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When Facts are Not the Truth: The Blackballing of Colin Kaepernick

Monday, June 5th, 2017

by Gus Griffin







It seems Dan Orvlovsky will be calling it a career.

Yes, that Dan Orvlovsky was still in the league in 2016.  The same one who in 2008, made the 2nd most egregious (after a throwing a pick 6 inside your own 20) hustling backwards move a QB can make.  He literally sacked himself!

While with what would become the 0-16 Lions, Orvlovsky retreated away from the Vikings Jared Allen and with absolutely no awareness of the back of the end zone, which by rule is a safety and two points for the Vikings, and gives them the ball.

This play was literally his claim to fame.

Nevertheless, he was never subjected to the ever sticking “he can’t read defenses…I mean the back of end zones”.  In fact, after that season and play, 3 other NFL teams, the Texans, Colts, and Buccaneers thought he was good enough to be a backup.  Simply put, a guy who was not good enough for arguably the worst team in NFL history still got 3 other jobs with NFL teams.  Still, yet some are still trying to rationalize with a straight face that “system” incompatibility explains why Colin Kaepernick doesn’t have a job?

You may as well piss on me and try to tell me it’s raining!

This is a perfect example of when an analysis can be factual and well-based and yet not be truth at the same time.  Facts are statements or analysis that can be supported with verifiable reality.  Truth are facts within the full context of contributing factors.

The facts are that Colin Kaepernick is not, nor ever has been a traditional drop back passer.  It simply is not his strongest skill-set and thus a system calling for that is not a good match.  Some pitchers have a great fastball but not much of an off-speed pitch.  Some guards are good at penetrating but don’t shoot well from the outside.  Most professionals are incomplete.  It doesn’t mean that there is no job for them.

But when these facts are offered up to explain why he doesn’t have a job in the NFL, they are not truthful.

Always be leery of the “he can’t read defenses” critique, which is a dog whistle way of calling Black quarterbacks dumb.  The fact is he has had a poor offensive line which has contributed to an unreliable running game and non-threatening receivers.  Under such circumstances, knowing when to get the hell out of Dodge is actually a sign of intelligence.  Staying in the pocket to take an unnecessary beating would be dumb.

The truth is, the overwhelming number of NFL QBs, both historically, present day, and even the Hall of Famers are system dependent!

Only one today is not burdened with such limitations and that would be of course Aaron Rogers!  He is the beginning and end of the current list to have all the specialized skills that can accommodate any of the common offensive schemes/systems of today.  In short, one must be able to throw the deep out, be accurate in traffic, avoid the rush, and extend plays when the pocket breaks down; and also know when to get rid of the ball, usually with a 3-step drop.  Historically, for me, only 4 others come to mind; Roger Staubach, Warren Moon (you must remember the Moon at Washington and in the CFL), John Elway, and Steve Young.

No, Tom Brady cannot run the read-option or avoid pressure, nor could Peyton Manning.  Big Ben has never nor ever could be a traditional 3-step drop West Coast passer.  In fact, that would be contrary to his strength which would be to extend plays.

So, if 95% plus of NFL QBs are system dependent, then that could not possibly be the reason for a QB not being able to get a job.  The truth is that the NFL is arguably the most exclusive cartel in the world.  Its owners only answer to a commissioner that they have the authority to fire.  Even if their product is bad, every team prints money.  Such people are not very interested in anyone posing serious questions about the society that allows them such privilege, and that is what Kapernick did.  They didn’t have to all agree on a conference call or meet at some golf club for the blackballing to take place, any more than drug lords need to verbally agree that potential witnesses need to be taken out.  It’s understood.  Common interests often are reflected in common motives and behaviors.

It is warranted to “peacock” about American freedom of speech.  I am not aware of such a principle being written into law quite the way it is here.  But part of that pride should come from having the capacity to stomach the speech or expression one does not like or agree with as well.  Thus far, the NFL has not mastered that aspect of the principle.


Gus Griffin, for War Room Sports

Aqib Talib…and Where is an Old Raider When You Need One?

Friday, January 6th, 2017

by Gus Griffin







By now, you have heard that Denver Broncos corner Aqib Talib literally snatched the chain off the neck of Oakland Raiders receiver Michael Crabtree.


For this he was not penalized.


For this Crabtree did nothing.


