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How Baseball Became a Litmus Test for Blackness and Why I Don’t Give a Damn

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018

by Gus Griffin







Baseball is back and along with it the same annual rituals: the Spring and warmer weather is approaching, my Giants spanking the Dodgers, and other Black folks giving me the side-eye of suspicion for so openly loving the game.


Yep! It is not an uncommon line of thinking among some Black folks that baseball is a white game. This thinking is not totally without merit but it was not always this way. As hard as this may be to believe for the younger generations, there was indeed a time when baseball was the unquestioned most popular sport among Black America. Its representation at the Major League level peaked in the mid-70s to early 80s at about 25%.


And then things began to change. I cite two primary reasons: 1) deindustrialization of the economy and the criminal industrial complex, both of which disproportionately adversely affected Black men, who would have been the primary teachers and passers of the game of baseball. Subsequent reasons are the rise of the Latin American player to fill the void and AAU basketball, which all but requires year-round participation. The cumulative result of all these factors is that today that 25% from the mid-70s-early 80s is now about 7% and declining.


With this change in the face of baseball came the stigma for Black youth who aspired to play the game in the form of the accusation of “acting white”. Peer acceptance among youth is important across cultural and demographic lines. That importance is even greater among oppressed and already isolated peoples. The value of community endorsement is not easily set aside.


One of the many struggles of oppressed and segregated groups is to resist oppressed and segregated thinking. This is outlined beautifully in the late Brazilian Educator Paolo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed. The less we see our reflection in baseball or any other activity or venue, the more the thinking creeps in that this just isn’t for us. The natural companion of that thinking is that any Black person who aspires to or likes the activity is running from his community identification. For Black folks the need to dismantle a criminal justice system, rooted in Capitalism and White supremacy that literally kills us with little to no accountability for doing so, is an overwhelming challenge and discouraging for some. It is much easier to question the cultural identity of someone who likes baseball than to deal with the substantive sources of our oppression.


This is not to suggest that there aren’t Black folks who do both consciously and subconsciously seek out interest for the specific purpose of separating themselves from the lager group.


I’m just not the one.


There is hope and high profile Black baseball fans exempt from this litmus test. One who comes to mind is local cultural icon and poet Ethelbert Miller. Besides finding a way to never age, for some 40 years he worked at my alma mater, Howard University, as head of its Moorland Spingarn Research Center. It is one of the world’s greatest repositories of Black history, culture, and life. I met him upon my arrival at Howard in 1991. He also just released his second book on baseball called “If God Invented Baseball?”. Yes, I will be reading it soon.


But with or without high profile Black baseball fans, I always have and always will love baseball. For any cultural legitimacy gatekeepers who have a problem with that, I strongly suggest you find a more useful way to spend your time and hate. I don’t care what you think!

Gus Griffin, for War Room Sports

Dusty Baker is a Hall of Fame Manager

Friday, September 29th, 2017

by Gus Griffin






Washington Nationals manager Dusty Baker looks on from the dugout before a baseball game against the New York Mets at Nationals Park, Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2016, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Washington Nationals manager Dusty Baker looks on from the dugout before a baseball game against the New York Mets at Nationals Park, Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2016, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

As the Washington Nationals prepare for the post season, it should be noted that this is old hat for manager Dusty Baker. In fact, it’s as good of a time as any to make the case that Dusty Baker should one day be elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

That’s right, I said it, and the reasons people resist this idea are as interesting as the case that he is, so let’s start with those reasons.

Not only has Dusty Baker never managed a World Series winner, but he has presided over some of the most infamous pennant race and post season collapses in recent baseball history.

He has been the Marty Schotenheimer of major league baseball managers.

The list is as follows:

  • 1993 Giants had an 8 game lead over the Braves in August. Though the team would win a franchise record 103 games, they would lose the Western Division on the last day of the season (losing to those damn Dodgers). That team would not make it to the post season. Many consider that season’s outcome to be the primary basis for the development of the wild card in baseball, giving the best second place team a place in the post season;
  • 2002 Giants have a 3 games to 2 lead over the Angels in game 6 of the World Series and are 5 outs from winning their first world series since 1954. Then it all fell apart and the Angels go on to win in 7 games;
  • 2003 Chicago Cubs and the infamous Bartman game and series. The Marlins win that game 6 and eventually game 7 in Chicago, and beat the Yankees in the World Series.
  • 2012 Reds win the first two games in San Francisco of a best of 5 series, only to lose 3 straight to my Giants in Cincinnati. The Giants go on to win their second World Series of 3 in a 5 year span.

