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Why Fans Feel That They Can Throw Things at Athletes

Friday, December 15th, 2017

by Gus Griffin







By now, you have witnessed the scene in Jacksonville last Sunday when a fan (or fans) threw objects at an ejected Seattle Seahawks player, who then attempted to go into the stands. I could parrot the “company line”, which says under no circumstances should a player go into the fan seating areas with malicious intent, regardless of provocation. But there is a part of me that feels perfectly comfortable with the notion of a 300-pound man going into the stands to “lay hands” on any coward who throws an object at him.

To understand why I don’t think this is the worst thing that could happen, we first need to look at why fans do this. There are basically 4 primary causes, being alcohol, the ever increasing prices fans pay for their tickets, envy, and the impunity that they have learned from the larger society about how they can treat Black men.

The last point about Black men is not to suggest that they are the only athletes that are the targets. It is to say that they are the overwhelming targets of this behavior. The first is easy. Some simply can’t hold their liquor and contrary to the common narrative, alcohol does not make one do what one would normally not do. Alcohol does encourage one to do what one has ALWAYS wanted to do but never had the nerve to follow through. Sobriety can act as a filter and catch certain thoughts and behaviors. But it only catches what was inside to begin with.

The second cause is the increasing prices fans are paying for seats. A fan needs to be reasonably close for whatever he or she throws to have a chance to actually hit and harm an athlete. Seats in the section from where the objects came last Sunday in Jacksonville, price at about $238 per seat. These are among the cheapest in the league at that proximity to the field. Imagine what one would pay in New York or Dallas for the same seats? With the price of that ticket, all too many fans feel entitled to do whatever they want.

The third reason is envy. The overwhelming majority of the fans in these seating areas are white and middle to upper-middle class. While the majority do not engage in such behavior, even when drinking, there are some who feel that regardless of how accomplished and wealthy the Black athlete is, he is still subject to them. This leads us to the fourth and most complex of the causes.

It has to do with the message the general society has received loud and clear about how it can treat Black men. That message has been that violence and disrespect is not only permitted but one need not concern him or herself with any accountability. Add all four up: alcohol, entitlement, envy, and a sense that they can treat Black men any way they like with impunity, and we really should not be surprised when this happens.

The insult to injury whenever this sort of thing happens is the focus which shines much more on how the Black athlete reacts to the treatment than the treatment itself. The NFL is like most institutions in that managing the reaction to injustice is a far greater priority than the injustice itself.

In defense of the NFL, there is only so much it can do about this issue. It can and should certainly cancel any confirmed offending fan’s season tickets and push for any applicable criminal charges. While it should do these at minimal, it would be a band-aid. It’s not as if fans come to games as blank slates, free of any of the biases that exist in the larger society. When one looks at the message from the larger society, which clearly says Black Lives Don’t Matter, it’s understandable why they think this way.

Throughout history, from the reaction to the Black Panther Party till today, America has made it very clear that the idea of Black men standing up for themselves in any venue for any reason, regardless of provocation, is to be suppressed. The fact that there is a simultaneous obsession with the right of just about every other demographic to bear arms is not considered a contradiction. Therefore, until the root of this behavior is addressed in the larger society, there is no reason to believe it will cease to exist in the sports world.


Gus Griffin, for War Room Sports

High flying Eagles offense takes on stingy Seahawks D in huge NFC matchup

Sunday, December 7th, 2014

by Brandyn Campbell

Brandyn Blog





Birds VS

The Seattle Seahawks face the Philadelphia Eagles at the Linc today for a huge NFC showdown. Who will prevail?

The NFL’s top-ranked defense will meet a soaring Eagles offense, fourth in the league and cruising at 416.2 yards per game. Philadelphia’s Thanksgiving beat down of the Cowboys showed a Birds team firing on all cylinders, ready for their most critical matchups of the season. With the o-line finally finding its footing with the return of Jason Kelce and Evan Mathis, LeSean McCoy has had back-to-back games of  100+ yards.