Think about that for a minute…….


My guess is that most will think about one of two things: 1) What the hell is the matter with Talib?;  or 2) What the hell is the matter with Crabtree?


Can you imagine anyone doing such a thing to Raider legends Jack Tatum, Lyle Alzado, or even mild-mannered Cliff Branch?  It would have NEVER happened.  And if it did, Talib would have been dealt with on the spot!  No one bullied the old Raiders….they were the bullies as “The Autumn Wind” confirms.


On Talib, in the era of football when it is most difficult to be a good corner, he is a great corner.


That’s the end of the contextual accolades for him.


He is also a first class jackass.


We know he is not the sharpest tool in the shed.  You can’t be if you shoot yourself, which he did.  But I would like to think his deal is more complex than simply being an idiot.


I don’t know if the root of this is a bad upbringing, mental illness, or any of the other usual suspects.  Frankly, after people hit 25 years of age, I don’t especially give a damn about the “why”.  We are not talking about a child, but a grown damn man running around daring someone to check his ass.  If he goes up against the wrong dude in a night club, he may be obliged and blown away.  If this ever happens, some will lament about how “misunderstood” he was when in fact he is on the short list of professional athletes most likely to be mourned the least in the wake of such a tragic ending.


That very foreseeable ending for Talib is the most important reason why Crabtree needed to do something!  Bullies are never bilingual.  They understand one language and one language only, and that is their own.  By doing nothing, Crabtree contributed to the embolden of Talib making the tragic ending I or anyone else can foresee all the more likely.


Dolphins Seahawks Football

I am not saying that it was Crabtree’s obligation to save Talib from himself.  I am saying that in the larger scheme of things, it would have been better for all parties involved, had he retaliated in the one language Talib understands.  Not out of some inflated sense of machismo or superficial notion of manhood, but out of a need to do his part to keep the world around him in balance.  When we allow anyone to get away with mistreating us without accountability we allow a dangerous imbalance that will inevitably demand correction.  That correction almost always comes in the form of loss….be it loss of face, profession, freedom, or life.


Crabtree’s failure to respond will only encourage the Talibs of the NFL to continue along the same pattern and sends a message to the rest of the league that they can treat Crabtree any way it chooses.  Can you imagine what the likes of Pacman Jones will do to Crabtree now?


Whatever the ensuing melee that would have resulted from a justified Crabtree response would have been, we all know it would not have ended in anyone being shot to death.


In the streets or at the club, not so sure.


Gus Griffin, for War Room Sports

The War Room Episode 312

Saturday, June 18th, 2016

Jun 16, 2016; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James (23) stares at Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry (30) in the fourth quarter in game six of the NBA Finals at Quicken Loans Arena. Cleveland won 115-101. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports



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Pocket Casts:

The Economics of Playing NFL QB

Tuesday, March 15th, 2016

by Gus Griffin






Brock Osweiler is introduced in Houston (Image via

Brock Osweiler is introduced in Houston
(Image via

Does Brock Osweiler, on the basis of 7 starts, deserve the $72 million ($37 million guaranteed) that he has coming to him?

Of course he does, if some idiot is willing to pay him.  That is what the market is willing to bare.  What a team is willing to pay and what can be justified by on the field performance have never been completely in line.

Keep in mind that we are not talking about some billionaire owner being subsidized by taxpayer dollars to build a stadium, largely with seasonal workers and jobs with no benefits.  We are talking about a guy playing a game, largely financed by our voluntary viewership and patronage for a league that has made it blatantly clear that it could not care less about the health of its players after they are done.

He would be the idiot not to get every dime he could get and only those with a poor understanding of the economics of playing NFL QB are unclear about this.

What are those economics?  Think of it this way: there are 32 NFL teams.  If we evaluated the performance at starting QB with a letter grade, I can only come up with 17 that could clearly be graded as at least a “B.”  I am excluding rookies and first year starters in Tennessee, Tampa, and Washington, even if they are trending upward, due to the cautionary tale of RG3.  Simply put, their sample is too small to make a final assessment.  But even if they pan out, that still leaves 12 teams with a significant need of an upgrade at QB.  The irony of it all is that 3 of those 12 (Vikings, Texans, and Broncos) made the playoffs last year, to include the eventual champs.