As sports fans, we tend to remember individual failure more than cumulative success.  Ask any fan what they remember most about Billy Buckner and they are likely to cite the 1986 World Series error rather than the 2700+ career hits and 1980 NL batting title.  The same is true of Ernest Byner in football.

It is fair to cite Baker as the only common denominator in all of the above noted collapses.  My primary response is that only an exceptional manager would continually be in these situations.

The case for Baker is as follows:

  • His 1800+ wins are more than Earl Weaver, Tommy Lasorda, or Dick Williams, all of whom are in the Hall of Fame;
  • He is one of only 4 managers to take 4 different teams to the post season, along with Williams, Billy Martin, and Davey Johnson. Martin and Johnson each have their own Hall of Fame cases;
  • He has ten 90 win seasons. All managers with this number or more are in the Hall of fame;
  • He managed Barry Bonds and Jeff Kent over multiple 162 game seasons, which is every bit as difficult as coaching Shaq and Kobe.

So exactly what factors most impact a manager’s success? I say 4, which are communication skills, baseball tactics, instincts, and situation. The manager actually only has control of the first three.  By all accounts, Baker is a great communicator. The problem is that this skill is the least observable to fans and even the sports writers who vote for the Hall of Fame.  So Baker’s greatest skill is the least measurable. His baseball tactics and instincts would have to be above average to win nearly 2000 games. Sure, anyone can find a decision on bullpen or bench management here or there, to dispute over the course of 23 years and 162 game seasons. But surely not enough to question his deserving of Hall of Fame status. The last factor would be the situation, and the manager has little to no control over that factor.  Situation includes the owner, timing, talent, etc. Let’s be clear about this, Joe Torre managed 3 different teams before he took the reins of the Yankees.  In the years before he got there, notoriously meddling owner George Steinbrenner was suspended from the day to day operations of the team.  His history was to win now, future be damned.  What this resulted in was young talent being traded away for veterans.  Due to his suspension, this did not happen in the mid-90s, and thus, Bernie Williams, Jorge Posada, Andy Petite, Mariano Rivera, and Derek Jeter remained in their system and awaited Torre’s tutelage.  The rest is history.  From 1996-2000, the Yankees would win the World Series four times.

Joe Torre did not suddenly learn how to manage in New York with the Yankees.  But the fact is, if you take away his Yankees tenure, his career managerial record is sub-500.  Situation matters.

Dick Williams found working under A’s owner Charlie O Finely so difficult, he resigned from a 2-time defending champion team after the 1973 season, in a similar way that Jimmy Johnson left the Cowboys. Situation matters.

Regardless of the situation, Dusty Baker has won and he has won a lot. This should earn him a bust in Cooperstown someday.


Gus Griffin, for War Room Sports

Bryce Harper was Right And the Myth of Code Loyalty

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

by Gus Griffin







I so appreciate the sports of the San Francisco Bay Area.  Be it Colin Kaepernick or the Golden State Warriors, they give me material.  And now Bryce Harper and my San Francisco Giants.

Yes, my San Francisco Giants.  Full disclosure for those who have been under an FB rock, baseball is and has always been my favorite sport, and the Giants are my favorite team.  I got it from my pops.  I modeled my pitching motion after high-leg kicking Giants pitchers Juan Marichal and Vida Blue.  I lived long enough to see them win 3 world series rings in 5 years to lap the hated Dodgers in titles.  Simply put, over the past 8 years, it’s been good to be a Giants fan.

And with all that being said, I am 100% in support of Bryce Harper for going after Hunter Strickland for intentionally hitting him with a pitch upwards of 97 miles per hour.

This all played out with the larger backdrop of baseball trying to reign in “bean ball” wars.

Good luck with that.

Since its inception, baseball has long had an unwritten code that says if you throw at one of ours, we will throw at one of yours.  Of course, the likes of Don Drysdale, Bob Gibson, Nolan Ryan, and Roger Clemens took this internal vigilantism to an entirely different level, both for retribution and intimidation.  It was all understood that this was how things were done.

Of course, the other complication is that there is a legitimate tactical justification for pitching inside.  The gentlemen’s agreement has long been that the outside part of the plate belongs to pitchers and the inside belongs to hitters.  If a hitter gets greedy trying to crowd the plate to take aggressive hacks at pitches on the outside corner, things must be put back into order and the inside fastball is the mechanism for doing so.  While this will surely result in some batters being hit, to ban the tactic in of itself would tilt the balance of competition so far in the direction of hitters to the point of the game ceasing to be what we have known it to be.