The Seattle D allows a stingy 285.8 yards per game. Seattle is third-best against the passing attack, allowing just under 200 yards. And against the run, they have allowed just 86.3 yards per game.

While an excellent team, unlike the 2013 iteration, the 2014 Seahawks have revealed themselves to be fallible, standing at 8-4. As much as you hear about the team’s defensive threat, their offensive weapons are limited. Seattle averages just 192 passing yards a game, as quarterback Russell Wilson doesn’t have many targets. Doug Baldwin is the team’s leading receiver, who does a solid job but doesn’t send opposing defenses quaking at the mere sound of his name. The real concern for the Eagles is on the ground, both with Wilson and running back Marshawn Lynch. Lynch’s nickname of Beast Mode tells the tale of his prowess in the rushing attack. Connor Barwin will look to continue his streak of QB sacking after receiving Defensive Player of the Month honors, and Mychal Kendricks will have something to say about Lynch running all the turf at the Linc.

The big story of the game will be how the Eagles’ passing game holds up against Seattle’s secondary. Earl Thomas is one of the best safeties in the league, and Kam Chancellor won’t give the Eagles an easy time of things. Jeremy Maclin is having the beast season of his career, and Richard Sherman is just waiting to shut him down. Can’t you hear him mouthing off already? But the problem with Sherman is that he has the numbers to back up the talk. He has 23 interceptions since 2011, the most in the NFL. The next closest player has 8 fewer.

It will be critical for Mark Sanchez to not do too much this game, as we know he has a propensity to turn the ball over. He needs to play smart, lean on his teammates, and not make mistakes at critical points in the game.

This is going to be a good one, ladies and gents. The kind of stressful, heart-pumping Sunday affair that makes us love football. In the end, the many weapons and dimensions of the Eagles offense will outshine Russell, Lynch, and the famed Seattle D. Eagles 26, Seahawks 21

Extra: Will Shady surpass Wilbert Montgomery as the Eagles’ all-time rushing leader this game? He’s just 48 yards away. The legend himself hopes it happens today.

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Brandyn Campbell of Philly Sports Muse, for War Room Sports

Philadelphia Eagles flying high after total shutout of New York Giants

Monday, October 13th, 2014

by Brandyn Campbell

Brandyn Blog





BSThe Philadelphia Eagles head into their bye week flying on the highest note possible: On the heels of total shutout of those New York football Giants 27-0. 27-zip. 27-to-nada.

However you say it, the score is beautiful.

This is the game when LeSean McCoy finally got going, notching 149 rushing yards. The tight ends got into the act, with Zach Ertz and James Casey both getting in the endzone. Nick Foles finished the game with 21 for 34 with 248 yards for 2 touchdowns, but also threw two interceptions.

The Eagles defense showed up big time, completely stifling an offense that had averaged 35 points its last few games. But the streaking Giants simply had no answers for the Eagles, who got eight sacks (6 on Eli Manning and 2 on backup Ryan Nassib), limiting the two-time Super Bowl MVP to 13 for 23, 154 yards for exactly 0 touchdowns.

Connor Barwin was an absolute beast, getting to Manning for three sacks. Vinny Curry had a blast getting to the quarterback and sacking the Giants’ QB twice. Brandon Graham, Trent Cole and Brandon Blair also got into the each, notching a sack each.  Much as the New York media wanting to claim dismay at the portrayal of “Lil Eli Manning” in the Eagles cartoons, that’s exactly what he looked like on the field Sunday night.

It’s the first shutout for the Birds since 1996, and the first at Lincoln Financial Field.  Oh, the previous shutout, which took place in December of ’96. Against the Giants. In that game the Eagles won 24-0.

Darren Sproles, who added to the team’s touchdowns on Sunday night, left the game in the fourth quarter with a knee injury. We’ll wait for news and hope that everything is okay with the most dynamic Eagles player this season.