Bottom line is that there are more NFL Teams than there are high quality QBs.  This produces an odd economic reality which allows the unproven and proven pedestrians, in terms of performance, to make out like bandits……..and we should not blame them for exploiting a situation reinforced by the false narrative that a team must have an upper-echelon QB to win the Super Bowl.

History shows that a dominant defense is a better predictor of winning the Super Bowl than an upper-echelon QB.  Consider this, of the 50 Super Bowls, the losing QB in nearly half of them (23) are either hall of famers or league MVPs.  Eighteen of them split between Elway, Tarkenton, Kelly, Staubach, Warner, Manning, and Brady lost more than one.  Compare that to this list of single SB starters to include Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, Mark Rypien, Jeff Hostetler, Phil Simms, and Jim McMahon.  Their Super Bowl record was 6-0.  The common denominator was dominant defense.

I submit that as long as the false narrative of needing elite QB play is more prevalent than the reality, which is that there simply are not 32 dudes on this planet that can play NFL QB at an elite level, about a 3rd of the league will continue to chase that which simply does not exist in a quantity large enough to meet the demand.

Smart economics would stop going for the home run at QB and instead load up on defensive talent.


Gus Griffin, for War Room Sports

Why Chip Failed

Thursday, December 31st, 2015

by Gus Griffin





(Image via

(Image via

The simple truth is that Chip Kelly never had the talent to win big in Philadelphia.

The more nuanced answer is that the Chip Kelly the talent evaluator was the primary reason he lost the very sort of talent that might have helped him avoid his fate.

Say what you want about DeSean Jackson and LeSean McCoy, they were both proven difference makers when Kelly committed the almost always fatal sin that befalls many coaches of thinking that his system mattered more than players.

A system/scheme is the platform through which players can shine.  It is no more the performer than a stage or theater is for a play.

I suppose coaches should be expected to fall for this line of thinking that they matter more than they do, especially in football where I contend they matter most.  After all, when your job is largely performed in a fishbowl and every decision is dissected and second guessed, you had better at least be able to give the appearance that you are sure of yourself…..even if you are not.

Simply put, players are most responsible for winning and winning elevates a system.  Case in point: what we know today as the West Coast offense began long before Bill Walsh got to San Francisco.  The Bengals, with Walsh as QB coach and Vikings used the same system throughout the 70’s.  But the Bengals were an occasional playoff team and the Vikings lost 4 Super Bowls, so they were not credited by popular casual observers.  The same is true in other sports.  The Triangle Offense can be traced to that L.A. college basketball juggernaut….USC in the 1940’s.  Nobody cared until it was the staple of Michael Jordan’s offense in Chicago.

Players matter more.  Bill Belichick’s record without Tom Brady is 47-52.  George Seifert after Young and Rice was 16-32.

Any coach who deludes himself to think otherwise has written his own epitaph.

Oh we love and welcome innovation.  Helps a short attention span society stay engaged.  That’s the exciting part.  But like the sheep that breaks away from the herd, your success and failure will show more brightly.

If you are right, you’re a genius and can peacock your way forward.  If you’re wrong, you are a wounded wildebeest for prey and will be fired!

Don’t believe me, ask Chip Kelly.


Gus Griffin for War Room Sports

WHAT DOES IT TAKE?: Greg Hardy, the need for pictures, and what it says about America

Monday, November 9th, 2015

by Gus Griffin







I’m clear about Steven A. Smith’s  agenda: he caught a lotta flak after the Ray Rice abuse case and is now pandering to the very folks who wanted his head.
What is more useful is to discuss the threshold of proof necessary to acknowledge the mistreatment of some, particularly women, Black, and Latino folks.
On due process terms, it seems to me that only the Dallas Cowboys can take any action against Hardy and we all know that if they did cut him, more than a few teams will be lined up to sign him.  I’m clear that Greg Hardy is a bully and likely a psychopath. I would shed no tear if he never played in the league again. But I did not need to see pictures of his abuse to come to that line of thinking. The fact that anyone needed pictures to get to this level of outrage means that this is much bigger than Greg Hardy. This is about America and whose suffering is at the back of the line for addressing. It’s clear that women being brutalized by men and Black and Latino folks by police requires a certain level of visual proof beyond that of most others. In the Black man’s case, Eric Garner, sometimes even the picture isn’t enough. I’m not suggesting that alleged victims are all truthful. That “cry wolf” opportunist element is out there. But there is a distinct difference in justifiable scrutiny of the truth and hoping one is not being truthful so that we can maintain our business as usual world views about women, Black, and Latino folks being primarily responsible for their mistreatment. I say we because on the Greg Hardy issue, I am just as much of part of the problem. Certainly not for condoning violence against women but because Hardy’s arrogance and indifference is fueled by the very fundamental fact, be it conscious or subconscious, that he knows I and most of you will keep watching the NFL. Roger Goodell and Jerry Jones know it as well. So Ill climb down from my soapbox and hopefully “Screaming” A Smith will soon follow.
Gus Griffin, for War Room Sports

