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What To Make of the Tired and Disturbing Case of Ezekiel Elliott

Sunday, November 5th, 2017

by Gus Griffin







The only thing that I am certain of in the battle between the Dallas Cowboys star running back Ezekiel

Elliott and the NFL, which wants to suspend him for 6 games over allegations of domestic violence, is that

I am tired of it and want it to end!

Beyond that, all bets are off.

My initial thinking when pondering writing this was to rail against the self-interest obsessed Cowboy

fans, Jerry Jones’ white male wealth privilege and those apologists, mostly men, for abusers.

Then I did what I hope every opinion writer does: I actually engaged in a more detailed researching of

the “central charge” (I’ll explain why the quotations for this later) against Elliott. After doing this I have

come to the only conclusion anyone could come to, which is that I have no idea who is the victim

between Elliott and his accuser. The inquire raises more questions than it answers. To briefly summarize

the reasons for doubting the accuser are the following:

1) Text messages secured by the NFL show the accuser discussing blackmailing Elliott with a sex


2) The accuser tried to convince a friend to lie on her behalf and support her claim that Elliott was responsible for her bruises. The friend refused and cited a fight between the accuser and another lady in an affidavit as the possible source of her bruises; and

3) She verbally threatened to ruin Elliott

It’s important to be an ally of women in the fight against domestic violence. As a man, I believe that I can

play a similar role in this struggle as Whites can play in combating racism. I also believe that I have taken

concrete steps to be an ally. The data is clear in that the overwhelming number of allegations of

domestic abuse are true. Having said that, the quest to be an ally does not mean that I am obliged to

blindly endorse the allegations of everyone. Basic fairness demands that allegations, even from a

historically abused demographic, be scrutinized and when that is done in this case, the only conclusion is

that the accuser’s credibility is suspect, so much so that the NFL’s own lead investigator recommended

no suspension for Elliott.

So why is this still a pending issue dangling over the head of Elliott, you ask? There are two primary

reasons for this:

1) Ezekiel Elliott has been a knucklehead with enough documented acts that indicate a lack of

respect for women and poor impulse control and judgment in general. When the totality of his

record is considered, it is not that much of a stretch to believe Elliott is capable of what he is

being accused. The NFL collective bargaining agreement, which the players sign off on permits

the commissioner to consider such incidents in a cumulative manner when pondering discipline.

Therefore, any reviewing of the “central charge” alone is incomplete. It cannot be refuted by

“the police did not charge him” common claim because it’s not a legal process but a workplace

disciplinary process;

2) The NFL has an inconsistent track record when dealing with its players accused of violence

towards women, be it Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, or Josh Brown. As a result, there is tremendous

pressure to get this one right;

3) Elliott is the best player on the most popular team in the most popular sport in America. Anyone in that position, regardless of race, with these accusations is going to draw more scrutiny than say a punter, as was the case with kicker Josh Brown.

You may ask how the NFL can get it right if the player is literally not guilty of the accusation. That’s when

it gets even more complicated. Like it or not, there are at least 2 factors that the NFL considers BEFORE

the actual merits of the accusation. Those two are money and public relations. The actual merits of the

charges are at best a distant third . Money is easy enough to understand. Anything that the NFL deems as having the potential to dip into its bottom line must be dealt with ASAP. Then there are the public

relations of the issue, which is a direct extension of the money factor. This can be best summarized by

saying that the NFL is more concerned with damage control than it is the damage itself. That means

actually caring about domestic violence is not nearly as important to them as appearing to care about

the issue. What this all means is that in the wake of botching the Ray Rice and Josh Brown cases, they

needed a pound of flesh.

Enter Ezekiel Elliott!

So, after multiple court injunctions and stays and no clear ending to the stalemate, here we are.