It was the most complete win the Eagles have put together all season. The victory becomes all the more important as the Dallas Cowboys improved to 5 -1 earlier in the day, beating the Seattle Seahawks. Philadelphia retains its lead in the NFC East and has shown just how good–and dangerous–they can look when everyone is on their game. It’s a wonderful sight to behold for Eagles fans, and something that hopefully makes their next several opponents very nervous as they study the Birds’ Week 6 game film.

Cary Williams is a talker, but his line following the game was great:

“Who said we were a soft 4-1? We’re 5-1 now. Is that soft, too?”

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Brandyn Campbell of Philly Sports Muse, for War Room Sports

After Further Review (#456)

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

by Christopher Dinkins

Christopher Dinkins Blog





After Further Review


AFTER FURTHER REVIEW #456 SHOUTOUT to you LAWRENCE TAYLOR……((NFL)) SUPER BOWL XLVIII–SEATTLE SEAHAWKS 43 DENVER BRONCOS 8..((MVP MALCOLM SMITH))…**CONGRATULATIONS to SUPER BOWL CHAMPION SEATTLE SEAHAWKS**….you already KNOW the air will be thick in PACIFIC NORTHWEST !!!….all you “PEYTON is the best of all time” heads….KNOCK IT OFF !!!!…..tried to tell you weeks ago….but umm…being a “prisoner of the moment” sucks dont it ????… got a few more hours to come up wit excuses before THE BIGGER SHOW tomorrow and NOT 97 on WEDNESDAY night !!!!!…..((NBA))CELTICS 96 (RONDO 19/10A) MAGIC 89 (VUCEVIC 14/11)……SUNS wanna try and get PAU GASOL from LAKERS…..for some cap relief and short term improvement…sounds good….how is new commisioner ADAM SILVER enjoying his job so far ????..prolly better than LANCE STEPHENSON (PACERS) enjoying getting left off of EAST CONFERENCE ALL STAR team…..thwas a rough one…..((NCAAHOOPERY)) INDIANA 63 (FERRELL 27) 10-MICHIGAN 52 (LEVERT 12)…***AFTER FURTHER REVIEW NCAAM TOP 10 RANKINGS 1.SYRACUSE(21-0) 2.WICHITA STATE(23-0) 3.SAN DIEGO STATE(19-1) 4.FLORIDA(19-2) 5.VILLANOVA (19-2) 6.ARIZONA (21-1) 7.CINCINNATI(21-2) 8.KANSAS(16-5) 9.KENTUCKY(16-5) 10.LOUISVILLE(18-4)***….ladies side 2-NOTRE DAME 88 (MCBRIDE 23/11) 3-DUKE 67 (LISTON 23)…4-STANFORD 79 (OGWUMIKE 29) CALIFORNIA 64 (BOYD 20)…5-LOUISVILLE 79 (GIBBS 19) SOUTH FLORIDA 59 (WILLIAMS 17)…MIAMI 83 (MOTLEY 27) 6-NORTH CAROLINA 80 (MCDANIEL 18)…7-SOUTH CAROLINA 78 (MITCHELL 20) MISSOURI 62 (KULAS 21/10)…8-MARYLAND 89 (BROWN 31) SYRACUSE 64 (SYKES 22)…10-TENNESSEE 64 (BURDICK 21/11) ALABAMA 54 (SIMMONS 18)…***AFTER FURTHER REVIEW NCAAW TOP 10 RANKINGS 1.CONNECTICUT(23-0) 2.NOTRE DAME(21-0) 3.STANFORD(21-1) 4.LOUISVILLE(21-1) 5.SOUTH CAROLINA(20-2) 6.DUKE(21-2) 7.MARYLAND(17-4) 8.TENNESSEE(18-4) 9.BAYLOR(18-3) 10.NORTH CAROLINA(17-5)***…..((NHL)) CAPITALS 6 RED WINGS 5(OT)…JETS 2 CANADIENS 1….***AFTER FURTHER REVIEW NHL TOP 10 RANKINGS 1.DUCKS(85pts) 2.BLACKHAWKS(80pts) 3.BLUES(79pts) 4.AVALANCHE(75pts) 5.PENGUINS(78pts) 6.SHARKS(76pts) 7.BRUINS(73pts) 8.LIGHTNING(69pts) 9.MAPLE LEAFS(66pts) 10.RANGERS(63pts)***….((MLB)) its 10 days till PITCHERS and CATCHERS report…..and its about TRACY MC GRADY (yes THAT one !!) and his 92mph fastball reporting to SUGAR LAND SKEETERS (independent league)….thats ROGER CLEMENS old team…..((TENNIS)) DAVIS CUP 2014…ANDY MURRAY (GB) over SAM QUERRY (USA)—7-6(5).6-7(3).6-1.6-3–to clinch BRITAIN victory over U.S.—other winners include CZECH REPUBLIC…ITALY…JAPAN…FRANCE…GERMANY…SERBIA…((GOLF)) ELDRICK/TIGER not starting his 2014 off too well… to finish in top 20 in first two starts this year……it will get better….((BOXING)) GENNADY GOLOVKIN (29-0/26KO) wins again by 7thround KO over OSUMANU ADAMA…but too bad nobody saw it….HBO you are slippin baby……slippin badly yo….WLADIMIR KLITSCHKO (WBA/WBO/IBF/IBO HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMP) will defend his belts v ALEX LEAPAI on APRIL 26….NBA GAME of the day GRIZZLIES (26-20) v THUNDER (38-11)….NHL GAME of the day CANUCKS (27-20-9) v RED WINGS (24-19-12)…..TRUE SCHOOL JAM of the day “PEG”-STEELY DAN…….its MONDAY…….you still think PEYTON MANNING aka “DUCK DYNASTY” is still GREATEST……thats why you are you and im THE MAYOR !!!!!!……..the BALLISTICS have been kicked !!!!…….AFR.