Baseball’s challenge is against whom and when does it intervene; against the first violator or the second?  On the first shot, a pitcher could have legitimately simply lost control of a pitch.  Should he be thrown out of the game?  If second offender (or retaliator) is ejected, that will essentially give the initiators a free shot.  The bottom line is that as MLB moves to eliminate this internal policing of the game, hitters can no longer count on their pitcher to keep things in order.

So, when a guy throws a 97 mph baseball at a hitter, what the hell do we expect him to do?  If Harper does not make a stand, then the message to the rest of the league is clear; you can throw at him with impunity!

None of that contextual backdrop applies to what Strickland did Monday in San Francisco.   He was simply pissed off because 3 years ago in the playoffs, Bryce Harper hit not one, but two moonshot home runs off him.  The espoused offense was that Harper ran around the bases too slow.  I was at the game in Washington.  The ball cleared the Jackie Robinson number in the upper deck.  While I did not think it was funny at the time, you could not help but be impressed.  The one in San Francisco cleared the stadium and landed in McCovey Cove.  Simply put, if Harper decided to walk around the bases, I would have had no problem with it at all, and if Strickland did, he should have learned to throw a damn change up!

The other aspect of the incident that has garnered a lot of attention was the Giants’, especially all-star catcher Buster Posey, lackluster attempt to “protect their guy”.  Admittedly, it is unusual for the catcher not to grab the hitter or at least attempt to do so in that situation.  Some have speculated if this will affect how Posey is perceived in the locker room.  That is an assessment that cannot be made without knowing how Strickland is perceived in the locker room.  If he is viewed as some out of control lone wolf who takes matters into his own hands, Posey’s place in the locker room will not be affected one iota.

The truth is that these “ride or die” loyalty codes we men swear to adhere by unconditionally are anything but unconditional.  We espouse to believe in them because they are often a rites of passage for peer group, cultural and societal acceptance.  But the graveyard has its share of dudes who actually took that nonsense literally at a party or on the streets.  Such blind loyalty is romanticized in the media.  Buster Posey is neither Cookie from Empire nor Marines from A Few Good Men.  No matter how sincerely committed, there will come a time when one must use your capacity to think for yourself, to dismiss the group code in favor of your own individual best interests.  Doing so doesn’t make one cowardly or disloyal.  It makes one intelligent.  In the real world, when the rubber meets the road, the sheer practicality of self-preservation will rule the day, be it among the Bloods and Crips or the Mafia.   We should expect no less from baseball players.

Simply put, if a loose cannon like Strickland fires off a 97 mph fastball at a hitter for no legitimate tactical reason, and without any pre-approval or reassurance from the leadership or team collective that they have his back, HE IS ON HIS OWN!


Gus Griffin, for War Room Sports

The Curse Has Been Lifted! The Cubs are World Series Champions!!!

Thursday, November 3rd, 2016


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Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series Champions

The War Room Episode 312

Saturday, June 18th, 2016

Jun 16, 2016; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James (23) stares at Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry (30) in the fourth quarter in game six of the NBA Finals at Quicken Loans Arena. Cleveland won 115-101. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports



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Bryce Harper was not the NL MVP and this is why.

Friday, November 20th, 2015

by Gus Griffin





May 10, 2015; Washington, DC, USA; Washington Nationals right fielder Bryce Harper (34) at bat against the Atlanta Braves during the first inning at Nationals Park. Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

May 10, 2015; Washington, DC, USA; Washington Nationals right fielder Bryce Harper (34) at bat against the Atlanta Braves during the first inning at Nationals Park. Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Bryce Harper was the best player in the National League in 2015….perhaps in all of baseball.

Bryce Harper was not the most valuable player in the National League and that was not his fault.

This is not about hating on Bryce Harper. I love the way the he plays the game. He combines Pete Rose’s mindset with Mickey Mantle power. In all my years of going to see baseball games, he is the only player that I have seen hit multiple upper deck homers. One was in the playoffs against my Giants (I did not particularly love him at that exact moment) and the other was against the Dodgers. You can imagine how much that endeared him to me. Early in the year his improved pitch selection and overall plate discipline forecasted trouble for pitchers. When a guy with his power restricts his swings to strikes, the results are career highs in both homers and walks both nearly double previous highs.

My liking him or not liking him has nothing to do with my case. At the heart of it all is the failure of the baseball, and sports writer culture to make a distinction between the best player and the most valuable player. So lets do that now.

The most valuable player is the player whose team’s level of success would be least likely without! A key provision would be team’s level of success. Subsequently if the team had little or no success, how valuable could any one player have been? Apparently not valuable enough for 2014 NL manager of the year Matt Williams because he got fired.