Based on history, it’s highly unlikely that Elliott will avoid a suspension. It’s not a question of if he will sit

but when, and for how long. After all, even the golden boy, Tom Brady, eventually had to sit. Judges are

very hesitant to overturn provisions of a collectively bargained agreement and that is what the NFL has

as its trump card. Given that, what I have never quite understood is why the Cowboys didn’t play this

differently. Why not take the precedent of Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger back in 2010? He got the

same 6-game suspension for multiple accusations of sexual assault. It was eventually reduced to 4

games, during which the Steelers went 3-1. They would win the AFC that year, making it to the Super

Bowl, a highly unlikely accomplishment had they taken the Cowboys approach to Elliott’s situation this

year. Even if Elliott’s suspension were not reduced, the 6 games would be over by now. They could have

gone 3-3 (their record with him after 6) without him. They would have him back, healthy and rested for

the second half of the season, including both games against the high-flying, first place Eagles. Now that is all in doubt, as are the Cowboys’ playoffs hopes.

So why didn’t they take that approach? I can only come up with 3 possible reasons:

1) Jerry Jones is used to getting his way and would not back down;

2) Elliot, like most professional athletes, is programmed not to back down and is engaged in this process in the same way; or

3) He actually did not abuse her.

I do not know which one, two, or all three might have been at the heart of the Cowboys’ strategy.

That disturbs me but not nearly as much as the fact that this saga has given a platform to misogynist and

apologist for those who abuse women.


Gus Griffin, for War Room Sports

WHAT DOES IT TAKE?: Greg Hardy, the need for pictures, and what it says about America

Monday, November 9th, 2015

by Gus Griffin







I’m clear about Steven A. Smith’s  agenda: he caught a lotta flak after the Ray Rice abuse case and is now pandering to the very folks who wanted his head.
What is more useful is to discuss the threshold of proof necessary to acknowledge the mistreatment of some, particularly women, Black, and Latino folks.
On due process terms, it seems to me that only the Dallas Cowboys can take any action against Hardy and we all know that if they did cut him, more than a few teams will be lined up to sign him.  I’m clear that Greg Hardy is a bully and likely a psychopath. I would shed no tear if he never played in the league again. But I did not need to see pictures of his abuse to come to that line of thinking. The fact that anyone needed pictures to get to this level of outrage means that this is much bigger than Greg Hardy. This is about America and whose suffering is at the back of the line for addressing. It’s clear that women being brutalized by men and Black and Latino folks by police requires a certain level of visual proof beyond that of most others. In the Black man’s case, Eric Garner, sometimes even the picture isn’t enough. I’m not suggesting that alleged victims are all truthful. That “cry wolf” opportunist element is out there. But there is a distinct difference in justifiable scrutiny of the truth and hoping one is not being truthful so that we can maintain our business as usual world views about women, Black, and Latino folks being primarily responsible for their mistreatment. I say we because on the Greg Hardy issue, I am just as much of part of the problem. Certainly not for condoning violence against women but because Hardy’s arrogance and indifference is fueled by the very fundamental fact, be it conscious or subconscious, that he knows I and most of you will keep watching the NFL. Roger Goodell and Jerry Jones know it as well. So Ill climb down from my soapbox and hopefully “Screaming” A Smith will soon follow.
Gus Griffin, for War Room Sports

Philadelphia Eagles MNF season opener in Atlanta headlines 2015 schedule

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

by Brandyn Campbell

Brandyn Blog






There are still five long months to endure until football is back, but hope arrived in the form of the Philadelphia Eagles 2015 schedule release on Tuesday evening.

The season starts for the Birds with the Monday Night Football opener on September 14 at Atlanta. The thrill of a new season continues to soar when the Eagles meet the Cowboys in Week 2 for the home opener at the Linc.

Philadelphia’s next meeting with a divisional foe comes on the road in Washington on October 4. The first game against the Giants comes on October 19 at home in another Monday night matchup. Philadelphia’s season will end against the Giants on January 4 at the Meadowlands.

