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One small step towards football season: Eagles preseason opponents announced

Friday, April 10th, 2015

by Brandyn Campbell

Brandyn Blog






The Philadelphia Eagles’ 2015 preseason opponents were announced on Thursday, getting us one small step closer to football season.

We don’t know the exact dates and times, but we know the opponents and where the games will take place. That’s all we really need right now. A morsel to whet the appetites of hearty fans.

The preseason will begin for the Birds with a home opener against the Indianapolis Colts (game held between August 13 – 17). Week 2  (Aug. 20 – 24) will see the Eagles face off against the Ravens in Philadelphia. In Week 3 (Aug. 27-31), the team hits the road to Green Bay for the all-important dress rehearsal for the season, and they will round out the preseason against the Jets in New Jersey (Sep. 3 – 4).

That’s a schedule stacked with playoff winners from last season (Colts, Ravens and Packers). It may just be the preseason, but at this stage any football is something to be excited about. Full details of the schedule will be released later in the offseason.

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Brandyn Campbell of Philly Sports Muse, for War Room Sports

The Defense of Ray Rice

Monday, September 15th, 2014

by Joe Davis

Joe davis






I’m not defending the actions of Ray Rice.  I believe he made a horrible decision that will change his life forever.  Whatever discipline comes to him, it is warranted.  Many people around the country are upset with the Ravens fans that are still supporting him by wearing his jersey.  They are quick to criticize them as close-minded, die-hard fans that only care about football.  It’s not all about the fan base.  The answer lies within the city.

Baltimore is a very loyal place.  In Baltimore, the city has a very close family feel.  It is a major city (600,000+ population) with a small city feel.  Baltimore has a big chip on its shoulders.  Being in between Washington, Philadelphia, and New York, it often gets overlooked nationally.  If Baltimore embraces you as one of their own, they have your back through the thick and thin.  If the Ray Lewis incident happened in another city, he probably would have been cut and pushed aside.  Here in Baltimore, he just had a statue erected in front of M&T Bank Stadium.  The sense is we can talk about you but if someone outside the family does, then it’s on.  I have been in debates with Ravens fans that have spoken badly about Joe Flacco, but as soon as I have criticized him, I have felt the wrath.  As a Baltimorean that isn’t a Ravens fan, I really understand both sides of the issue.

So here’s the truth about Ray Rice.  He isn’t a wife-beating monster that should never play in the NFL again.  Nor is he the 1500 yard back that the Ravens can give the ball to 25+ times per game anymore.  The Ravens struggled with weather or not they should have cut him after a terrible 2013 season.  I honestly that they kept him because he was such a good guy, both on the field and off.  Ravens fans that wore his jersey to the game on Thursday against Pittsburgh were saying loudly that this is our guy and we still love him.  I hope Ray Rice has learned from his drunken actions from that night.  I also hope that his wife Janay and Ray continue to grow and support each other.  More than anything, I hope that their daughter will grow up and know that her daddy isn’t the bad guy that hit mommy.  I hope that the family gets the support from those surrounding them that they will need.  If not from the NFL and the Ravens, they can always turn to Baltimore.


Joe Davis of Sideline to Sideline, for War Room Sports 

NFL Preseason Mash Ups: AFC North Personas

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

by WingFan






Teams have personality. Between the owner, the coach, the players, and the fans, a team develops certain behaviors. As we approach the official beginning of the NFL season, WingFan would like to continue the countdown to kickoff by walking you through each AFC North team and our assessment of their persona. Let’s take a look at what each team brings to the table:

Team: Pittsburgh Steelers

Persona: Robert DeNiro

DeNiroThere can only be one Godfather and the Pittsburgh Steelers take that title.  They have six Super Bowl wins (’74, ’75, ’78, ’79, ’05, ’07) – the most in NFL history.  The 1970’s Steelers dynasty was nicknamed “The Steel Curtain” and the way they played was brutal, hard-nosed, and downright gangster.  Robert DeNiro is as gangster as they get:  young Vito Corleone in Godfather II, Al Capone in The Untouchables, Jimmy Conway in Goodfellas, Lorenzo in Bronx Tale, and Sam Rothstein in Casino.  The Steelers weren’t just a great team but their defenses are full of legendary athletes who toe the line between genius and psycho – “Mean” Joe Green, Jack Hamm, Jack Lambert, Melvin Blount, Kevin Green, and Jerome Harrison.  DeNiro’s got a psycho side too:  Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver, Max Cady in Cape Fear, and Gil Renard in The Fan.


