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With hire of Marynowitz, Eagles seek to repair front office rift

Saturday, January 31st, 2015

by Brandyn Campbell

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With the hire of Ed Marynowitz, Chip Kelly got his man.

With the hire of Ed Marynowitz, Chip Kelly got his man.

Chip Kelly got his man. On Thursday, the Philadelphia Eagles named Ed Marynowitz as vice president of player personnel.

Marynowitz has been with the team since 2012, when he worked  as the team’s assistant director of pro scouting. He  was promoted one year later to assistant director of player personnel. During his overlapping tenure with Marynowitz, Kelly became acquainted with the new VP’s skill set – and liked what he saw.

Via the team’s press release about the news, Kelly said,

“Ed is someone who has really impressed me going back to my interview process with the Eagles two years ago. He’s very bright, detailed, organized and his vision was aligned with what we want to accomplish. I spoke with a lot of people outside of our organization over the past few weeks and in the end, Ed was the most impressive.”

“I can’t tell you how well thought of Ed is in the scouting business. What many people in the football community told me matched exactly what I thought of him from Day One.”

Can the move help to repair what was viewed by all accounts as a toxic situation in the Eagles front office due to owner Jeffrey Lurie’s relationship with former GM Howie Roseman? Former team scout Louis Riddick, now with ESPN, was no holds-barred in a radio interview on Friday when speaking of Roseman, the Eagles front office, and the Marynowitz hire.

“He has been a constant there through a lot of the change,” Riddick said of Roseman. “It’s no secret. I don’t think him and I will be sharing any Christmas cards anytime soon. Ed Marynowitz is in there now. He’s a quality dude. He comes from a great, great football background as far as the people he’s been around.”

“Chip Kelly is someone who I have admired from afar. I’ve been able to talk to people who really know him, know what he thinks, knows what he believes in. If him and Ed can get on the same page, I think it could be a great, great thing … I know Ed. I worked with Ed for a year. I know what he thinks.”

Marynowitz’ hire is the result of the release of Tom Gamble and the ensuing power struggle between Kelly and Roseman for ultimate supremacy.  All eyes will be on the team to see if the move will help Kelly and the Eagles to better evaluate talent and, ultimately, get the Eagles closer to a playoff win and a run at the game we will all be watching tomorrow.

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With front office moves, Philadelphia Eagles ride or die with Chip Kelly

Tuesday, January 6th, 2015

by Brandyn Campbell

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New York Giants v Philadelphia EaglesIt has been several days since the Philadelphia Eagles’ front office turmoil ended with a restructuring that resulted in the promotions of former general manager Howie Roseman and head coach Chip Kelly. Does the move look as good now as it may have appeared then?

In truth, we know that the change from GM to Executive Vice President of Football Operations was a promotion in name (and salary) only for Roseman. He went from having a direct hand in evaluating and acquiring talent for the Eagles, to now managing the team’s contracts, medical staff and equipment. Important work, but a demotion nonetheless.

Kelly was the true winner of the situation. As announced on January 2, he now heads the player personnel department and will hand-pick an executive to replace the ousted Tom Gamble, whose departure lead to last week’s power struggle at the NovaCare. If having the ultimate say in who was on the roster was his goal, Kelly has more than achieved that aim.

For his part, Kelly proved that, for now, he is the top man in Philadelphia.  What Chip wants, Chip gets. Since his inaugural season with the team ended with a 10-6 record and a trip to the playoffs, the motto “In Chip We Trust” has been a favorite line of fans. Team owner Jeffrey Lurie decided to give the sentiment a go when he awarded Kelly the win in the struggle for supremacy with Roseman.

Lurie didn’t have much other choice. Philadelphia has bought in completely to Kelly’s way of doing things, from the tempo of the offense to smoothies to changes in the team’s culture. Abandoning that after just two years due to a coach who was very unhappy with the Gamble firing was simply not an option.

For better or for worse, we will all now “ride or die” with Chip. We will not have to wonder who’s responsible for the Marcus Smiths on the roster. The buck stops with Kelly. Now, it’s all in his hands. And we are left to wonder if that is truly the best move for the team.