Anticipation is on high for Chip Kelly’s third season with the Eagles, as evidenced by the fact that the team will be featured on national broadcasts no less than six times: Week 1 (at Atlanta) and Week 6 (vs. Giants) on Monday Night Football; Week 7 (at Carolina) and Week 9 (at Dallas) on Sunday Night Football; a Thanksgiving Day feast at the Lions in Week 12; and Week 16 (vs. Redskins) on the NFL Network. 

The NFC East matchups will be filled with emotion, but a few other games also leap out as being heated battles. Namely, Week 13′s game against the Super Bowl winning (bleah) Patriots at New England. Immediately following is the Week 14 contest against the Bills at the Linc, or the return of Shady McCoy to his former home. It’s always good when it’s personal.

Fansided calls the Eagles 2015 schedule the 3rd toughest in the league. Philadelphia has their work cut out for them this year regardless of who they face, with a number of key pieces, especially at quarterback, that will need to step up and perform quickly. There remain many unknowns, but with the schedule release this week and the draft finally arrive next week, critical pieces of the puzzle have slowly started to fall in place.

What do you think of the Eagles 2015 schedule?

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Brandyn Campbell of Philly Sports Muse, for War Room Sports

After Further Review (#643)

Monday, January 5th, 2015

by Christopher Dinkins

Christopher Dinkins Blog




After Further Review

)….RAVENS 30 STEELERS 17 (“full of sound and fury…signifying nothing”)…..COLTS 26 BENGALS 10 (“who dat ??..thats just my baby daddy”)…..COWBOYS 24 LIONS 20 (“you see what had happened was”))…….we will definitely discuss NFL WILDCARD WEEKEND on THE SPORTS HOUSE with SONNIE and CHRIS tonight…((7pm….TWBN….646-478-5337)) come thru and chop it up wit us !!!!!!!…….((NBA)) BUCKS 95(pachulia 16/14) KNICKS 82(hardaway 17)…..MAVERICKS 109(chandler 14) CAVALIERS 90(love 30/10)…..PISTONS 114(jennings 35) KINGS 95(cousins 18/15)…..HEAT 88(wade 25) NETS 84(williams 13)…..SUNS 125(bledsoe 20) RAPTORS 109(valanciunas 21/10)…..LAKERS 88(bryant 20) PACERS 87(sloan 16)…”dont playa hate…congratulate”…….((NCAAHOOPERY)) WISCONSIN 81(kaminsky 16/10) NORTHWESTERN 58(demps 17)…..LOUISVILLE 85(jones 22/10a) WAKE FOREST 76(thomas 31/11)……ARIZONA 73(hollis-jefferson 13) ARIZONA STATE 49(blakes 9)……UTAH 71(wright 11) UCLA 39(parker 12)…KANSAS 76(mason III 18) UNLV 61(doolin 12)…..”straight butta”…….ladies side….SOUTH CAROLINA 75(wilson 21/13) LSU 51(harden 9)…..CONNECTICUT 70(tuck 23) ST JOHNS 54(handford 20)……NOTRE DAME 85(loyd 25) SYRACUSE 74(henderson 19)…..TEXAS A&M 52(williams 18) ARKANSAS 50(jackson 18/10)……LOUISVILLE 63(schimmel 11) PITTSBURGH 57(kiesel 19)…..NORTH CAROLINA 72(mavunga 23/12) NORTH CAROLINA STATE 56(wilson 15)…..DUKE 70(williams 18) WAKE FOREST 63(hamby 11)……KENTUCKY 64(thompson 17) MISSISSIPPI 58(faleru 21/13)…..”yup yup”…..((MLB)) AFTER FURTHER REVIEW 2.0 gives HOF votes to PEDRO MARTINEZ….TIM RAINES…..RANDY JOHNSON sorta like a MONTREAL EXPOS thing…..((NHL)) HURRICANES 2 BRUINS 1(so)…..CAPITALS 4 PANTHERS 3….LIGHTNING 4 SENATORS 2…..BLUE JACKETS 4 AVALANCHE 3…..BLACKHAWKS 5 STARS 4(ot)…..DUCKS 4 PREDATORS 3(so)….OILERS 5 ISLANDERS 2…..”like gravy on a biscuit…its all good”….((NCAAF)) COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFF CHAMPIONSHIP GAME—- OREGON v OHIO STATE —- (JANUARY 12 8pm/ESPN)…..who YOU got ????……wonder what OREGON,OH will change their name to ?????……NBA GAME of the day ROCKETS(23-10) v BULLS(24-10)……..NHL GAME of the day SHARKS(45pts) v JETS(47pts)…..”west side story-ish….booooo-yaaaah”……..TRUE SCHOOL JAM of the day “MANY RIVERS TO CROSS” -OLETA ADAMS……..dont forget to check out THE SPORTS HOUSE with SONNIE and CHRIS tonight……HAPPY NEW YEAR and lets chop it up some more in 2015….the BALLISTICS have been kicked !!!!!!!!!……AFR.