You can’t become a legendary actor by being a “one trick pony” and DeNiro is more than capable of being versatile.  You can’t become the most decorated team in the Super Bowl era without having a versatile offense either.  The Steelers believe in running with power, passing with grace, and digging down deep when it counts. DeNiro believes in method acting, physically pushing his body’s limits to pull off the role, and digging deep
within himself to find his character’s true being.  Players like Terry Bradshaw, Lynn Swann, Franco Harris, Jerome Bettis, Hines Ward, and Ben Roethlisberger are great Steelers because they do more than one thing.  They are receivers who make blocks down field.  They are quarterbacks that shake off a big hit and throw the winning pass.  They are running backs who run for the touchdown even if they have to make a hole for themselves.

Franco Harris after the "Immaculate Reception".

Franco Harris after the “Immaculate Reception”.

The Steelers have a “miracle” play called the “Immaculate Reception”.  One of the best “miracle” roles DeNiro ever had was as Lenard Lowe in Awakenings.  The late Robin Williams played a doctor in a mental hospital that discovers a “miracle drug” which brings Lenard Lowe back from his catatonic state.  Quarterback Terry Bradshaw made a desperation throw in the closing seconds of a 1972 playoff game against the Oakland Raiders.  The receiver was immediately hit by a defender and the ball popped high up in the air. Just as the ball was falling to the turf to assure a Raiders’ victory, good ole Franco scoops the ball up just before it touches the ground.  The crowd went bananas as Franco raced to the end zone for the game winning touchdown. Roles like Lenard Lowe and plays like the “Immaculate Reception” are the reason that fans fall over themselves whenever the steel curtain calls.


Team:  Baltimore Ravens
Persona:  Mike Tyson

MTMike Tyson definitely deserves a place on football’s “The Grid Iron” and Baltimore is an historic iron city that perfectly fits “Iron” Mike.  Iron Mike had a signature way of entering the ring where he never wore a traditional boxing robe; instead he wore a towel shirt. He basically used to cut through the center of a regular white towel so he could fit his head through, and then he draped it over his shoulders.  The Ravens had a signature way of entering their stadium too.  The team captain and inspirational leader, linebacker Ray Lewis, would do a little dance nicknamed the “Squirrel Dance” (see pic below).  Just like a towel shirt, Lewis’ dance was unlike anything you’d ever seen before.

Ray Lewis & The Squirrel Dance

Ray Lewis & The Squirrel Dance

Baltimore won two Super Bowls with that Squirrel Dance, and Mike won multiple championship titles with that towel shirt because these guys are not only ballers – they’re brawlers.  Sometimes the Ravens’ games look like street fights and sometimes the score ends up looking as ugly as Mitch Green after a street fight with Tyson (see pic).  Take the Ravens first Super Bowl victory in 2001, for example, when they pulverized the New York Giants 34-7 – that’s one ugly score!  The Ravens and Tyson also had a mean knockout punch.  While Tyson literally punched his opponents’ lights out, the Ravens turned out the lights in the 2013 Super Bowl in another way.  After the Ravens ran back the 2nd half kickoff to take a dominating 28-6 lead over the 49ers, the Super Dome experienced a power outage and the lights went out for about a half hour.  Commentators used the outage as an opportunity to say that the Ravens just knocked the 49ers lights out.

Mitch Green

Mitch Green

While Ray Lewis and Ed Reed were the defensive leaders known for packing a Tyson-like punch, running back Ray Rice might be the hardest hitting player on the team.  The Ravens star ran into some trouble with his lady when cameras caught him knocking her lights out in a Las Vegas casino (see “The Dark Side” post for details).  Tyson had some trouble with the ladies, too.  Tyson’s issues with domestic disputes with his ex-wife Robin Givens are well documented, and of course, there was that whole beauty pageant episode that sent Tyson to jail for a couple of years.  The seriousness of these issues should not be discounted but Rice’s fiancee still decided to marry him after he knocked her out.  Deciding to marry Rice after such an incident might be as crazy as Robin Givens deciding to marry Tyson in the first place – I guess the NFL’s version of “Iron Mike” found his “Iron wife”.