After Further Review (#756)

Monday, October 26th, 2015

by Christopher Dinkins

Christopher Dinkins Blog




After Further Review

AFTER FURTHER REVIEW #756 SHOUTOUT to you LAWRENCE TAYLOR ((NFL))….week 7 SEAHAWKS 20 NINERS 3(tnf)….JAGUARS 34 BILLS 31(london)….WASHINGTON 31 BUCCANEERS 30….FALCONS 10 TITANS 7….SAINTS 27 COLTS 21….VIKINGS 28 LIONS 19….CHIEFS 23 STEELERS 13….RAMS 24 BROWNS 6….DOLPHINS 44 TEXANS 26….PATRIOTS 30 JETS 23….RAIDERS 37 CHARGERS 29….GIANTS 27 COWBOYS 20….PANTHERS 27 EAGLES 16(snf)….tonight—->BALTIMORE RAVENS v ARIZONA CARDINALS……((((bye week—BEARS…BENGALS…BRONCOS…PACKERS))))…..which team is actually best in NFCE ??….who wants AFCS ??…..looks like those NFCE teams might wanna make up their minds before DALLAS returns to full strength…INDIANAPOLIS (super bowl pick) looking really regular right now….ANDREW LUCK is starting to look like his pops OLIVER LUCK (remember him…..sheeeeeesh)…..JACKSONVILLE…especially BLAKE BORTLES looking like they trying to be serious right now….NEW YORK JETS still the same……TAMPA BAY aint nothin changed….discussed another terrible loss with SUPER BOWL CHAMPION DERRICK DEESE last night…..looked at season from NFL perspective….hmmmmmminah…PITTSBURGH picked their poison ….has MIAMI finally awakened ??..we will find out on thursday night (v.NEW ENGLAND)…..TODD GURLEY is the ST LOUIS offense… this JEFF FISHERs dream team ((running and defense)) ??……ATLANTA yeah okay ….better keep your eye on OAKLAND…..who besides CAROLINA fans truly believe in that team ???….. ((NCAAF)) AFTER FURTHER REVIEW TOP 15 rankings 1.TCU bye 2.BAYLOR 45 IOWA STATE 27 3.OHIO STATE 49 RUTGERS 7 4.MICHIGAN STATE 52 INDIANA 26 5.LOUISIANA STATE 48 WESTERN KENTUCKY 20 6.ALABAMA 19 TENNESSEE 14 7.CLEMSON 58 MIAMI 0 8.STANFORD 31 WASHINGTON 14 9.NOTRE DAME bye 10.OKLAHOMA 63 TEXAS TECH 27 11.OKLAHOMA STATE 58 KANSAS 10 12.TOLEDO 51 MASSACHUSETTS 35 13.TEMPLE 24 EAST CAROLINA 14 14.MEMPHIS 66 TULSA 42 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 42 15.UTAH 24 who YOU got ?????? ****SHOW PICKS**** FLORIDA STATE over GEORGIA TECH (l) UTAH over SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (l) TOLEDO over MASSACHUSETTS (w)…((lw 1-2 season 14-10)) ((CFL)) WEEK 18 MONTREAL ALOUETTES 34 TORONTO ARGONAUTS 2 BRITISH COLUMBIA LIONS 40 HAMILTON TIGER CATS 13 OTTAWA RED BLACKS 27 WINNIPEG BLUE BOMBERS 20 EDMONTON ESKIMOS 35 SASKATCHEWAN ROUGHRIDERS 24 CALGARY STAMPEDERS bye ((NHL)) JETS 5 WILD 4…RANGERS 4 FLAMES 1…KINGS 3 OILERS 2…. division leaders—–> ATLANTIC ((montreal 18pts))..METROPOLITAN ((new york r 14pts))…CENTRAL ((nashville 13 pts))…PACIFIC ((los angeles/san jose 10 pts)) ((MLB)) AFTER FURTHER REVIEW 2.0 MLB POST SEASON AWARDS **AMERICAN LEAGUE** MVP JOSH DONALDSON (toronto) CY YOUNG DALLAS KEUCHEL (houston) ROOKIE OF YEAR CARLOS CORREA (houston) MANAGER OF YEAR PAUL MOLITOR (minnesota) **NATIONAL LEAGUE** MVP PAUL GOLDSCHMIDT (arizona) CY YOUNG JAKE ARRIETA (chicago) ROOKIE OF YEAR KRIS BRYANT (chicago) MANAGER OF YEAR TERRY COLLINS (new york) who YOU got ??? ((NBA)) SEASON tips off tomorrow night……….who you got ??…who you like ??…dinnt see a lot of previews from you so called “NBA heads”…guess you waiting to see who starts winning… KNOW thats how you do….. RIP FLIP SAUNDERS (minnesota)…. ———————————————- NHL GAME of the day CALGARY FLAMES v NEW YORK ISLANDERS TRUE SCHOOL JAM of the day “HOLE IN THE HEAD” – CYPRESS HILL its MONDAY… already know what it is…make sure everyone is bundled up and warm……..the BALLISTICS have been kicked !!!!!…..AFR.


