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What Happens After Floyd Mayweather?

Monday, July 21st, 2014

by K Doz





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Floyd “Money” Mayweather is one of the most polarizing people, not only in the sport of boxing, but in sports period. He, in my opinion, has single handedly allowed the sport of boxing to remain relevant. Since Mike Tyson, no other fighter has accumulated as much money, notoriety, and casual fan attention besides Mayweather. With that being said, “What Happens After Floyd Mayweather”?

There are hundreds of boxers all over the world but are there any up and coming fighters that possess the skill and theatre quality that Mayweather brings to each fight/show? Besides Ali, no one in the fight business can promote a fight like “Money” Mayweather, which is why he makes more cash than any athlete in the world. Mayweather has a unique relationship with fans, many hate him and many love him. I’m pretty sure there are fight fans who order Mayweather fights to see if some fighter will finally shut him up. Which again I ask, What Happens After Mayweather? There were so many candidates who were supposed to be ready to take the place of Mayweather but have not succeeded to keep their star or win loss record in a positive state. Though undefeated is hard to go against, none of the present fighters have the charisma that Mayweather has, nor his work ethic. Prime example, Adrien Broner, who was almost anointed next to take Mayweather’s throne as pound for pound king, until he was embarrassed by Marcos Maidana. Andre Ward, to many, has been pinpointed to match Mayweather in skill and an undefeated record, but lacks the crossover appeal that Mayweather has to sell pay-per-view. Saul Alvarez had a shot but Mayweather out-classed him in their bout on 9/14/2013.  Gernady Golovkin has a shot to be a special figure in boxing but he needs to have more meaningful fights to get anywhere near where Mayweather is ranked. “What Happens After Mayweather”? Even if he loses his next bout vs Marcos Maidana scheduled for 9/14/2014, is it safe to say that “Money” Mayweather has been boxing’s “savior” for the last decade?

So who will be the next money-making fighter to bring about paydays as Mayweather did? Andre Ward and Gernady Golovkin have the chance to really do numbers but neither will have formidable foes to make their careers have more relevancy. Who is out there that these two can really face to pose any threat to their undefeated records? Will Ward ever show a more promotional side or will he remain the clean-cut, boring nice guy we like but not love or love to hate? Not saying it’s bad to be clean-cut but boring is not good for business. Mayweather’s fights are not the most exciting, usually because he has already won the fight mentally before the event begins. Floyd “Money” Mayweather may be the last of his kind. “Sugar” Ray Leonard, Ali, Roy Jones Jr, Mike Tyson, Oscar De la Hoya, etc. Boxers should see these next 2-3 years as an opportunity to make their own case for “What Happens after Floyd Mayweather”. Will the sport stay afloat or will it decline even more?


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