Team: Cincinnati Bengals
Persona:  Charlie Sheen

CSCharlie Sheen’s Hollywood shuffle is kind of like the Bengals Ickey Woods Shuffle – success that eventually turns into a spectacle.  Back in the late ‘80s/early ‘90s Woods was a popular running back who created a touchdown dance called “The Ickey Shuffle.”  After every successful touchdown you could count on Ickey to take the ball and hop a little left and hop a little right – the dance was pretty funny and slightly endearing.  Sheen had a feature role in the movie Wall Street and the Bengals were featured in two Super Bowls. (’82 &’87) but they never won either game.  Ever since then, the Bengals and Sheen have mostly followed up their big time appearances with comedic performances like a bunch of Hot Shots.

Ickey Woods & The Ickey Shuffle

Ickey Woods & The Ickey Shuffle

It’s not that the Bengals don’t have talent, they just seem to underachieve instead of succeed.  In the early 2000’s the team got another chance like Charlie got “Two and a Half Men”.   They picked Heisman Trophy winning, Carson Palmer.  Palmer’s performance in his first couple of seasons was about as impressive as Sheen’s first couple seasons on Two and a Half Men – but then the shuffle showed up.  Sheen’s success brought about an ego that destroyed the show’s chemistry and the Bengals success brought about Chad Ocho Cinco, who basically destroyed the team’s chemistry.  In both cases, the executives didn’t know how to corral the wild personalities so a spectacle ensued.  Sheen, like Ocho Cinco, found other ways to express himself – mostly on YouTube.  Every time Ocho Cinco scored a touchdown, he did the River Dance or acted like Tiger Woods putting the football with a pile-on, it was sophomoric at best.

Tiger Ocho

Tiger Ocho

After a couple of good seasons, the whole show blew up.  The next thing you know, Charlie and Ocho Cinco are on TV with their “goddesses” trying to see who can go broke faster – Ocho Cinco won.  By 2012, the Bengals fired the Ocho show and CBS fired Sheen.  In 2013, TMZ reported that Ocho Cinco was losing approximately $46,000 per month and starting to look desperate.  Here’s the moral of the story kids:  instead of being a respectable team that shows appreciation for the resources given to them, the Bengals seem to go “Charlie Sheen” every year and shuffle their way into obscurity.


Team: Cleveland Browns
Persona:  Kathy Griffin

KGSure Kathy’s burnt orange hair matches The Cleveland Browns uniforms perfectly, but their lives on the D-List are what make this combination really click.  While Griffin made the D-List popular, it’s rumored that the Browns were her true inspiration.  The Cleveland Browns have only made the playoffs once in the past twenty years and they have not won a championship in the Super Bowl era.  To their credit and the credit of Kathy, they do have four NFL championships from the 1950’s and early 1960’s.  Those are valid wins, but it’s like Kathy getting a Grammy for her reality show – we’re quietly clapping.

Kathy Griffin worked hard to achieve her D-List status.  Cleveland is the kind of hardworking middle-American city that appreciates effort and no one epitomizes effort like Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown.  At the time of his retirement, Brown had the NFL record for most rushing yards with 12,312 total yards.  Kathy Griffin actually holds the record for most stand-up specials produced for one network (Bravo), with 16 specials. Kathy also speaks out for causes she believes in like Jim.  Jim was very outspoken about Civil Rights in the early 60’s and Kathy goes out of her way to speak out for LGBT-related causes.  She hosts New Year’s Eve with Anderson Cooper, she makes cameos in movies, and she puts out stand-up routines like it’s breakfast – she’s a hard worker and so was Jim Brown.

Manziel & The Money Team

Manziel & The Money Team

The hardworking nature of the Browns is why this year might be a very interesting social experiment in Cleveland.  In this year’s draft, The Browns chose quarterback Johnny “Football” Manziel.  His celebrity preceded him to the NFL.  His college games were ultra exciting.  He’s friends with Justin Bieber (pop icon), Floyd Mayweather (boxing icon), and Tyrese (YouTube Video Ranter).  The question is: Will Manziel’s A-List celebrity status fit-in with the Cleveland D-List persona?  Johnny Football better hope so because unlike “The View” kicking Kathy Griffin off their show, The Browns run this show and they just named Brian Hoyer the starting quarterback.  Looks like Manziel might find it hard to get face time in the near future – except on Tyrese’s next YouTube video.