Christopher “The Mayor Dinkins” of GeeQue Palace Sports, for War Room Sports

Hate him or Love him, we need Richard Sherman

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

by Jim Racalto

(Photo via CBS Sports)

(Photo via CBS Sports)

Disclaimer: This article expresses the views of the author. These views do no represent Sports-Kings or War Room Sports.

By now, everyone knows that Seahawks’ outspoken cornerback Richard Sherman made the play of the game in Sunday’s NFC Championship game. For those who don’t know, after he caught up to a Colin Kaepernick pass intended for Michael Crabtree and deflected it into the hands of a teammate for the game-sealing interception, Sherman went on to taunt Crabtree on the field and belittle him in an interview.

First, let me give my personal OPINION about over-the-top trash talk in football. I have never been a fan of it, no matter the player, the reason, or the situation. Unlike a sport like boxing, where self-promotion, hype, and trash-talk have traditionally been the norm, football is a team sport. There is obviously an expected amount of talk that will take place on the field between 22 grown men, but sometimes players can break that threshold. Richard Sherman is one of these players. I have no vendetta against him, nor am I a “hater.” I have held this stance on trash-talk for the longest time – it could have been any player acting in such a fashion, and I would have said the same thing: I am not a fan of it.

Now that I have cleared that up, let me tell you I don’t think my opinion is gospel. Plenty of people believe Sherman’s actions were fine, and they’re entitled to that. I don’t think Sherman needs to be berated or criticized outside of a football context either. I like him as a player, and if he toned it down a bit and didn’t make himself larger than the team at times, I’d be cool with it.  Some don’t like over the top talk, some are fine with it. There is no correct answer on a matter of opinion.