The Daily News’ Les Bowen sums up the high stakes of the move well:

“I think Chip Kelly is really, really smart, one of the sharpest people I’ve met in sports.

Eagles fans had better hope I’m right about that, because the restructuring the Eagles announced Friday, buried beneath layers of horrid ‘corporatespeak’, means their hopes and dreams are now totally riding on Kelly being not just a good coach but a transcendent, bronze-bust-in-Canton-level figure.”

Under Kelly, Philadelphia has gone 20-12 in two years, with a trip to the playoffs in 2013. It certainly is an impressive start. But even with two winning seasons, a number of issues were apparent with the team, from play calling down to the level of talent. Has Kelly shown in his short time in the NFL that he is ready to handle the power he now wields as head of the player personnel department? Regardless of how much you like Kelly, the answer is no.

It has been argued that the new structure is more in line with those of teams that have seen prolonged success in the NFL, such as the New England Patriots. It’s clearly worked for them. Will it work with similar levels of success for the Eagles?

Philadelphia made it clear in 2013 that they wanted Chip Kelly, and in the opening days of 2015 Lurie reaffirmed that commitment. Without great risk, there can be no great reward. The Eagles have long been in search of the great reward that is the Lombardi trophy. As the offseason continues to unfold and the team acquires draft picks and free agents, we will begin to see if clear steps are made towards that faith paying off.

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Philadelphia Eagles, Jason Peters agree to 5-year deal

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

by Brandyn Campbell

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A priority for any football team during the offseason is to take care of those who have taken care of them. The Philadelphia Eagles did just that on Wednesday when they signed All-Pro LT Jason Peters to a 5-year contract extension.

The veteran offensive lineman rebounded from injuring his Achilles twice during the 2012 offseason, leading him to miss all of the 2012 season. Peters returned to the Eagles in 2013 and produced yet another successful season with the Birds that got him his sixth Pro Bowl nod. The strength and stability of the o-line, with Peters’ assistance, led RB LeSean McCoy to a record setting season as the NFL’s leading rusher and helped QB Nick Foles have a breakout season.

The deal, according to CSNPhilly’s Reuben Frank, will pay Peters an average of $10 million a year.

Head coach Chip Kelly had nothing but praise for Peters:

“There aren’t many people cut from the same cloth as Jason Peters.To be able to bounce back from two Achilles injuries and return to an All-Pro level speaks not only to his incredible athleticism, but proves just how hard he works at his game. Having him at left tackle provides a lot of comfort to our quarterback and to our entire offense. He’s a guy that many players look up to in our locker room.”

General Manager Howie Roseman spoke further on why securing Peters to the team until 2018 was a priority for the team.

“Jason is everything you look for in a left tackle. The unique blend of size, speed and athleticism that Jason possesses is something that everyone wants in an offensive lineman. However, what really makes him unique is his desire to improve day in and day out despite the fact that he’s played at an elite level for so many years. We are truly rewarding Jason’s excellence, as he’s a guy who has made six Pro Bowl appearances and has been selected an All-Pro five times. We’re excited to be able to keep him in Philadelphia for years to come.”

Peters is regarded by many as the best left tackle in the game, and with extending the 32-year old’s contract,  the Eagles rewarded Peters for his hard work while securing his talent  for the next several years.

Peters speaks about his new deal here:


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Philadelphia Eagles GM Howie Roseman on the Draft: We’re Not Going to Force Anything

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

by Brandyn Campbell





With a little over a week to go until the 2013 NFL draft begins, Philadelphia Eagles GM Howie Roseman met with members of the press on Monday.  The media hoped to discover inklings of the team’s strategy heading into the draft.  Not surprisingly, little was definitively revealed by Roseman, including the question of who ultimately calls the shots within the organization at the draft.  Will the Eagles trade down from their current number 4 overall pick?  That’s certainly a possibility, but Roseman played the team’s cards close to his chest.  What was absolutely clear is the fact that the enormity of that decision — and more specifically, getting it right – has not been lost on anyone within the organization.

Said Roseman,

“Like anything in this draft, you want to be sure.  You don’t want to take someone because you ‘think’ . . . We’re not going to force anything.”