It’s at this point when the baseball sabermetric zombies will cite Harper’s WAR (Wins Above Replacement) stat which was 9.9, round it up to 10 wins which is outstanding under any assessment. Simply put that means without Bryce Harper this past season, instead of winning 83 games, the Nats would have only won 73 games. If our task is to measure value in the context of the team’s success to that I say, WHO CARES? How valuable can any one player be on a team that regressed 13 games from the previous season?

If we look at Harper’s value from a pure costs benefit analysis, it’s a more compelling case than pure baseball statistics in that he greatly out performed his $2.5 million salary for the year. He does not hit arbitration until 2017 and free agency in 2019. Unless he dramatically regresses, the Nats will have to pay for their 2015 bargain with the highest arbitration award in the history of the game in 2017 and highest contract ever to keep him in 2019 when they will surely be competing with his childhood favorite team the Yankees. They may decide to do that but to this point, what do they have to show for it? In football both Seattle with Russell Wilson and Baltimore with Joe Flacco illustrate cautionary tales in paying to compensate past bargains at the expense of addressing other team needs. But at least their decisions can be defended by the players value to their winning a championship.

Part of this challenge is the inconsistent history of what the writers are actually looking for in the MVP. The process also reeks with personal gripes, surely at times stemming from which guy gave them interviews when they wanted one. Go back to 1983 when the Orioles won it all, led by both Eddie Murray and Cal Ripken. Either would have been valid MVP choices. Cal finished 1 and Murray 2. No secret that Cal was much more amenable to media than Murray. Murray was arguably the most feared hitter in the league, a switch hitter with power and a clutch rep similar to what we have seen with David Ortiz in recent years. He hit 4th behind Cal which insured Cal was not being pitched around. Consider the assessment of teammate and Hall of Famer Jim Palmer when asked who he believes should have won that award, “Eddie Murray missed 7 games that year. We lost every one of them!”

Fast forward to 1989. Cecil Fielder leads the league in homers and RBIs and is first to hit over 50 (51) since 1977. He finished second in the MVP voting, losing out to Rickey Henderson. The general writers’ response to his losing to Henderson was that Henderson played for a contending team. The next year, Cal wins his second MVP on an Oriole team that finishes in 6th place over Cecil Fielder and his league leading 44 homers and 133 RBIs for the second place Tigers.

So which is it?

The point is as great as Harper was in 2015, his absence from the Nat’s would have been no more than a distinction without a difference on what really matters: winning! On the other hand, does anyone think the Cubs get to the NLDS without Jake Arietta? Would the Mets have made it to the World Series without Yohanes Cespedes? The answer is no on both counts and that is what value is all about.

The basic resolution is two awards: a Most Valuable Player award which must be tied to the players contribution to the teams NOTEWORTHY SUCCESS and a Player of the Year award which can be driven by statistical production alone. Pitchers would not be eligible for player of the year. There is a Cy Young and Firemen’s awards for them. All players are eligible for MVP. In theory a player can win both. An example of when the awardees should have been split would have been 1987. Andre Dawson was the best player in the league that year leading the league with 49 homers and 137 RBIs…….for the last place Cubs that finished 18.5 games out of first place. He won the MVP that year. So were the voters saying without him they would have finished in 7th place? Hell there were only 6 teams in the division. Meanwhile Ozzie Smith didn’t hit a home run all year……but he drove in 80 and batted .303 while playing his routinely great short stop for an offensively challenge Cardinal team that advanced to the World Series. That’s value and due to no fault of his own, Bryce simply did not have that for a historically underachieving Nationals team this year.

Gus Griffin, for War Room Sports

After Further Review (#756)