Some of you may be asking how can I defend Sherman if I don’t like how he acts sometimes? Simple! I understand the difference between being critical from a football standpoint and being critical from a human standpoint. Richard Sherman grew up in the harshest of cities (Compton, CA), graduated second in his class from a high school that posts less than impressive graduation rates, and then graduated from Stanford – one of America’s most prestigious universities. As a human being, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who is a more feel-good story than Sherman. He is a well-spoken, intelligent, and intellectual human being. You can’t judge the character of a man by his actions on a football field.

To make matters worse, there were racial slurs all over social media after Sherman’s interview. This amazed me. How ridiculous are people these days? It’s fine to have your opinion on Sherman, the football player. But to make personal attacks and actually think what he does or says in the heat of the moment between the sidelines is actually a reflection of his character as man is irresponsible. It is because of these personal attacks and outrageous character judgments that I felt the need to clear the air and defend a guy I criticized. Why am I allowed to do that? Because I KNOW THE DIFFERENCE between football and reality.

In closing, the NFL – and the world – needs guys like Richard Sherman. Although I don’t like overboard taunting or talking, Sherman is the best defensive back in the league. He has earned the right to say what he wants, and thus far he’s backed it up. Whether or not I like it is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

I think Sherman is an example of a guy who knows how far he’s come, is ultra-proud of what he’s accomplished, and is such a good football player that he’s not scared to let you know he’s the best. He will then dare you to prove him wrong.

Your opinion, my opinion – neither will change that. Sherman has since apologized for his post-game outburst. I wish he hadn’t.


Jim Racalto of Sports-Kings, for War Room Sports


Could Gus Bradley Be the Next Head Coach of the Philadelphia Eagles?

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

by Brandyn Campbell





Is this the face of the Philadelphia Eagles’ future?
(Image via

The Philadelphia Eagles head coaching search has continued with plenty of twists and turns, including a revelation that the team interviewed broadcaster Brian Billick last week.

On Monday, the team interviewed Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden and former Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt.

Just how much wider would the net be cast on this coaching search?  With Monday’s interviews, the known total of candidates to whom the team had met reached a total of 11.

Then came news that perhaps the Eagles were closing in on their man.  Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley will be in Philadelphia via private jet send by the Birds for his second interview with Jeffrey Lurie and co. on Tuesday.  Fox 29′s Howard Eskin reports that Bradley is in town to finalize a deal.  We’ll have to see about that, but as Bradley is the only candidate to meet with the team a second time, it certainly is a sign of strong interest, after first meeting with him on Saturday in Atlanta.

Could the search be almost over with the Eagles securing one of the strongest candidates of the bunch?

The 46-year old Bradley now has nothing but time as the Seahawks lost to the Falcons on Sunday.  Under Bradley, Seattle’s defense finished fourth in overall defense, sixth in passing defense, and 10th against the run in the 2012 season.  And if his work doesn’t speak for itself,  the endorsements of the Seahawks coordinator are universally strong.  He is clearly a great defensive mind, a great communicator with great energy who has immense presence.  It’s said that he commands a room.

DE Darryl Tapp played with Bradley for a season in Seattle and told CSNPhilly that he brings “energy and accountability” to a team.  He continued that Bradley will call out players regardless of paygrade.

On a roster full of talent that quit time and time again on the defensive side of the ball, that certainly seems like needed motivation for the Eagles.

Could this be our man?

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Brandyn Campbell of Philly Sports Muse, for War Room Sports

Philadelphia Eagles Sign TE Evan Moore

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

by Brandyn Campbell







New Philadelphia Eagles Tight End Evan Moore

The Philadelphia Eagles filled the roster spot left vacant by Clay Harbor’s trip to IR by signing tight end Evan Moore on Thursday.


Moore (6-6, 250) was with the Seattle Seahawks for most of the 2012 season, playing in 14 games before being released on December 19 after an unimpressive season – Moore had just 1 catch for 6 yards this year.