In one sense, it’s a basic decision.  Who is likely to be the best player on the board when the Eagles make their choice?  But that player must immediately be an impact player for the team.  No if, ands or maybes.  No overthinking or trying to force a player into a role where it will be a stretch for him to succeed.  But that leaves little certainty as to how the Birds will proceed.

It’s no secret that the question of who will be the Eagles’ quarterback, both for the 2013 season and longer term, is one of the most pressing questions for the team.  It’s also not new news that that position is not featured in the strength and abundance category as it was in 2012.  Roseman spoke to that issue, saying that this year’s draft is actually the norm regarding quarterback talent, with last year being the exception.

That’s all fine and good, but what does that mean for the team’s picks at number 4 and beyond?

West Virginia QB Geno Smith is still on the Eagles’ radar.  The team traveled to West Virginia to work out Smith, as well as hosted him for a visit at the NovaCare.  Smith’s leadership and focus have come under fire recently, which may very well impact his draft stock, but if that’s not the Eagles’ own analysis those questions may not hold much weight.

Roseman noted that this draft was deep with talent along the offensive and defensive lines, noting that some of the top prospects at offensive tackle are attractive possibilities, such as Luke Joeckel, Eric Fisher, and Lane Johnson, as that position is more straightforward in projecting success from the college to the professional level.  Defensive end Dion Jordan is another pick that might entice the Eagles, particularly given head coach Chip Kelly’s familiarity with the Oregon player.

But Roseman noted yesterday that their strategy and selections are not his decision, or Chip Kelly’s choice.  They are organizational decisions.

So there you have it.  Clear as mud as we head ever closer to the draft.  It may be frustrating now, but in less than two weeks we will have the clearest set of information regarding the Philadelphia Eagles’ possible focus and direction under Chip Kelly yet and have plenty of information to parse, dissect, and analyze.


You will be shocked to know that the Eagles released veteran quarterback Trent Edwards on Monday.

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It’s Official: Nnamdi Asomugha Cut by the Philadelphia Eagles

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

by Brandyn Campbell

















The symbol of the failed Philadelphia Eagles free agent signing frenzy of 2011 has finally been released by the team after two tremendously disappointing seasons.

A statement released by GM Howie Roseman is a follows:

“Coach Kelly and I each had a chance to speak with Nnamdi earlier and he took the news with a lot of class.  We expected nothing less than that from him.  He has been a true pro on and off the field for this organization and our community and we wish him all the best as he continues his NFL career.  We spoke to his representatives at the Combine about his future status with the team and wanted to take time to analyze and make a decision.  In the end, Coach and I both felt we needed to move in a different direction at the cornerback position for 2013 and beyond.”

Along with the firing, Asomugha took with him the $4 million dollars still owed to him by the team per his contract.  The Pro Bowl corner will now test how much his disappointing performance with Philadelphia has impacted his value on the free market.

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Are the Days of the Philadelphia Eagles’ 4-3 Defense Numbered?

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

by Brandyn Campbell





A new head coach means that change is afoot everywhere with the Philadelphia Eagles organization.  There are huge questions surrounding the supporting cast that will surround Chip Kelly.  It appears that the offensive coordinator piece is in place, with former Cleveland Browns head coach Pat Shurmur reportedly joining on with the Eagles.

The move marks Shurmur’s return to Philadelphia, who worked as an assistant under Andy Reid for 10 seasons, as first the tight ends coach from 1999 to 2001 and as quarterbacks coach through 2008.  The NFL experience and familiarity with the Eagles organization makes the appeal of the move somewhat understandable, but Shurmur’s reported role is just one small step in a series that Kelly needs to install.  And quickly.

Among other questions, all eyes are focused on Kelly’s plan for the defense and who will be named as the defensive coordinator.  One change that may be afoot with that move is a change from a 4-3 to a 3-4 defense.  Reid quickly changed defensive schemes in his new position in Kansas City, and it sounds like the move is something that the team is seriously considering.