Monday, October 26th, 2015

by Christopher Dinkins

Christopher Dinkins Blog




After Further Review

AFTER FURTHER REVIEW #756 SHOUTOUT to you LAWRENCE TAYLOR ((NFL))….week 7 SEAHAWKS 20 NINERS 3(tnf)….JAGUARS 34 BILLS 31(london)….WASHINGTON 31 BUCCANEERS 30….FALCONS 10 TITANS 7….SAINTS 27 COLTS 21….VIKINGS 28 LIONS 19….CHIEFS 23 STEELERS 13….RAMS 24 BROWNS 6….DOLPHINS 44 TEXANS 26….PATRIOTS 30 JETS 23….RAIDERS 37 CHARGERS 29….GIANTS 27 COWBOYS 20….PANTHERS 27 EAGLES 16(snf)….tonight—->BALTIMORE RAVENS v ARIZONA CARDINALS……((((bye week—BEARS…BENGALS…BRONCOS…PACKERS))))…..which team is actually best in NFCE ??….who wants AFCS ??…..looks like those NFCE teams might wanna make up their minds before DALLAS returns to full strength…INDIANAPOLIS (super bowl pick) looking really regular right now….ANDREW LUCK is starting to look like his pops OLIVER LUCK (remember him…..sheeeeeesh)…..JACKSONVILLE…especially BLAKE BORTLES looking like they trying to be serious right now….NEW YORK JETS still the same……TAMPA BAY aint nothin changed….discussed another terrible loss with SUPER BOWL CHAMPION DERRICK DEESE last night…..looked at season from NFL perspective….hmmmmmminah…PITTSBURGH picked their poison ….has MIAMI finally awakened ??..we will find out on thursday night (v.NEW ENGLAND)…..TODD GURLEY is the ST LOUIS offense… this JEFF FISHERs dream team ((running and defense)) ??……ATLANTA yeah okay ….better keep your eye on OAKLAND…..who besides CAROLINA fans truly believe in that team ???….. ((NCAAF)) AFTER FURTHER REVIEW TOP 15 rankings 1.TCU bye 2.BAYLOR 45 IOWA STATE 27 3.OHIO STATE 49 RUTGERS 7 4.MICHIGAN STATE 52 INDIANA 26 5.LOUISIANA STATE 48 WESTERN KENTUCKY 20 6.ALABAMA 19 TENNESSEE 14 7.CLEMSON 58 MIAMI 0 8.STANFORD 31 WASHINGTON 14 9.NOTRE DAME bye 10.OKLAHOMA 63 TEXAS TECH 27 11.OKLAHOMA STATE 58 KANSAS 10 12.TOLEDO 51 MASSACHUSETTS 35 13.TEMPLE 24 EAST CAROLINA 14 14.MEMPHIS 66 TULSA 42 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 42 15.UTAH 24 who YOU got ?????? ****SHOW PICKS**** FLORIDA STATE over GEORGIA TECH (l) UTAH over SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (l) TOLEDO over MASSACHUSETTS (w)…((lw 1-2 season 14-10)) ((CFL)) WEEK 18 MONTREAL ALOUETTES 34 TORONTO ARGONAUTS 2 BRITISH COLUMBIA LIONS 40 HAMILTON TIGER CATS 13 OTTAWA RED BLACKS 27 WINNIPEG BLUE BOMBERS 20 EDMONTON ESKIMOS 35 SASKATCHEWAN ROUGHRIDERS 24 CALGARY STAMPEDERS bye ((NHL)) JETS 5 WILD 4…RANGERS 4 FLAMES 1…KINGS 3 OILERS 2…. division leaders—–> ATLANTIC ((montreal 18pts))..METROPOLITAN ((new york r 14pts))…CENTRAL ((nashville 13 pts))…PACIFIC ((los angeles/san jose 10 pts)) ((MLB)) AFTER FURTHER REVIEW 2.0 MLB POST SEASON AWARDS **AMERICAN LEAGUE** MVP JOSH DONALDSON (toronto) CY YOUNG DALLAS KEUCHEL (houston) ROOKIE OF YEAR CARLOS CORREA (houston) MANAGER OF YEAR PAUL MOLITOR (minnesota) **NATIONAL LEAGUE** MVP PAUL GOLDSCHMIDT (arizona) CY YOUNG JAKE ARRIETA (chicago) ROOKIE OF YEAR KRIS BRYANT (chicago) MANAGER OF YEAR TERRY COLLINS (new york) who YOU got ??? ((NBA)) SEASON tips off tomorrow night……….who you got ??…who you like ??…dinnt see a lot of previews from you so called “NBA heads”…guess you waiting to see who starts winning… KNOW thats how you do….. RIP FLIP SAUNDERS (minnesota)…. ———————————————- NHL GAME of the day CALGARY FLAMES v NEW YORK ISLANDERS TRUE SCHOOL JAM of the day “HOLE IN THE HEAD” – CYPRESS HILL its MONDAY… already know what it is…make sure everyone is bundled up and warm……..the BALLISTICS have been kicked !!!!!…..AFR.