Christopher “The Mayor” Dinkins of the After Further Review Podcast, for War Room Sports

Riley Rebel: Champion Athlete for America, Misunderstood Victim of Racist Roots, and Supremacist Upbringing

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

by B. Austin






It’s time to let “Riley Rebel”, champion of the Confederate Calvary of America, live in peace.  Time to stop judging him for shit we allow others to get away with, because it is less brash…not as overt.  I am absolutely certain his feelings are shared by many, many, many young white males from his background.  Personally, I prefer my racists and supremacists out in the open where I can see them and know their position.  I am not going to church, living near, or associating with Riley Rebel in anyway…so like white people have said for 100’s of years: “Run cracker run! Go run, jump, catch, hit, tackle, and entertain me with a football as you break your body apart for my entertainment”.

What BOTHERS ME THEN YOU ASK?  Well, I am glad you asked. What bothers me is the 7 or 8 other NBA owners that were Donald Sterling’s pals, which we will probably never know about.  What bothers me is the fact that the NFL, whose players are 72% black, have only 3 or 4 black head coaches, a few coordinators, the weakest player’s union, and NO BLACK MAJORITY OWNERS.  No, Riley Rebel doesn’t bother me much.  What bothered me was when 4 St. Louis Rams players decided to take a stand for justice regarding Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson, Police organizations and Policemen took a stand against that, and football fans didn’t rally or stand up against tyranny.  Nah, Riley Cooper didn’t bother me at all…he is entertaining.  I was much more concerned with the sports and athletic community’s lack of presence and silence in the #JusticeOrElse events.  Riley Cooper had no input there.  There are so many truly devious and heinous instances of white supremacy, racism, ethnocentrism, white privilege, white entitlement, Black apathy, Black colorism, self-hate, and overall societal erosion to point at, AND use sports as your landscape with which to do so.  Riley Cooper isn’t worth all the anger and ire he receives.  What Riley is to us and himself is a relatively slow, not-so-talented, overlooked, overpaid white professional athlete, who lives as a minority at his workplace and his true feelings came out on camera.  He probably faces an inferiority complex every day, and in the comfort and confines of his own territory, a Kenny Chesney concert filled with white country music fans (but secured by hulking Black security guards), Riley let that inferiority complex and alcohol get the best of him.  Here were guys that were bigger and stronger than him but making far less money and having far less status…and he was in front of his entourage…he had to let testosterone and frustration blend with the alcohol and racism, to go ahead and let his honest feelings be felt.  I actually feel sorry for dude. He has to live with this and public scorn for the remainder of his career, meanwhile America remains the same and the real problems go unsolved. He is merely an honest product of his environment.