WingFan, for War Room Sports

AFISW Discussion Post: Ray Rice

Sunday, July 27th, 2014

by Gus Griffin





(Image via

(Image via

How can a man pose that the NFL penalty for Ray Rice was about right without coming off as indifferent to domestic violence……or is it even possible?


Gus Griffin, for War Room Sports

Super Bowl XLVII Preview

Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

by Brandon Pemberton





While it’s the day we’ve been looking forward to since training camps opened up in July, it’s also bittersweet, knowing that the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens are playing the final game of the 2012 NFL season on Sunday.  There are plenty of good stories related to the big game: Jim and John Harbaugh are the coaches and brothers, born only 15 months apart and coming from a father Jack, who was a good coach himself.  Ray Lewis is playing in his final game, win or lose and the story that he used a banned substance to speed up his recovery from his torn triceps has trumped the fact that his 17-year illustrious career is coming to a close.   Finally we have 49ers’ QB Colin Kaepernick who will being starting only his 10th game of his career –  In New Orleans at Super Bowl XLVII, which by far is the most important and intriguing story of them all.  The fate of the 49ers for the most part lays on his shoulders.  I will preview and breakdown the game: Offensively, Defensively, and on Special teams and give you my winner.

Joe Flacco (l); Colin Kaepernick (r)










49ers: When head coach Jim Harbaugh decided to stick with Colin Kaepernick and make him the 49ers starting QB after Alex Smith went down with a concussion, he was taking a big risk.  A move like that could split the locker room and possibly cost a team that already was good enough to make the Super Bowl, their season.  But Kaepernick has been 7-2 as a starter (including 2-0 playoffs), adding a big play dimension to the 49ers that they lacked with Alex Smith at the helm.  The 49ers utilize the zone read and read option very well with Kaepernick’s ability to use his legs, opening up more passing lanes off of play action and it also gives more running room for running backs Frank Gore and LaMichael James.  They will have a tough task running up against the stout front of the Ravens, but they will and have shown the tendency to keep running the ball, to keep teams honest.

The 49ers passing game is much more explosive with Kaepernick’s strong arm and the 49ers receivers are benefiting from it.  Vernon Davis had 5 catches for 106 yards and a TDs two weeks ago versus the Falcons.  Randy Moss had 3 catches for 46 yards, his best performance in a while.  While most think he his just a running QB, Kaepernick has shown the ability to throw accurate strikes from the pocket.  Look for the 49ers to attack the Ravens linebackers and safeties in the passing game with tight ends Vernon Davis and Delanie Walker and with a fast running backs like LaMicheal James.  I think that’s going to be the key for the 49ers offensively to beat the Ravens.


Ravens: The Baltimore offense is led by Joe Flacco who has thrown for eight TD’s and no interceptions in three playoff games thus far.  Flacco has proved the doubters wrong about his ability to perform and win big games and is one game away from being in the “Elite” class of QB’s.  This Ravens offense has been on fire, scoring 30 points per game in the playoffs.  The one-two punch of Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce have been very effective, averaging 148.2 yards during the playoffs and allowing Flacco to hit targets down the field via playaction.  Expect offensive coordinator Jim Cadwell to continue to feature the running game and take advantage of Anquan Boldin, Torrey Smith, and Dennis Pitta down field in the passing game.  Also, the Ravens offensive line must do a good job protecting Joe Flacco.  49ers linebacker Aldon Smith has been on a sack drought lately and could have a breakout game.

Ray Lewis (l); Patrick Willis (r)










49ers: The 49ers defense is led by the two best inside linebackers in all of football, Patrick Willis and Navarro Bowman.  Watching them on film is a joy, they can do it all.  They are great against the run and even better defending the pass.  What the 49ers do scheme-wise is solely on Willis and Bowman’s ability to cover tight ends, running backs, and some slot receivers effectively.  The 49ers are usually stout against the run and they must be ready for the Ravens stubborn, but effective rushing attack.  Their defensive backs must play better as well.  There were times vs the Falcons in which the safeties were caught out of position and allowed receivers to get behind them.  The Ravens passing game is predicated on getting the ball down the field.  Aldon and Justin Smith must put pressure on Ravens QB Joe Flacco and force him to make errant throws and possibly turn the ball over.