Prior to that, Moore spent 4 years with the Cleveland Browns (2009-2011), where he set career highs in catches (34), yards (324) and touchdowns (4) with the Browns in 2011.  In total over his career in the NFL, he has played in 47 games and has made nine starts, recording 63 receptions for 810 yards and five touchdowns.


In coming to Philadelphia, Moore reunites with one of his Stanford University teammates, quarterback Trent Edwards.


Moore entered the NFL in 2008 as a rookie free agent signed to the New Orleans Saints.  He spent training camp and preseason with the Green Bay Packers before suffering a knee injury that forced him to miss his entire rookie year.  Moore was released by the Packers as part of their final roster cuts in 2009 and signed to the Browns practice squad midway through the season before being promoted to the active roster on December 5 of that year.


Moore will wear number 86 with the Birds.


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Brandyn Campbell of Philly Sports Muse, for War Room Sports


2012 NFL Rookie QB’s: A Class to Remember?

Monday, November 5th, 2012

by Ron Glover





From left to right: Russell Wilson (Seahawks), Robert Griffin III (Redskins), Andrew Luck (Colts), Brandon Weeden (Browns), and Ryan Tannehill (Dolphins).
(Photo courtesy of

What will we be saying about the 2012 Rookie quarterback class in 5-7 years? (Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Brandon Weeden, Ryan Tannehill, Russell Wilson, and Nick Foles)?

(Photo courtesy of


Ron Glover of The Starting Five, for War Room Sports

T.O………….Your Life is Calling You!

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

By LeRoy McConnell III

Hey T.O. it’s me, your Conscience!  The Ghost of T.O. past, present, and future awaits us!  Terrell, someone asked how you were doing these days and you politely told them, “I’m in hell.”  Now how could that be?  You are T freaking O! 
Shall we stroll down memory lane?  We beat the odds getting to the NFL in the first place!  We were able to observe the legendary work ethic from the greatest wide receiver in NFL history, Jerry Rice.  We lasted 15 seasons, been one of the top receivers in the game for over a decade, and our career numbers will hold up against any receiver that has ever played in this league.  Where did we go wrong?  Why are we in such turmoil? 
_*The Ghost of T.O. Past*_
Let’s be quite frank Terrell; we $H*T on a lot of folks to get to this “hell” we find ourselves in.  Yes we did!  WE REALLY DID!  Since our memory is short, let us reflect on the past that may have led to our misery.  Remember when we, (I mean *you*) did all of those wonderful things to people!
Jerry Rice’s last home game as a 49er; you caught what was then an NFL record 20 receptions while Rice was on the field.  That was really the beginning of T.O. (me, me, me!).  Out with the old, in with the new, right?
How about Jeff Garcia?  You implied that he was gay in an interview!  Goodness, there was nothing I could do to stop you from opening your mouth that day.  Twenty-four hours later, you typically denied ever saying it.
Standing on the STAR in Dallas!  I was telling you “NO, NO, NO”!  You did it anyway. Genius move!  I just wish I had gotten credit for that one.  When you did it a second time I could only shake my head, but it was still genius!
When you played with Donovan McNabb (then quarterback of the Philadelphia  Eagles), he had his best years as a quarterback when he was throwing you the ball on every down.  But you defecated on him by announcing to the world that he was tired and had poor conditioning during the Superbowl.  Your criticism of Donovan ended what could have been a dynamic duo.
The Dallas Cowboys, you remember them?  It seemed to be a perfect match even though the “Glorified Gym Teacher” (Bill Parcells) used to call you “The Player” instead of your real name or nickname.  (Now that’s funny)!  I truly believe you enjoyed playing with Romo.  You even shed a tear for him when he was accused of letting Jessica Simpson wreck the team!  That all changed in the last year of your contract when you decided to rip Romo because he was secretly designing plays and allegedly holding private meetings with Jason Witten.  But Terrell, you were still the man in Dallas.  You were getting your usual share of the ball despite leading the league in drops.  Why mess with what was working?  As in years past, our antics were no longer cute and we, I mean you, were no longer pursued by elite teams.  You were only getting one year deals from Buffalo and Cincinnati.   