Christopher “The Mayor” Dinkins of the After Further Review Podcast, for War Room Sports

After Further Review (#754)

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

by Christopher Dinkins

Christopher Dinkins Blog




After Further Review

AFTER FURTHER REVIEW #754 SHOUTOUT to you RICH GOSSAGE ((MLB)) ALCS——-> ROYALS 14 BLUE JAYS 2 (KANSAS CITY leads series 3-1) NLCS——-> METS 5 CUBS 2 (NEW YORK leads 3-0) …can we say its over now in ALCS….dont see any situation that has TORONTO overcoming this deficit…KANSAS CITY is just too strong..they are on a mission to defend their AMERICAN LEAGUE title…..and take the next step… NATIONAL LEAGUE….NEW YORK has just taken advantage of CHICAGO miscues and foul ups to snatch a commanding lead in series…..will be interesting to see how CHICAGO will show some kind of fight of pride for the great season they had….. ((NBA)) practice….. BULLS 103(brooks 22) PACERS 94(george 26/13) BUCKS 106(middleton 17) WOLVES 88(muhammad 18) SUNS 104(morris 17) SPURS 84(leonard 14) THUNDER 113(durant 29/10/10) JAZZ 102(hood 23) CLIPPERS 130(griffin 29) WARRIORS 95(thompson 21) 2015-16 NBA PREVIEW IS COMING……and we dooin it AFTER FURTHER REVIEW style——> division picks…..ALL STAR teams……EAST/WEST top 8…..NBA FINALS picks……we gonna do it like that….knaaaaaaaaaaawimeen ???!!! ((NHL)) DEVILS 3 COYOTES 2(ot)……PENGUINS 3 PANTHERS 2(ot)…..ISLANDERS 4 BLUE JACKETS 0….STARS 2 FLYERS 1….CANADIENS 3 BLUES 0….PREDATORS 5 LIGHTNING 4(so)….CAPITALS 6 FLAMES 2……ALEX OVECHKIN (capitals) scores his 900th point career point…….479 goals most in league since 2001-02….but he dinnt start in league until 2005….crazy right !!!!…..CAREY PRICE (canadiens) comes thru with 2nd SHUTOUT in 3 games…. ((NCAAF)) *****SHOW PICKS***** FLORIDA STATE over GEORGIA TECH UTAH over SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA TOLEDO over MASSACHUSETTS …..((season 13-8 lw 2-1)) MLB LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES game of the day NEW YORK METS(matz) v CHICAGO CUBS(hammel) NHL GAME of the day DETROIT RED WINGS v EDMONTON OILERS TRUE SCHOOL JAM of the day “DEFINITION” -BLACKSTAR (MOS DEF & TALIB KWELI) its hump day……make it happen for yourself……enjoy the sunshine….but dont get caught slippin…..the BALLISTICS have been kicked !!!!!


Christopher “The Mayor” Dinkins of the After Further Review Podcast, for War Room Sports

After Further Review (#752)