Ravens: The Ravens defense is playing its best football of the year at the right time.  During the season, Ray Lewis, Haloti Ngata, and obviously Terrell Suggs were all hurt and not at 100%.  But during the playoffs, they have looked like the Ravens defense of old, allowing just over 14 points per game, not counting the 14 points their special teams unit allowed to Denver on two returns.  When watching the coach’s tape, three players that aren’t household names: cornerbacks Carey Williams and Corey Graham, and Inside Linebacker Dannell Ellerbee, jumped off the screen.  Williams and Graham have been excellent in the playoffs, challenging receivers with press, man-to-man coverage and disrupting the routes and timing.  Dannell Ellerbee has been great, especially in pass coverage, covering the open areas of the field that Ray Lewis can’t at this point of his career.

Ray Lewis is obviously their emotional leader, clearly not the same player he once was, but he still gets his team in the right places pre-play and uses knowledge and smarts to make plays.  Ed Reed will definitely pose a problem for the young QB Colin Kaepernick.  He has baited the best of quarterbacks into throwing a pass they think he can’t get to, but he does.  An interception in a big spot could decide the football game.  Also, the defensive unit must play assignment, team defense when the 49ers go with their read option attack.  If everyone sticks to their assignment and guys defeat blocks and tackle, they will be fine.


Special Teams

49ers: Kicker David Akers broke an NFL record with 14 missed field goals, a year after having the best season of his career.  He’s been shaky all season and a bad performance by him could cost his team the game.  KR/PR Ted Ginn Jr. is a big play threat, and could help the offense with field position.

Ravens: Kicker Justin Hunter has been very good this season, making 21-23 field goals.  We know he’s great inside of 50 yards, but he hasn’t attempted or made a field goal outside of 50 yards all season.  This game is played indoors, which is better conditions for kickers, so he might get a shot to show us where his leg really is.

Jacoby Jones is a Pro Bowl Kick/Punt Returner and one of the league’s best.  He is not only a home run threat, but he is sure-handed as well.


Prediction: Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers are playing great football.  The move to him as QB has paid huge dividends as they are in the big game, but I think the Ravens are going to force him to win the game from the pocket.  This is the game in which Kaepernick makes a mistake or two that will give the Ravens a short field, allowing Joe Flacco to strike.  I simply trust Flacco more in big game situation and I think he leads the Ravens to the victory.  Ravens 24 49ers 23


Brandon Pemberton of Sports Trap Radio, for War Room Sports



Monday, January 14th, 2013

by Nwaji Jibunoh







It is approximately 2:15am Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), and the pre game show is about to begin.  An alarm blares as a certain fan is forced to wake up from that early morning slumber, run to the refrigerator to get an ice cold beverage, a light snack, and then turn on the TV; but not too loud for fear of awakening others in that household who may be fast asleep.  For the next almost 3 hours, with only friends stateside to talk thrash with via Facebook, an NFL fan is engrossed from half way across the world in the 2013 playoffs.

This is the typical situation that anyone living on this side of the pond (Europe, West Africa, and the Middle East), must go through in order to enjoy the playoffs live and not a broadcast delay the following day when you will pretty much have got the full synopsis of the game by the time the replay comes on.

Football, or better classified as “American Football”, has never been as popular as the other American export Basketball for numerous reasons.  The main reason is that a lot of schools in this part of the world don’t have Football programs due to lack of interest and facilities, whereas basketball is quite popular because it is a lot easier to erect a few baskets than it is to buy football equipment.  And with basketball being played as a global sport during the Olympics, the rest of the world pretty much understands, appreciates, and loves that particular “American” sport.

However, over the last 10 years with the globalization of ESPN and FOX Sports, there has been a huge introduction of American Football to the rest of the world.  With such coverage, you will always find keen sports fans willing to learn something new and have a new team to support.  For most people in the States, they support teams based on a particular affinity to either the city the franchise belongs to or certain players.  The rest of the world has several different approaches to selecting favorite NFL teams.  You ask the majority of Europeans, Africans, or Asians who have never lived or schooled in the United States who their favorite team is, they will either say the New England Patriots or the New York Giants.  The reason being is that in the last 10 years, these are the two teams that have featured prominently in the Superbowl finals.  And of course, with Tom Brady being married to one of the hottest women in the world, people kind of flock towards the Pats.  In addition to that, a lot of new NFL watchers are starting to enjoy the sheer athleticism of the game and also the depth of technical coaching involved.  The world’s most popular sport; Soccer, does not have as many playbooks or as many coaches as football does.  This peaks a lot of curiosity into how the game is played and how every yard/inch/route/block counts for a victory or a loss.

