don’t want any relationship with was stupid!  FOOL ME ONCE, SHAME ON YOU!  FOOL ME THREE TIMES, SHAME ON ME!

Why are we “in hell”?  Eighty million dollars not accounted for!  Bad investments, giving to four different charities every month (baby mamas).  I thought we had trustworthy people watching over our money!  Why weren’t we more careful about our money?  Should we have buried wads of cash in our backyard?  How many stories do we hear about dumb ass athletes who become broke five years after their career is over?  It could not possibly happen to us.  We are T freaking O right?!  

 _*The Ghost of T.O. Future.*_

We are “in hell”.  I don’t like the sound of that; it’s easy for us to give up.  We have tried twice to put an end to us in the past (despite my publicist saying we had “25 million reasons to live”).  Thank the Lord he did not take us.  Let’s look at the positives:  We bought into an arena team called the Allen Wranglers.  Our game plan was to get our legs back.  There would be game film for the NFL to see that we are ready for the upcoming season.  When the phone rings, our next employer will see how our attitude has changed.  We will be contrite, and be thankful for any opportunity that awaits us.  Seattle, HERE WE COME!!! 

There is life after football Terrell.  Believe it or not we are close to the end and even though we haven’t prepared ourselves very well, there is a bright future ahead of us.  First off, we are good looking with a million dollar smile.  We will always find a way to make money.  There will be modeling and acting opportunities.  We can host our own radio or television show.  Heck if Keyshawn Johnson, Michael Irvin, or even Chris Carter can be an NFL analyst, I am sure we can. 

The most important thing is to keep our faith.  We have a lot of living to do.  We are accountable for four children that need us and as ridiculous as the child support payments are, I’m pretty sure payments will go down once we are out of the league for good.  No more pointing fingers, we are the decision maker so let us make better choices.

Football has opened up plenty of doors for us so let’s walk through them and seize new opportunities.  Remember our motto, “I Love Me Some Me”!  
So “get your popcorn ready”!
LeRoy McConnell III of “A Fan’s Point of View”, for War Room Sports

It’s Time for the Andy Reid Era to End

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

By Brandon Pemberton

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Angry, shocked, bewildered, and befuddled are a few words to explain how I felt after I watched the Philadelphia Eagles blow a 20-point, 3rd quarter lead, and lose 24-23 to the San Francisco 49ers last Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field.  Yes I admit, I am a full-bred, Philadelphia-raised, 4-for-4 sports fan.  But as an aspiring sports radio host and sportswriter, I am also a non-homer and I break things down objectively.

When the Eagles assembled this current team during the lockout-shortened off season, I was excited about the pieces they added, especially on the defensive side of the ball.  On paper, bringing in corners Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, along with defensive lineman Jason Babin and Cullen Jenkins, made this Eagles defense look like world beaters.  They also signed quarterback Vince Young as the backup to Mike Vick and late in training camp, former Giants wide receiver Steve Smith as well.  Young coined the phrase “Dream Team” in an interview with the Philly media and the whole city ran with it.  Even before the team had played a down of football.

I had thought there were positions that were left unaddressed before the preseason and after watching preseason games 2 and 3, it was obvious to me that the offensive line, linebackers, and safeties were going to be a problem.  When I let it be known on Twitter, Facebook, and in this article , people told me “calm down, it’s only preseason”.  Well the only eye test I had was the Eagles’ starters against the opposite team’s starters.  I thought to myself, “the Eagles really need to do something about these linebackers with the scheme they are attempting to play”, but this is Andy Reid we are talking about folks.  He feels as though linebackers don’t matter and aren’t a factor in winning a title.

So here we are, after this first 4 weeks of the season and the Eagles stand at 1-3 and last in the NFC East.  Unable to hold 4th quarter leads, horrible play in the red zone on both sides of the ball, along with putrid coaching and philosophy are the main reasons why.  Oh, don’t let me leave out the protection issues with the O-line, Vick’s problems coughing up the ball, and the inconsistent play of DeSean Jackson.

I and everyone else have had it with Reid’s excuses right after games in press conferences and the day after.  The same “I have to do a better job” statements along with his pompous and smug answers to the reporters’ questions the day after a bad loss or when he has made mind-blowing mistakes in a game, just tick me off.  His inability to adjust on game day and his refusal to take value in certain positions is the reason why he hasn’t yet won a Super Bowl, and why this team has fallen flat on their faces after 4 games.

Early in his career, Reid refused to acquire any big-time wide receivers, even when it was obvious it would help Donovan McNabb and take the team to another level.  He finally came to his senses and in 2004, Terrell Owens was added to the team and the Eagles had its best offensive season in franchise history while making a trip to the Super Bowl and eventually losing to the New England Patriots.  He then drafted DeSean Jackson in the 2nd round in ’08 and Jeremy Maclin in the 1st round of the 2009 draft.  It took him a while, but he eventually figured out if he was going to be a pass heavy team, he needed stud receivers.

