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The Magic of Symbols and the Perceptions of the Black Male

Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

by Sheer Will

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Symbols are very powerful.  They are magical gateways into our psyches and they can affect our subconscious in positive or negative ways.  They can take the form of words, sounds, gestures and visual images that convey ideas and beliefs. In Ancient Kemet (Egypt), symbols were used as languages and codes in the form of hieroglyphics that were for the esoteric benefit of the people. Today, symbols are still at work, but now they are reduced to no more than representations of conscious desires. For example, when you see the golden arches of McDonald’s, the mind conjures all of its representations at once; the Big Mac, Happy Meals, Ronald McDonald, etc., symbolic magic processed in the realm of human thought.

The magic of symbols have also been used to have harmful effects on groups of people, the black male in particular.  From “Birth of a Nation”, to co-opted Hip-Hop, to “For Colored Girls”, to “Black Plays” starring once-prominent actors and singers, the bombardment of degrading images of black males has reduced the psychological state of the viewer, desensitizing them to the humanness and greatness of black men.  No longer are there strong and powerful images of Muhammad Ali, the Black Panthers or Tommy Smith raising the black power fist in the 1968 Olympic Games.  With the help of subservient films like “The Butler”, “12 Years A Slave” and a few others, we have taken on the most passive and de-humanizing symbol of our struggle by laying on our backs saying, “I Can’t Breathe”.  The propaganda machine has done a great job in making Snuff films starring black males a normal and accepted occurrence and it’s only through our acquiescence that it continues.  Remember, Hitler made propaganda films (symbolic magic) to desensitize his country to the humanity of the Jews before he put them into ovens, so be mindful of what you allow into your subconscious.  You never know who is casting a spell on you.


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