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The War Room Episode 312

Saturday, June 18th, 2016

Jun 16, 2016; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James (23) stares at Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry (30) in the fourth quarter in game six of the NBA Finals at Quicken Loans Arena. Cleveland won 115-101. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports



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S.P.O.R.T.S. The Book Coming Soon!!!!!

Friday, October 23rd, 2015

Described as The “ILLMATIC of Sports Books”. (By Jimmy himself of course).

Available November 2015

Birthed from the EXTREMELY “real” (and sometimes warped) mind of Jimmy “The Blueprint” Williams, everything he says is definitely from the “IDGAF” section of his brain. But all-in-all, the way he looks at sports, culture, and life in general will keep you wanting more, and will definitely keep you laughing.


Available November 2015

Contact Jimmy “The Blueprint” Williams at or @JWTheBlueprint

WRS Book Review: The Cartel: Inside the Rise and Imminent Fall of the NCAA

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

by Jimmy Williams

JW Blog







Should college athletes be paid?  That is a question I hear at least once a week these days as I spend my time trolling on the internets.  I do believe there should be some sort of compensation but I’m not exactly sure if it should be, in the words of the prophet Randy Moss, “Straight Cash Homey”.  I have read essays and listened to speeches that fall on both sides of the argument and I understand how complicated of a situation it is.  Unlike most internet trolls I try to do as much research as possible and form my own opinions.  Where I come from there is a “sign on the door that says no biting allowed”.  This is how I came across this book “The Cartel: Inside the Rise and Imminent Fall of the NCAA”.  While reading essays and listening to interviews and speeches, as well as watching documentaries, this book was constantly referenced.  So I went on to my Kindle (I don’t do regular books because I’m saving the environment and what not) and purchased this book.


Taylor Branch does a great job of discussing this concept of “Amateurism” and how it is a bunch of “mamba-jahambo”.  One of the more interesting stories in this book is the journey of Walter Byers, who was the first executive director of the NCAA.  He was there from 1951-1988 and once he was ghost he spilled the beans.  He started making statements such as:


“The college player cannot sell his own feet (the coach does that) nor can he sell his own name (the college will do that). This is the plantation mentality resurrected and blessed by today’s campus executives.”

-Walter Byers


There are many reasons he feels this way and those are discussed in detail in this book, such as the mentality of coaches and administrators, to the legality of providing workmen’s comp, to the overall hypocrisy of the NCAA, etc.  This book gives a detailed history and lays out a serious argument.


Growing up in inner-city Philadelphia I know many people who wanted to, and still want to play big time college athletics.  They feel like “You either slanging Crack Rock or You Got a Wicked Jump Shot”.  This is a sad mentality but it’s real.  The sad part is this book shows how although many “Student Athletes” are given scholarships, those scholarships have no value based upon the current system in place.  When you look at the big time programs you see most “Student Athletes”, even down to back up punters, believe they are going pro.  This is sad when according to Branch, “Approximately 1 percent of NCAA men’s basketball players and 2 percent of NCAA football players are drafted by NBA or NFL teams”, stated the 2001 report, basing its figures on a review of the previous ten years, “and just being drafted is no assurance of a successful professional career”.   The student athletes don’t take the college experience seriously nor do they take their studies seriously.  I didn’t play big time college sports but I initially didn’t take my studies serious because I wanted to become a professional Yam Farmer, so I dedicated my time to trying to master my craft.  The difference is I had professors and old-heads that reeled me in and made me focus, and eventually I finished Magna Cum Laude (Not to be confused with Magna Garbage Holy Fail).  A lot of these student athletes aren’t forced to take their studies seriously because they are being used to generate revenue.  And the sad part is there are some professors and faculty that try, and they are punished if they push too hard and it interferes with the athlete’s ability to produce on the field/court.  There are many examples of this also in the book.


“But thanks to Reaganomics, prisons turned to profits
Cause free labor is the cornerstone of US economics”

-Killer Mike, “Reagan”


I’m not saying the current system of college sports is similar to the prison industrial complex but if the shoe fits…….


So if you are a fan of college sports or interested in creating a system to take advantage of others while making massive amounts of scratch, you should read this book.