Christopher “The Mayor” Dinkins of the After Further Review Podcast, for War Room Sports

Philadelphia Eagles can’t hang on in loss to Dallas Cowboys

Monday, December 15th, 2014

by Brandyn Campbell

Brandyn Blog






The Dallas Cowboys got out to a quick 21-0 lead over the Philadelphia Eagles, a nightmare beginning to the rematch of the NFC East rivals. The 24 unanswered points then scored by the Birds in the second and third quarters were a rousing flash of the team we saw on Thanksgiving Day. Then came the final collapse, where Philadelphia ultimately fell 38-27 to Dallas at the Linc.

We waited for Tony Romo to be Tony Romo in December, but it didn’t happen. Instead, he finished the game 22/31 for 265 yards and 3 TDs. No interceptions. Boo.

The Eagles’ secondary could not contain Dez Bryant, who had 114 yards and three touchdowns. A slew of penalties against Cary Williams added insult to injury. Once Philadelphia pulled ahead to  a 24-21 lead in the third quarter, they quickly let it vanish.  The Cowboys scored two TDs within 2 minutes and 51 seconds – a DeMarco Murray touchdown, followed by Mark Sanchez throwing an interception and giving the football to Dallas at the Philadelphia 42-yard line to start the fourth quarter, ultimately ending in a Bryant score.

Philadelphia running backs put in work – Chris Polk saw the endzone twice as his team was mounting its comeback, and Darren Sproles got one in late in the third quarter. And that was all she wrote for the Eagles offense this game.

A now 9-5 record has covered many issues on this Eagles team, which have been terribly exposed in each game against a winning opponent. A woeful secondary can only get you so far, and Mark Sanchez has shown himself to be who he truly is: Mark Sanchez. He finished the game 17/28 for 252 yards with no touchdowns and two interceptions. The Eagles now lead the league with 34 turnovers, a distinction that has made all the difference against playoff-caliber teams.

What does the playoff picture now look for for the Birds? Philadelphia is now one game behind the dreaded Cowboys. Dallas controls its own destiny – if they win out, they win the division. For the Eagles to win the NFC East – far more likely option than getting a wild card berth – they need to win the final games on their schedule – road games against the Redskins and Giants. Philadelphia then needs for Dallas to lose one of its final two games – next week against the Colts, or the following week at Washington.

Philadelphia would also get the NFC East title if the Cowboys lost both of its final games and the Birds won both of theirs. That seems unlikely, given that the unsightly Redskins are one of their upcoming opponents.

Winning the division is still a possibility for the Birds, though they have made the situation far more difficult on themselves. But the question we all have to wonder at this stage is this: Even if this team gets a playoff berth, what have we seen that convinces us that they can do anything with it?

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Brandyn Campbell of Philly Sports Muse, for War Room Sports

Eying the enemy: Dallas defense looking for redemption in rematch with the Eagles

Saturday, December 13th, 2014

by Brandyn Campbell

Brandyn Blog





And it’s McCoy with the facepalm to the Dallas defense!  (Image via Marine Barracks Washington 8th & I on Flickr.)