According to GM Howie Roseman,

“What we do when we have have our meetings is make sure we are talking about guys in different schemes. As you can see, Andy [Reid] went to a 3-4 in Kansas City and he’s always talking about versatility.  In the last year or two we’ve been talking about getting versatile players.  When we have our first meetings in December we’re making sure that we’re talking about them in both schemes on defense and what they can do in different schemes so that if we were to make a transition, we could do that more readily.”

Roseman’s words, of course, by no means indicate that a move is imminent.  But as the Eagles are examining everything from draft strategy to coaching staff, it’s another option that’s on the table.  Particularly as the team’s once legendary defense has faltered considerably in recent seasons, the Birds are considering every possibility that may help it’s new leader succeed.

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Philadelphia Eagles: Who Will Replace Andy Reid?

Monday, December 31st, 2012

by Brandyn Campbell





Who will replace “Big Red”?
(Image via


With Andy Reid out as Philadelphia Eagles head coach, the major question facing the franchise now is who will replace him.  The speculation has swirled for months, as Reid’s fate was sealed further by each successive loss.  Here’s a look at some of the possibilities.

Chip Kelly

The name that has been tossed around most in relation to the Eagles head coaching gig is University of Oregon head coach Chip Kelly.  His innovation and reputation as an offensive mastermind certainly has to peak the interest of the Birds — and many other teams.  However, he is untested in the NFL.  Philadelphia has worked hard to establish itself as an elite franchise in the NFL and taking the plunge with someone with no league experience following Reid’s success is quite a gamble.  Add to that a desire for control that team owner Jeffrey Lurie will likely not surrender.  According to SI’s Don Banks,

“League sources say Kelly is looking for near complete control when it comes to personnel decision-making power, and that doesn’t appear to be available in the Eagles’ organization, where general manager Howie Roseman is expected to be in charge of the roster in the post-Reid era.”

Jon Gruden

The ESPN analyst has avoided questions about any interest to return to coaching.  He spent a brief period as an Eagles assistant coach before head coaching stints with the Raiders and the Tampa Bay Bucs, where he led the team to a Super Bowl victory.  Someone who has reached the promised land and gotten a ring previously has to intrigue the Birds, even though no head coach has been able to win a SB with two different teams.

Mike McCoy

Currently the offensive coordinator of the Denver Broncos, McCoy will garner a lot of interest this offseason.  He has shown great versatility as coordinator, adapting wildly different systems in successive seasons to accommodate Kyle Orton, Tim Tebow and now Peyton Manning.  Yes, having essentially another coach in Manning doesn’t hurt, but neither do Denver’s 11 straight wins.  What’s one of the biggest complaints of Eagles fans about Andy Reid over the years?  His stubbornness and a seeming inability — or unwillingness — to adapt to the realities of his players and what was happening on the field.  With an uncertain quarterback situation facing Philadelphia and a coach who has proven an ability to adjust to multiple ability levels, McCoy has got to be of major interest to the Eagles.

Bruce Arians

Arians took over as Colts head coach while Chuck Pagano underwent treatment for leukemia and lead the team to a 10-2 record.  He spent five years as offensive coordinator for the Pittsburgh Steelers and, bonus, Arians has roots in Philly — he was Temple’s head coach for five years in the 80’s.  Certainly an intriguing possibility.

Jay Gruden

Jon’s younger brother, this Gruden has served as OC for the Cincinnati Bengals for the past two years.  What may work against him is the lack of notable credentials on his resume.  Prior to Cinci, Gruden was head coach and GM for the UFL’s Florida Tuskers and prior to that served as HC of the Orlando Predators.  Will he prove to be too much of an unproven commodity for the Eagles?

Bill O’Brien

The current Penn State head football coach took on the position in the midst of a nightmare and came out as Big Ten Coach of the Year.  His NFL chops include four seasons with the Patriots, in roles ranging from wide receiver to quarterbacks coach and then offensive coordinator.  Any team owner has to admire the Patriots organization and O’Brien’s experience and ability to successfully lead PSU under the most difficult of circumstances has got to intrigue the Eagles.  However, O’Brien reportedly has a hefty buyout that may limit his interest in leaving the team after only one year.

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