B. Austin of War Room Sports

After Further Review (#754)

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

by Christopher Dinkins

Christopher Dinkins Blog




After Further Review

AFTER FURTHER REVIEW #754 SHOUTOUT to you RICH GOSSAGE ((MLB)) ALCS——-> ROYALS 14 BLUE JAYS 2 (KANSAS CITY leads series 3-1) NLCS——-> METS 5 CUBS 2 (NEW YORK leads 3-0) …can we say its over now in ALCS….dont see any situation that has TORONTO overcoming this deficit…KANSAS CITY is just too strong..they are on a mission to defend their AMERICAN LEAGUE title…..and take the next step… NATIONAL LEAGUE….NEW YORK has just taken advantage of CHICAGO miscues and foul ups to snatch a commanding lead in series…..will be interesting to see how CHICAGO will show some kind of fight of pride for the great season they had….. ((NBA)) practice….. BULLS 103(brooks 22) PACERS 94(george 26/13) BUCKS 106(middleton 17) WOLVES 88(muhammad 18) SUNS 104(morris 17) SPURS 84(leonard 14) THUNDER 113(durant 29/10/10) JAZZ 102(hood 23) CLIPPERS 130(griffin 29) WARRIORS 95(thompson 21) 2015-16 NBA PREVIEW IS COMING……and we dooin it AFTER FURTHER REVIEW style——> division picks…..ALL STAR teams……EAST/WEST top 8…..NBA FINALS picks……we gonna do it like that….knaaaaaaaaaaawimeen ???!!! ((NHL)) DEVILS 3 COYOTES 2(ot)……PENGUINS 3 PANTHERS 2(ot)…..ISLANDERS 4 BLUE JACKETS 0….STARS 2 FLYERS 1….CANADIENS 3 BLUES 0….PREDATORS 5 LIGHTNING 4(so)….CAPITALS 6 FLAMES 2……ALEX OVECHKIN (capitals) scores his 900th point career point…….479 goals most in league since 2001-02….but he dinnt start in league until 2005….crazy right !!!!…..CAREY PRICE (canadiens) comes thru with 2nd SHUTOUT in 3 games…. ((NCAAF)) *****SHOW PICKS***** FLORIDA STATE over GEORGIA TECH UTAH over SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA TOLEDO over MASSACHUSETTS …..((season 13-8 lw 2-1)) MLB LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES game of the day NEW YORK METS(matz) v CHICAGO CUBS(hammel) NHL GAME of the day DETROIT RED WINGS v EDMONTON OILERS TRUE SCHOOL JAM of the day “DEFINITION” -BLACKSTAR (MOS DEF & TALIB KWELI) its hump day……make it happen for yourself……enjoy the sunshine….but dont get caught slippin…..the BALLISTICS have been kicked !!!!!


Christopher “The Mayor” Dinkins of the After Further Review Podcast, for War Room Sports

After Further Review (#752)