During Andy Reid’s tenure here in Philadelphia, he has refused to put value into the linebacker position.  When he came here in 1999, he inherited stud middle linebacker Jeremiah Trotter and in 2000 while Tom Modrak was the General Manager, they signed outside linebacker Carlos Emmons as well.  Trotter and Emmons played together for two years (2000-01) and when “Trot” was allowed to walk after the 01′ season, this is when I realized the Eagles and the front office undervalued the linebacker position.  Reid has gone year after year refusing to address this problem.  Gardner, Simoneau, Kirkland, Jones, Wayne, Bradley, Gocong, and recently Ernie Sims are some of the names of the mediocre players that have played here since Trotter and Emmons.  They also have never found a proper replacement for Eagles’ legend and future Hall of Famer Brian Dawkins.

So when I saw the Birds send out a starting linebacker core of Moise Fokou, Casey Matthews, and Jamar Chaney on opening day, I wasn’t surprised.  You would think since the team is using Jim Washburn’s “Wide Nine” set for the defensive line, which leaves the linebackers vulnerable to offensive linemen, the team would acquire bigger, more violent linebackers via free agency or the draft.  Instead they move Jamar Chaney from his natural position of middle linebacker and hand the job to a 4th round pick out of Oregon who can’t play.  The eye test doesn’t lie.  Anyone with football acumen would have told you that Matthews isn’t a NFL middle linebacker, let alone a starter.  How Moise Fokou owns a starting spot on an NFL roster, I have no bleeping idea.  The guy is nothing more than a special teams player.  I liked what I saw from Chaney last season, but the current scheme doesn’t fit his abilities. 

There are two other teams in the NFL that currently use the “Wide Nine” scheme with its front four, the Detroit Lions and the Tennessee Titans.  The Titans are in the top 10 in 3 key defensive categories in the NFL:  7th in yards per game (299.8), 8th in rushing yards allowed per game (87.8), and they have the number 1 scoring defense in all of football (14.0 pts per game).  Their trio of linebackers include:  Will Witherspoon (6’1′ 240), Barrett Ruud (6’2′ 241), and first round draft pick Akeem Ayers (6’3′ 254).  They all are players who attack the line of scrimmage violently and are big enough to take on and defeat blocks at the point of attack.  Will Witherspoon, who played in eleven games for the Eagles in 2009, is also excellent in pass coverage, especially against tight ends.

The Lions rank 11th in the NFL in yards allowed (334.3) per game, 20th in rushing yards allowed per game (113.0), and 8th in points allowed per game (19.0).  Of course any defense with a player like Ndamukong Suh is going to make it easier on linebackers to play because he draws so many double-teams.  But there’s no way you can tell me that Stephen Tulloch (5’11’ 240), DeAndre Levy (6’1′ 238), and Bobby Carpenter (6’2′ 249) aren’t a more credible linebacker crew than the crap the Eagles have.  Stephen Tulloch has played his whole career in the “Wide Nine” scheme and was a free agent during the offseason.  It would have made sense to take a look at Tulloch and sign him since he is a proven veteran playmaker, but no, this is Andy Reid’s regime we are talking about here folks.  By the way, Tulloch is having a Pro Bowl caliber season through four games.

Before I finish, let me address the safety position as well.  As I said earlier in this article, Brian Dawkins still hasn’t been properly replaced since leaving via free agency in 2009.  Nate Allen was having a good rookie campaign before rupturing his patella tendon towards the end of last season, and it wasn’t certain if he would be 100% coming into this season.  Kurt Coleman is a 7th round draft pick who outplayed his expectations last season, but that didn’t mean he was a NFL starter.  The Eagles drafted Jaiquawn Jarrett out of Temple in the 2nd round, which was a reach and he has dressed for one game so far.  When the Eagles realized they were in trouble during the preseason, they signed 6-year veteran Jarrad Page, who has started on some bad Kansas City Chiefs teams in the past and played sparingly for the Patriots last season.  To start the season, it was Coleman at free safety and Page at strong safety, but the both of them were exposed during the first 4 games.  Whether it was blown coverage or just plain missing tackles, they both proved that they shouldn’t be starting in this league.  Nate Allen was given a shot at starting this past Sunday against the 49ers and he was a non-factor.

What more can I say?  It’s the same sad love song with Andy Reid at the helm and running things around here.  The Eagles haven’t been back to the Super Bowl since the 2004 season and they damn sure aren’t [going back] this year or any with Reid as coach.  His message, coaching style, philosophy, drafting, and antics are all old and it’s time for new blood for this franchise. 

Brandon Pemberton of Brandon on Sports, for War Room Sports