And it’s McCoy with the facepalm to the Dallas defense!
(Image via Marine Barracks Washington 8th & I on Flickr.)

It’s the day before the big Dallas Cowboys-Philadelphia Eagles rematch, and it seems like a loong time until Sunday night. To get (more) riled up, I decided to work on my pre-holiday diet and scour the stories of the Dallas media in advance of the huge primetime meeting.

There was an absence of the trash talk that led up to the first meeting this season between the teams, presumably  because both sides need to get rather convincing recent butt-whoppings out of their systems.

Former Cowboys DT Chad Hennings had a lot to say about the Eagles and its fans, from an interview published Friday:

“As players, you always want to be complimentary of your opponent, unless it was the Eagles. That’s the one team I think that gets in my craw more than any others, from past experience. Well the fans, first and foremost. There’s just something about Philly. The City of Brotherly Love, it was the antithesis of that. It was total opposite. Their fans, on both sides, they’d be throwing snowballs, iceballs at their own cheerleaders. When we would get briefed coming in and out of the locker room at old Vet Stadium, ‘make sure you wear your helmet because you’re probably gonna get something thrown at you. That speaks volumes.”

In case you’re wondering, he did go on to mention how Philadelphia fans booed Santa Claus. Now that he’s off the field, he has time to sit around and make digs at the Eagles. Sounds awesome.

Jerry Jones weighed in (of course) on what he expects the Philadelphia game plan to be: The exact same as it was on Thanksgiving Day:

“Why wouldn’t you, if you’re Philadelphia, play just exactly like you played us before? They kicked our butt.”

And why wouldn’t you, if you’re Philadelphia, expect that if you play the exact same game plan, the outcome won’t be nearly as favorable as it was on Thanksgiving? Let’s show just a little respect for Chip Kelly there, Jerry.

The Cowboys defensive line is coming into the Linc looking for redemption after being completely and thoroughly humiliated by the Eagles last month, and on a holiday, no less. Corner Orlando Scandrick called it “one of the worst games we’ve played in the Jason Garrett era.”

DE Jeremy Mincey did not enjoy other men having their way with him and the rest of the Dallas defense:

“We definitely got a chip [on our shoulders]. They had their way with us. No man on this roster likes that. We know we didn’t play up to our potential. We didn’t do what we were supposed to do.”

And, DT Tyrone Crawford weighed in on what the Cowboys D sees as a battle for their redemption:

“We are definitely going to go out there and show them and everybody else who has doubts about our defense that that wasn’t our defense the last game. We are going to play how we like to play and how we do. Hopefully, it’s a different outcome.”
Don’t bank on it, Tyrone.

Philadelphia Eagles players take to Twitter to celebrate Thanksgiving beat down of the Dallas Cowboys

Friday, November 28th, 2014

by Brandyn Campbell

Brandyn Blog






This is what we were most thankful for on Thanksgiving Day: A total beatdown of the Dallas Cowboys by the Philadelphia Eagles. The defense was unstoppable. The offense was on fire. Tony Romo and his team were in meltdown mode. And the Eagles fought their way to #1 in the NFC East. All right in Jerry’s World. And thankfully, the revolution was televised across the land for all to see.

It just doesn’t get any better than that.

We’re all still riding the joyous feeling of victory so let it continue. Here are how Eagles celebrated their big win and shared it with fans on Twitter:

The king of them all, beloved Brian Dawkins, shared his Thanksgiving glee about the awesome victory as well.

There are leftovers to feast on (no, I don’t mean the Cowboys this time), it’s a holiday weekend and we have over a week to ride this high–and rub it in the face of each and ever Dallas fan that you meet. Maybe God likes Eagles fans after all.

If you’re hitting the stores today, don’t trample nobody, please!