Monday, October 19th, 2015

by Christopher Dinkins

Christopher Dinkins Blog




After Further Review

AFTER FURTHER REVIEW #752 SHOUTOUT to you GREG ODEN…. ((MLB)) NLCS—-> METS 4 CUBS 1 ((NEW YORK leads 2-0)) ALCS—-> KANSAS CITY leads TORONTO 2-0 it looks as if CHICAGO has not gotten the memo yet regarding NLCS….NY has defeated JON LESTER/JAKE ARRIETA ….putting CUBS behind the APPLE and all that….may be a different story at WRIGLEY FIELD for games 3/4/5…..we will see… also looks as if TORONTO is being exposed a little bit by the “rally kings” of KANSAS CITY…its not time to make mental errors on the field and ROYALS have now beaten DAVID PRICE and now halfway towards WORLD SERIES…GAME ONE of 2015 WORLD SERIES will be OCTOBER 27 at either KAUFMAN STADIUM (KC) / ROGERS CENTER (TOR.CA)… ((NFL))..WEEK 6 SAINTS 31 FALCONS 21(tnf)….JETS 34 WASHINGTON 20….STEELERS 25 CARDINALS 13….VIKINGS 16 CHIEFS 10….BENGALS 34 BILLS 21….LIONS 37 BEARS 34(ot)….BRONCOS 26 BROWNS 23(ot)….TEXANS 31 JAGUARS 20….DOLPHINS 38 TITANS 10….PANTHERS 27 SEAHAWKS 23….PACKERS 27 CHARGERS 20….NINERS 25 RAVENS 20….PATRIOTS 34 COLTS 27(snf)….tonight—-> NEW YORK GIANTS v PHILADELPHIA EAGLES (830/ESPN)…..ummm..big moment for CAM NEWTON (car)…not so big for LEGION OF BOOM ((ish happens…right RICHARD SHERMAN ??))….somebody might wanna start paying attention to CINCINNATI offensive line…..they are good !!!…..yall stil waiting for PEYTON MANNING (den) to make some spectacular comeback………yall been waiting three years…..dont think ADRIAN PETERSON (min) is gonna get anywhere near 2000 yards rushing this season….ummm….LANDRY JONES (pitt)….BENGALS…BRONCOS…PACKERS…PANTHERS…PATRIOTS… are still holding on to their EGGOS……DOLPHINS showed up…..think we might have mention SEATTLE SEAHAWKS and their downfall this season….they have NOT gotten past SUPER BOWL loss….. ((NCAAF)) AFTER FURTHER REVIEW TOP 15 rankings 1.TCU 45 IOWA STATE 21 2.BAYLOR 62 WEST VIRGINIA 38 3.OHIO STATE 38 PENN STATE 10 4.MICHIGAN STATE 27 MICHIGAN 23 5.FLORIDA STATE 41 LOUISVILLE 21 6.ALABAMA 41 TEXAS A&M 23 7.LOUISIANA STATE 35 FLORIDA 28 8.CLEMSON 34 BOSTON COLLEGE 17 9.STANFORD 56 UCLA 35 10.NOTRE DAME 41 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 31 11.UTAH 34 ARIZONA STATE 18 12.IOWA 40 NORTHWESTERN 10 13.OKLAHOMA 55 KANSAS STATE 0 14.TOLEDO 63 EASTERN MICHIGAN 20 15.OKLAHOMA STATE bye who YOU got ??????….. ***SHOW PICKS*** MISSISSIPPI over MEMPHIS(l) OHIO STATE over PENN STATE(w) UTAH STATE over BOISE STATE(w)….((season 13-8 lw 2-1)) ((CFL)) WEEK 17 xe-OTTAWA REDBLACKS 27 WINNIPEG BLUE BOMBERS 24 xw-CALGARY STAMPEDERS 27 xe-TORONTO ARGONAUTS 15 xw-EDMONTON ESKIMOS 26 BRITISH COLUMBIA LIONS 23 xe-HAMILTON TIGER CATS 23 MONTREAL ALOUETTES 11 SASKATCHEWAN ROUGHRIDERS bye xe-clinched playoffs east xw-clinched playoffs west ((NHL)) DEVILS 2 RANGERS 1(ot)…BLUES 4 JETS 2….DUCKS 4 WILD 1….OILERS 2 CANUCKS 1(ot)….KINGS 2 AVALANCHE 1…. LONG STREAK ((canadiens 6)) WRONG STREAK ((blue jackets 6)) ((BOXING)) GENADY GOLOVKIN (champ) defeats DANIEL LEMIEUX by EIGHTH round TKO…..HE IS NOW THE UNIFIED(wbc interim) MIDDLEWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLLLLLLLLLLLD (michael buffer voice)…..watched the fight and it was a technical beatdown that ol DAVE jumped up for….it was the jab that kept ol DAVE at bay…then GGG opened up the bottle/can of whoop ass…earning a PPV TKO…..whole card was decent….so lets hope we can get GGG inside v ANDRE WARD / COTTO-ALVAREZ winner / ERISLANDY LARA……..and not for nothing what do you think of a TERENCE CRAWFORD v ADRIAN BRONER (jr welterweight) matchup ??? MLB LCS GAME of the day ROYALS (cueto) v BLUE JAYS (stroman)—–> ((8pm/FS1)) NHL GAME of the day SHARKS v RANGERS TRUE SCHOOL JAM of the day “NIGHTS ON BROADWAY” – BEE GEES its MONDAY……and its BRISKO COUNTY….NIPSEY RUSSELL…COLD AS ISHKABIBBLE out this piece……make sure the shorties are wrapped up tight……its HOODIE and OATMEAL season !!!!!!!!…….the BALLISTICS have been kicked !!!!!!!……AFR.


Christopher “The Mayor” Dinkins of the After Further Review Podcast, for War Room Sports