Monday, October 19th, 2015

by Christopher Dinkins

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After Further Review

AFTER FURTHER REVIEW #752 SHOUTOUT to you GREG ODEN…. ((MLB)) NLCS—-> METS 4 CUBS 1 ((NEW YORK leads 2-0)) ALCS—-> KANSAS CITY leads TORONTO 2-0 it looks as if CHICAGO has not gotten the memo yet regarding NLCS….NY has defeated JON LESTER/JAKE ARRIETA ….putting CUBS behind the APPLE and all that….may be a different story at WRIGLEY FIELD for games 3/4/5…..we will see… also looks as if TORONTO is being exposed a little bit by the “rally kings” of KANSAS CITY…its not time to make mental errors on the field and ROYALS have now beaten DAVID PRICE and now halfway towards WORLD SERIES…GAME ONE of 2015 WORLD SERIES will be OCTOBER 27 at either KAUFMAN STADIUM (KC) / ROGERS CENTER (TOR.CA)… ((NFL))..WEEK 6 SAINTS 31 FALCONS 21(tnf)….JETS 34 WASHINGTON 20….STEELERS 25 CARDINALS 13….VIKINGS 16 CHIEFS 10….BENGALS 34 BILLS 21….LIONS 37 BEARS 34(ot)….BRONCOS 26 BROWNS 23(ot)….TEXANS 31 JAGUARS 20….DOLPHINS 38 TITANS 10….PANTHERS 27 SEAHAWKS 23….PACKERS 27 CHARGERS 20….NINERS 25 RAVENS 20….PATRIOTS 34 COLTS 27(snf)….tonight—-> NEW YORK GIANTS v PHILADELPHIA EAGLES (830/ESPN)…..ummm..big moment for CAM NEWTON (car)…not so big for LEGION OF BOOM ((ish happens…right RICHARD SHERMAN ??))….somebody might wanna start paying attention to CINCINNATI offensive line…..they are good !!!…..yall stil waiting for PEYTON MANNING (den) to make some spectacular comeback………yall been waiting three years…..dont think ADRIAN PETERSON (min) is gonna get anywhere near 2000 yards rushing this season….ummm….LANDRY JONES (pitt)….BENGALS…BRONCOS…PACKERS…PANTHERS…PATRIOTS… are still holding on to their EGGOS……DOLPHINS showed up…..think we might have mention SEATTLE SEAHAWKS and their downfall this season….they have NOT gotten past SUPER BOWL loss….. ((NCAAF)) AFTER FURTHER REVIEW TOP 15 rankings 1.TCU 45 IOWA STATE 21 2.BAYLOR 62 WEST VIRGINIA 38 3.OHIO STATE 38 PENN STATE 10 4.MICHIGAN STATE 27 MICHIGAN 23 5.FLORIDA STATE 41 LOUISVILLE 21 6.ALABAMA 41 TEXAS A&M 23 7.LOUISIANA STATE 35 FLORIDA 28 8.CLEMSON 34 BOSTON COLLEGE 17 9.STANFORD 56 UCLA 35 10.NOTRE DAME 41 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 31 11.UTAH 34 ARIZONA STATE 18 12.IOWA 40 NORTHWESTERN 10 13.OKLAHOMA 55 KANSAS STATE 0 14.TOLEDO 63 EASTERN MICHIGAN 20 15.OKLAHOMA STATE bye who YOU got ??????….. ***SHOW PICKS*** MISSISSIPPI over MEMPHIS(l) OHIO STATE over PENN STATE(w) UTAH STATE over BOISE STATE(w)….((season 13-8 lw 2-1)) ((CFL)) WEEK 17 xe-OTTAWA REDBLACKS 27 WINNIPEG BLUE BOMBERS 24 xw-CALGARY STAMPEDERS 27 xe-TORONTO ARGONAUTS 15 xw-EDMONTON ESKIMOS 26 BRITISH COLUMBIA LIONS 23 xe-HAMILTON TIGER CATS 23 MONTREAL ALOUETTES 11 SASKATCHEWAN ROUGHRIDERS bye xe-clinched playoffs east xw-clinched playoffs west ((NHL)) DEVILS 2 RANGERS 1(ot)…BLUES 4 JETS 2….DUCKS 4 WILD 1….OILERS 2 CANUCKS 1(ot)….KINGS 2 AVALANCHE 1…. LONG STREAK ((canadiens 6)) WRONG STREAK ((blue jackets 6)) ((BOXING)) GENADY GOLOVKIN (champ) defeats DANIEL LEMIEUX by EIGHTH round TKO…..HE IS NOW THE UNIFIED(wbc interim) MIDDLEWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLLLLLLLLLLLD (michael buffer voice)…..watched the fight and it was a technical beatdown that ol DAVE jumped up for….it was the jab that kept ol DAVE at bay…then GGG opened up the bottle/can of whoop ass…earning a PPV TKO…..whole card was decent….so lets hope we can get GGG inside v ANDRE WARD / COTTO-ALVAREZ winner / ERISLANDY LARA……..and not for nothing what do you think of a TERENCE CRAWFORD v ADRIAN BRONER (jr welterweight) matchup ??? MLB LCS GAME of the day ROYALS (cueto) v BLUE JAYS (stroman)—–> ((8pm/FS1)) NHL GAME of the day SHARKS v RANGERS TRUE SCHOOL JAM of the day “NIGHTS ON BROADWAY” – BEE GEES its MONDAY……and its BRISKO COUNTY….NIPSEY RUSSELL…COLD AS ISHKABIBBLE out this piece……make sure the shorties are wrapped up tight……its HOODIE and OATMEAL season !!!!!!!!…….the BALLISTICS have been kicked !!!!!!!……AFR.


Christopher “The Mayor” Dinkins of the After Further Review Podcast, for War Room Sports

After Further Review (#749)