This year, I have seen a heightened interest amongst sports watchers over the playoffs.  Since leaving the United States in 2004, I have not witnessed as much interest in the playoffs from die-hard soccer fans as I am witnessing this year.  ESPN International has spent a lot of marketing dollars hyping up certain players/rivalries/legacies/Cinderella stories to the point that folks over here just want to see how everything pans out.  There are the traditional Patriots fans, and then amazingly there are Ravens fans all over the place.  This is primarily due to people falling in love with Ray Lewis after seeing him do his intro dance, and of course the whole story with this being his curtain call.  It is all getting very exciting and I sincerely hope to see more people hosting those early morning Superbowl parties like I have been doing for a long time now.

It is interesting to see the sport grow to the level it is now.  It is also interesting to see little minor leagues pop up here and there with flag football tournaments.

With enough time, interest, and understanding of the game, I do believe that the NFL will gain as much popularity as basketball, showcasing how every sport has the potential to truly be a global game.


Nwaji Jibunoh, International Correspondent for War Room Sports

Located in Lagos, Nigeria, Nwaji Jibunoh is War Room Sports’ International Soccer Contributor.  Nwaji also contributes commentary on U.S. sports from an international perspective.  He’s an Atlanta Falcons fan, Howard University alum, and former tight end for the North Atlanta High School Warriors.

Can’t Spell Elite Without Eli (Ep 75)

Friday, January 20th, 2012

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Ray Lewis and Brian Dawkins Aren’t Cool: Love, Passion, Honor, and the Game of Football

Friday, October 28th, 2011

By Bradley Anderson

…And that is what makes them arguably top 10 greatest football players on the defensive side of the ball to ever play the game.  A number of professional athletes succumb to a “Joe Cool” attitude about the game they play for millions of dollars.  Years of being given preferential treatment, being celebrated for jumping high, running fast, throwing hard, catching well, and hitting have led them to a sense of self entitlement and arrogance that waters down their passion (if they ever had that passion to begin with).  The professional athlete has become so desensitized to the fans’ perspective and feelings, so detached from the reality of them playing a beautiful game, not for the money, but for the love, not to make it onto Sportscenter, but to be the very best they can possibly be.  Not to extend the contract but to create a bond of brotherhood amongst teammates.  These athletes enjoy the ancillary benefits of the lifestyle more so than the game.  Oh sure, they do a United Way charity event or two.  Why not?…tax break and good publicity for brand imaging.  But do they really understand the lessons and character conveyed to an onlooker by them being impassioned and taking pride in their every breath?  Do they understand that, yes it’s a child’s game that you make millions for, but it’s also the platform for the world to judge and learn from your every action.  Should you be a role-model?…NO.   Are you a role model?…YES.  The ideal and the reality, the reality and the perception.  Ray Lewis and Brian Dawkins are examples of players who appreciate every breath of life God gives them.  Every opportunity to put the pads on and play a child’s game.  Though they are vocal leaders, their actions speak the resounding volumes of their character, willing to follow as much as lead.  There is a story of Ray Lewis bringing water to his teammates during practice…a 12 or 13 year veteran at the time, bringing water…no ego…just a desire to build the bonds of brotherhood a sports team needs to be successful.

These two players have the happiness, joy, passion, intensity, and love of a 1st year walk-on in college, decades into Hall of Fame careers.

Ray: 216 games played, 215 started, 1492 tackles made, 18 forced fumbles, 19 fumble recoveries, 40.5 sacks, 31 INTs, 3TDs. 

“Dawk”: 216 games played, 215 games started, 892 tackles, 35 forced fumbles, 19 fumble recoveries, 25 sacks, 37 INTs, 2TDs.

They’re going to the Hall folks.  They are arguably two of the greatest at their respective positions.  I hope we all can learn to be as passionate and loving about life and our pursuits as these two dudes.  No “Joe Cool” ego.  Just love of life and the game. 

Bradley “B. Austin” Anderson of The War Room, for War Room Sports