Jimmy “The Blueprint” Williams of The War Room, for War Room Sports

After Further Review (#410)

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

by Christopher Dinkins

AFTER FURTHER REVIEW #410 SHOUTOUT to you LYNN DICKEY….((NFL)) WEEK 13– DET 40 GB 10…DAL 31 OAK 24…BAL 22 PIT 20…JAX 32 CLE 28…CAR 27 TB 6…NYG 24 WAS 17…DEN 35 KC 28…CIN 17 SD 10…ATL 34 BUF 31(OT)…SF 23 STL 13…IND 22 TEN 14…MIN 23 CHI 20…MIA 23 NYJ 3…PHI 24 ARI 21…NE 34 HOU 31..TONIGHT NEW ORLEANS v SEATTLE…LONG STREAK (PANTHERS WRONG STREAK (TEXANS 10)…why is the NFL going to fine MIKE TOMLIN (STEELERS) for unknowingly being on the field during kick return by JACOBY JONES (RAVENS) on TURKEY night ??…. $100,000 is waaay way too much….another killing at ARROWHEAD STADIUM during CHIEFS game yesterday…some think PATRIOTS are cheating …again…..hmmminah…..((NCAAF)) ALABAMA got greedy and lost to AUBURN….think NICK SABAN wishes he could have that one back…don’t think we will be hearing much about ROLL TIDE any more this season….AFR has FLORIDA STATE at NUMBER 1…OHIO STATE is NUMBER 2 they had major problems with MICHIGAN over weekend…we kinda knew that ALABAMA was not gonna finish in the top spot….now what were you saying about the SEC ???….((NBA)) winners include PELICANS…THUNDER…NUGGETS…PACERS…PISTONS…WARRIORS…HEAT…BLAZERS…bad break for ANTHONY DAVIS (PELICANS) he has a broken hand….KEVIN DURANT (THUNDER) messes around and gets triple double (32/10/12A)…LONG STREAK (HEAT 10) WRONG STREAK (KNICKS 9)….((NCAAHOOPERY)) 3-KENTUCKY 79 (CAULEY-STEIN 15) PROVIDENCE 65 (COTTON 23)…..21-MEMPHIS 73 (GOODWIN 17) OKLAHOMA STATE 68 (FORTE 19)…..AFTER FURTHER REVIEW NCCAHOOPERY TOP 10 RANKINGS 1.MICHIGAN STATE (7-0) 2.ARIZONA (7-0) 3.KANSAS (6-1) 4.KENTUCKY (7-1) 5.OHIO STATE (6-0) 6.SYRACUSE (7-0) 7.WISCONSIN (8-0) 8.DUKE (6-2) 9.OKLAHOMA STATE (7-1) 10.LOUISVILLE (6-1)….bad deal for GEORGETOWN ..they remove GREG WHITTINGTON from team for academics…haven’t we seen enough of these stories ???….on WOMENS side 1-UCONN 70 (HARTLEY 17) OHIO STATE 49 (FERGUSON 14)…7-KENTUCKY 69 (STALLWORTH 16) LOUISVILLE 64 (SCHIMMEL 17)…5-NOTRE DAME 100 (MCBRIDE 22) DUQUESNE 61 (AGUNBIADE 23)….TARA VANDEVEER (STANFORD) wins her 900th game as coach….NICENESS !!!….((NHL)) CANUCKS 3 HURRICANES 2…RED WINGS 4 SENATORS 2…OILERS 3 STARS 2(SO)….DANIEL ALFREDSSON (RED WINGS) scores goal in his return to OTTAWA….AFTER FURTHER REVIEW NHL TOP 10 RANKINGS 1.BLACKHAWKS 2.SHARKS 3.PENGUINS 4.BRUINS 5.DUCKS 6.AVALANCHE 7.RED WINGS 8.WILD 9.KINGS 10.CANADIENS……..((MLB)) PHIL HUGHES signs deal with TWINS 3YR/$24M….good riddance !!!….he joins RICKY NOLASCO (TWINS) who signs deal 4YR/$49M……and in other money news DAVID ORTIZ (RED SOX) beard went for $11,000…..that’s not a “TEASE”…..((BOXING)) ADONIS STEPHENSON looks like he may have the goods….nice win over TONY BELLEW by 6th round TKO….who is next ???…..SERGEY ???…ZAB JUDAH v PAULIE MALIGNAGGI in BROOKLYN (BARCLAYS) on saturday night……gonna be good…..and NEXT WEEK its ADRIEN BRONER v MARCOS MAIDANA… don NOT miss it !!!…..NBA GAME of the day PACERS (16-1) v BLAZERS (14-3)….NHL GAME of the day BLUES (18-4-3) v KINGS (16-7-4)…..TRUE SCHOOL JAM of the day “I CANT GO FOR THAT”- HALL & OATES…..its MONDAY……get up THE ITIS IS OVAHHHHHHH!!!!!…..the BALLISTICS have been kicked !!!!!!……….AFR.

Christopher “The Mayor” Dinkins, for War Room Sports

What do you think of Mike Conley Jr. as a PG?

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

GVT (Garbage VS Trash) Darko Milicic VS Kwame Brown

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

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Thursday, October 6th, 2011

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Get Ya Popcorn Ready or Maybe Not!

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Tracey Lee in The War Room!

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Not everyone dislikes the NBA trend of “Superteaming”

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011