Monday, October 12th, 2015

by Christopher Dinkins

Christopher Dinkins Blog




After Further Review

AFTER FURTHER REVIEW #749 SHOUTOUT to you SHANDON ANDERSON ((MLB)) ALDS—> ASTROS 4 ROYALS 2…..((HOUSTON leads series 2-1)) BLUE JAYS 5 RANGERS 1….((TEXAS leads series 2-1)) NLDS—>((METS/DODGERS tied 1-1)) ((CUBS/CARDINALS tied 1-1)) ….it seems as if people talk and then do an entire 180 degree scenario…..the same ones that “dont like” baseball in APRIL and MAY….talkin kinda different maybe cause they realize that MLB is a little bit better than they would have you believe…..hmmmm….dont talk baseball with a baseball head… might get upended like RUBEN TEJADA (mets)……gonna be very interesting moving forward…….. ((NFL)) COLTS 27 TEXANS 20(tnf)…BEARS 18 CHIEFS 17…BENGALS 27 SEAHAWKS 24 (ot)…FALCONS 25 REDSKINS 19 (ot)…BUCCANEERS 38 JAGUARS 31…EAGLES 39 SAINTS 17…BROWNS 33 RAVENS 30 (ot)…PACKERS 24 RAMS 10…BILLS 14 TITANS 13…CARDINALS 42 LIONS 17…PATRIOTS 30 COWBOYS 6…BRONCOS 16 RAIDERS 10…GIANTS 30 NINERS 27(snf)…——> TONIGHT STEELERS v CHARGERS (830-ESPN)……bye weeks ((CAROLINA..MIAMI…MINNESOTA…NY JETS))…….umm…some teams are “super bowl” contenders again…..such craziness….indeed…but oh well….whats old is new again…allegedly….. ((NCAAF)) AFTER FURTHER REVIEW NCAAF top 15 1.TCU 52 KANSAS STATE 45 2.BAYLOR 66 KANSAS 7 3.OHIO STATE 49 MARYLAND 28 4.MICHIGAN STATE 31 RUTGERS 24 5.LOUISIANA STATE 45 SOUTH CAROLINA 24 6.FLORIDA STATE 29 MIAMI 24 7.TEXAS A&M bye 8.ALABAMA 27 ARKANSAS 14 9.CLEMSON 43 GEORGIA TECH 24 10.NOTRE DAME 41 NAVY 24 11.IOWA 29 ILLINOIS 20 12.UTAH 30 CALIFORNIA 24 13.OKLAHOMA STATE 33 WEST VIRGINIA 26 (ot) 14.MISSISSIPPI 52 NEW MEXICO 3 15.FLORIDA 21 MISSOURI 3 who YOU got ?????…… ***SHOW PICKS*** NORTHWESTERN over MICHIGAN (l) MIAMI over FLORIDA STATE (l) UTAH over CALIFORNIA (w)……(lw 1-2…season 11-7) ((NHL)) CANADIENS 3 SENATORS 1…… still with the EGGO——-> MONTREAL…DETROIT…..TAMPA BAY…FLORIDA…NY RANGERS…WASHINGTON…WINNIPEG…NASHVILLE…MINNESOTA…SAN JOSE…ARIZONA…VANCOUVER… cant let go of it—–>TORONTO…BUFFALO…BOSTON…NY ISLANDERS…PHILADELPHIA…CAROLINA…NJ DEVILS…PITTSBURGH…COLUMBUS…ANAHEIM…EDMONTON…LOS ANGELES…. ((WNBA)) ***THE FINALS*** FEVER 75(johnson 15) LYNX 69(moore 20)—-> series tied 2-2 INDIANA plays like they are NOT going away…setting up decisive GAME 5 to decide WNBA CHAMPION….(((INDIANA is 5-0 in elimination games this season))…… ((NBA)) practice games……. HORNETS 106(zeller 16/10) CLIPPERS 94(redick 23) WIZARDS 134(gortat 19) PASCHOALOTTO BAURU 100(day/meindl 17) MAGIC 123(marble 21) ROCKETS 119(brewer 20) LAKERS 126(bryant 21) MACCABI HAIFA 83(buckner 20) AFTER FURTHER REVIEW 2015-16 NBA PREVIEW being worked on……watch for it !!!!!!! ((CFL)) ***WEEK 16*** TORONTO ARGONAUTS 38 OTTAWA REDBLACKS 35 HAMILTON TIGER CATS 30 SASKATCHEWAN ROUGHRIDERS 15 EDMONTON ESKIMOS 15 CALGARY STAMPEDERS 11 WINNIPEG BLUE BOMBERS 29 BRITISH COLUMBIA 26 —–>TODAY TORONTO ARGONAUTS(8-5) v MONTREAL ALOUETTES(5-8) MLB PLAYOFF GAME of the day LOS ANGELES DODGERS(anderson) v NEW YORK METS(harvey) NHL GAME of the day COLUMBUS BLUE JACKETS v BUFFALO SABRES TRUE SCHOOL JAM of the day “I SEE YALL” — DE LA SOUL featuring BUSTA RHYMES its MONDAY…….get those skullies out…dont let the smooth taste of the sunshine fool ya …the BALLISTICS have been kicked !!!!……AFR.


Christopher “The Mayor” Dinkins of the After Further Review Podcast, for War Room Sports