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Brandyn Campbell of Philly Sports Muse, for War Room Sports

WE WANT DALLAS: Best Eagles trash talk of the week

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

by Brandyn Campbell

Brandyn Blog






WE WANT DALLAS. So chanted Philadelphia Eagles fans at Lincoln Financial Field as they watched their team handily dismantle the Tennessee Titans.

The scenario is perfect to frame the conditions for a showdown of epic proportions. Philadelphia. Dallas. Thanksgiving Day. Tied records. Fight for number one in the division. It’s the showdown that has Eagles fans more interested in the game than what’s on the table, and players can’t help but get caught up in the emotion as well.

You don’t like Dallas? Neither do they. Here are some of the best lines from Eagles players this week about why they hate Dallas.

Brent Celek: “We take on a little bit of what the fans feel. If a fans dislike a team, we dislike a team. We’re all in this thing together. I don’t like Dallas.”

Josh Huff (who’s from Houston): “I’ve always hated the Cowboys. It’s just a little Houston vs. Dallas thing. I’ve always hated the Cowboys. There was always so much history there in those Cowboys vs. Texans games in the battle of the state, to see who was better.”

Bennie Logan: “Yeah, they’re OK. I don’t really know what’s great about them.”

Nolan Carroll: “It’s all a show at Jerry’s World.”

Sufficiently pumped? No, you’re not. Here’s a side of Bradley Cooper dissing on Dallas to push you over the edge.

If you’re traveling to get home or anywhere else for the holidays, please travel safely, Eagles fans!

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Brandyn Campbell of Philly Sports Muse, for War Room Sports

Philadelphia Eagles trounce Tennessee Titans with big win at the Linc

Monday, November 24th, 2014

by Brandyn Campbell

Brandyn Blog





LeSean McCoy found his footing in the Philadelphia Eagles’ 43-24 victory over the Titans.

LeSean McCoy found his footing in the Philadelphia Eagles’ 43-24 victory over the Titans.

It started with Josh Huff returning the opening kickoff for a 107-yard touchdown for a franchise record. From the opening seconds of the game onward, the Philadelphia Eagles led the Tennessee Titans and never looked back, winning the match-up handily with a final score of 43-24.

The Birds quickly extended their lead to 14-0 after a rushing touchdown by Darren Sproles. But the biggest story this game was another Philadelphia running back. LeSean McCoy finally got things going and by the end of the day, accumulated 130 yards over 21 carries and 1 touchdown, including one electrifying 53-yard run.

What made the difference in the Eagles’ ground game? Shady said that everything just finally clicked.

“We just stuck to it… everybody focused in and had a terrific week of practice and we just stuck to it. I think everybody executed, they got the backs in one-on-one situations. The guys up front really, really blocked well. Even the guys outside, the wide receivers, they blocked well too so it was just all together.”

While beating the Titans by a margin of 19 points, there remains a number of concerns about the Birds on both sides of the ball. Leading Philadelphia to its second win in his three starts, Mark Sanchez demonstrated that there is still reason for concern with his propensity for turning over the ball. He finished the day 20/37 for 332 yards and a touchdown, but also hit a pair of interceptions. Heading into Dallas for NFC East supremacy on Thanksgiving Day, handing out the early holiday gifts in the form of turnovers by the Eagles has got to stop.

The defense allowed a team averaging just under 17 points a game to score 24. They allowed Zach Mettenberger, a rookie quarterback and the backup of a backup, to rack up numbers better than the Eagles’ own signal caller: Mettenberger was 20 for 39, totaling 345 yards on the day with two touchdowns and an interception. That, very simply, is not okay.

In positive play on defense, Connor Barwin continues to be a sack-racking beast, adding two more to his count on Sunday, as did Trent Cole. And kudos to the D for forcing three turnovers by the Titans, a needed counterbalance to an offense that truly needs some help for it’s addiction to giving the ball away.

While he missed a field goal, Cody Parkey continues to be an incredible pickup by the Eagles. On the season he is 23 of 25 FGs, and yesterday made 5 of 6 attempts, including a 50-yarder.