_*The Ghost of T.O. Present*_

Why are we “in hell”?  It has been a difficult year.  For the first time in 15 years we didn’t lace ’em up for any team in the NFL, because of an ACL tear in our knee.  What made matters worse was the fact that our injury happened right before a lockout year.   

We held a televised mini combine in October.  Not one NFL team showed up for our workout.  Let’s stay positive.  When they see the footage, word will get out that we are as healthy as ever.  Soon the phone will begin to ring.  All we have to do is be patient.

The Ghost of Present has to intervene.  Terrell, at age 38 and coming off major knee surgery, we are still a top 20 NFL receiver.   Why didn’t we get a call?  Has father time set in finally?  Is this the time NFL teams are going for a youth movement?  We can still play this game, can’t we?  T.O., is it possible that we are beingblack-balled” by the league now?  I wonder if Barry Bonds has the same questions about baseball.  Has the way we treated people our whole career finally caught up with us?  I think we really left a bad taste in all of our employers’ mouths.  The NFL world revels in the fact that we have been unemployed for so long (until recently) and that our reality T.V. show has failed.  

“In hell” as you say?  Is it because we are foolishly wasting our fortune?  The media is dragging our good name in whale dung by helping these gold-digging females who demand $44,000 a month in child support…. $44,000 a month………Are you kidding me?!?!?!  Yeah, I guess you are right, we are “in hell”!  Did we learn anything by spreading our seed all over this country?  I guess one part of our body was HARD-headed!  A true friend would have advised us to get a vasectomy!  A vasectomy would have kept a lot of money in our pockets.  Paying for all these unwanted kids with these devouring lottery ticket holders who we don’t want any relationship with was stupid!  FOOL ME ONCE, SHAME ON YOU!  FOOL ME THREE TIMES, SHAME ON ME!

Why are we “in hell”?  Eighty million dollars not accounted for!  Bad investments, giving to four different charities every month (baby mamas).  I thought we had trustworthy people watching over our money!  Why weren’t we more careful about our money?  Should we have buried wads of cash in our backyard?  How many stories do we hear about dumb ass athletes who become broke five years after their career is over?  It could not possibly happen to us.  We are T freaking O right?!  

 _*The Ghost of T.O. Future.*_

We are “in hell”.  I don’t like the sound of that; it’s easy for us to give up.  We have tried twice to put an end to us in the past (despite my publicist saying we had “25 million reasons to live”).  Thank the Lord he did not take us.  Let’s look at the positives:  We bought into an arena team called the Allen Wranglers.  Our game plan was to get our legs back.  There would be game film for the NFL to see that we are ready for the upcoming season.  When the phone rings, our next employer will see how our attitude has changed.  We will be contrite, and be thankful for any opportunity that awaits us.  Seattle, HERE WE COME!!! 

There is life after football Terrell.  Believe it or not we are close to the end and even though we haven’t prepared ourselves very well, there is a bright future ahead of us.  First off, we are good looking with a million dollar smile.  We will always find a way to make money.  There will be modeling and acting opportunities.  We can host our own radio or television show.  Heck if Keyshawn Johnson, Michael Irvin, or even Chris Carter can be an NFL analyst, I am sure we can. 

The most important thing is to keep our faith.  We have a lot of living to do.  We are accountable for four children that need us and as ridiculous as the child support payments are, I’m pretty sure payments will go down once we are out of the league for good.  No more pointing fingers, we are the decision maker so let us make better choices.

Football has opened up plenty of doors for us so let’s walk through them and seize new opportunities.  Remember our motto, “I Love Me Some Me”!  
So “get your popcorn ready”!
LeRoy McConnell III of “A Fan’s Point of View”, for War Room Sports