There have been no write-ups of this Eagles team this season, now 8-3, that hasn’t commented on the various areas of concern for the team. But all of it said, discussed and analyzed, you still have a team with a great record. They find ways to win, even when it appears that they are looking for every way they can to undermine that. But for this Philadelphia team to go the distance, they’ve got to start doing it against winning teams, a test that they’ll face over the next three games.

Next stop for the Eagles is Dallas on Thanksgiving Day. Chants of “We want Dallas” were heard throughout the Linc on Sunday. Those chants will grow ever-louder across the Philadelphia region as the big game on the big day gets closer.

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Brandyn Campbell of Philly Sports Muse, for War Room Sports

Preview: Eagles seek to throttle Titans

Sunday, November 23rd, 2014

by Brandyn Campbell

Brandyn Blog






After the beating the Philadelphia Eagles received from the Green Bay Packers last Sunday, the Titans are the sort of opponent the Birds hoped to see. It’s no secret that 2-8 Tennessee isn’t a very good team. 7-3 Philadelphia should beat them handily. They need to get another win in the books to fully shake off what happened in Green Bay, and then focus all attention on their next task: Beating the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day. 

But there is another game to be played between now and then. Offensively, there is no comparison between the teams. The Eagles average 406.8 yards per game, fourth best in the league, while the Titans put up almost 100 yards less with 309 per game. There’s only one team in the league worse than that, and it’s the Oakland Raiders. Tennessee puts up just 16.8 points per game, as opposed to the Eagles’ 29.9 points.

The Eagles will face Zach Mettenberger, the Titans’ third signal caller this season. The rookie is completing almost 62% of his passes and has 5 touchdowns and 4 interceptions. The most targeted receiver on the squad is Kendall Wright, who has 43 catches for 473 yards. However, tight end Delanie Walker tops Tennessee with 512 receiving yards. The likes of Connor Barwin and Vinny Curry will bring the pass rush, which should be too much for Mettenberger and the Tennessee offense to bear.

In the running game, rookie Bishop Sankey is the go-to man. Though averaging just 3.5 YPC, he’s rushed for least 50 yards on the ground in four of their last five games. Bennie Logan, Fletcher Cox and Cedric Thornton will continue to be strong defenders against the ground attack.

Defensively, the matchup is far more comparable between the teams, much to Philadelphia’s chagrin. Tennessee is ranked 21st in the league overall, allowing 370 yards by opponents, while the Eagles have an even worse 26th defense overall, allowing 378 yards each game.  The Titans are decent against the passing attack, ranked 9th in the league. And that’s not just on paper: Tennessee can and will bring the pressure, so Sanchez must adjust accordingly.

In the ground attack, the only team with a run defense worse than the Titans are the Giants (ha!). Much of the season has been filled with statements like, “the Eagles have got to get LeSean McCoy going. This team isn’t very good against the run, surely he’ll gain traction.” And yet, it rarely happens. Shady said this week that, “ I feel like we’re almost there.” Well,  if you are, then a fine time to debut the fully completed feat would be against the 31st run defense in the league. Currently averaging a meager 3.7 YPC, no one knows better than McCoy that he is long overdue for a breakout performance.

The Eagles should handily come out the victors in this contest, unless, of course, they beat themselves. Which they’ve come close to doing far too many times this season. Philadelphia is currently in sole possession of a title that no one wants – they lead the league in giveaways with 25. The number for the entire 2013 season was 19. The Birds must stop giving away the ball in order to have the best chance to win.

Tennessee comes to Philadelphia facing a home team eager to put the humiliation of a game gone awry out of the minds and memories of the itself and its fans. They want momentum heading into their huge contest with the Cowboys on Thanksgiving, and they want to show that they can fire on all cylinders even with injuries taking their toll. Prediction: Eagles 34, Titans 20

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Brandyn Campbell of Philly Sports Muse, for War Room Sports