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Pardon My Interruption!

Monday, April 30th, 2012

By LeRoy McConnell III

Each day at 5 pm I tend to turn on the “four letter network” to get my sports fix, but it seems that I may as well be watching the local news instead.  Lately, the sports show starts off with some sort of breaking news, or the top story of today, and it has nothing to do with sports.  I just want to see scores, highlights, and previews for tonight’s games.  What do I get instead…….. a bunch of bullshit!

There are so many exciting things going on in the world of sports.  In football, we had the much anticipated NFL draft, but as soon as the weekend is up, all the attention will go back to “As The New Orleans Saints Turn”!  The baseball season has begun and baseball fans all over the country are optimistic about their team’s success.  Baseball was running smoothly until the morning of April 27, 2012 when Delmon Young involves himself in a racial hate crime which leads to an arrest.  The regular season in the NBA has come to an end and now the world can finally watch some good playoff basketball.  Leading up to the playoffs, last Sunday in the Staples Center, Metta World Peace’s altar ego was at it again.  After having much success in recent weeks, he was shown celebrating after a made dunk.  Metta, who was pounding his chest, purposely woke up Big Bad Ron and what do you know……. he maliciously elbowed James Harden of the OKC Thunder in the back of the head/neck area, knocking him silly to a standing eight count. 

Breaking News:

Detroit Tigers' Delmon Young


Athletes at every level, have to be accountable for all their actions.  There is no excuse for a player such as Delmon Young to exercise his right to be out in public at 2:40 in the morning.  He was intoxicated, and allegedly shoving a man to the ground and making anti-Semitic remarks.  What is the old saying? “Nothing good happens after midnight”.  We all have heard that saying, and I have to believe it’s a true statement.  I don’t want to hear the apology written by Delmon’s entourage because I know good and well he doesn’t mean it, and the damage is done.  Delmon Young, look in the mirror son!  You are a black man in Major League Baseball, a league who’s African American players make up only 8% of the sport.  Earlier this month the league just celebrated Jackie Robinson Day.  What does that day mean to you, Delmon?  Jackie Robinson was the man!  He was a pioneer who withstood  insults and racism, while still having to compete in a league where no one looked like him, and certainly didn’t want him there in the first place.  He is the reason why you and other minorities have gotten that slim chance of being a professional ballplayer.  You have been on notice since the day you reached the majors and you can ill-afford any negative publicity.  The Detroit Tigers cannot afford the racist remarks you’ve made; heck didn’t you learn anything from the Ozzie Guillen fiasco?  Think son, THINK!

My last rant goes to Mr. World Peace.  Fine time to bring out your evil twin.  As I said earlier, the worse thing you could have done Metta, is beat your chest because Ron Artest couldn’t wait to come out and play!  Ron, you threw a vicious elbow to the back of James Harden’s neck, and you even had the nerve to run down the court and act as if you did nothing wrong.  I guess I have to believe you were the last to realize you actually hurt this man.  As the great Charlie Murphy  would say, “you are a habitual line crosser”!  Ron, you will lose over $350,000 in this latest suspension for swinging your elbow.  You have been suspended over 118 games in your career.  You apologized, but I am sick of them.  I don’t want to hear it, sincere or not.  If it was an accident, you should have gone to him while he was lying on the ground immediately after the incident happened.  You are a buffoon.  The league is kind to you, and I don’t understand why you are not appreciative of being a part of the game.  The LA Lakers have to do damage control as did Indiana back in 2004 with your altercation among players and fans during a game against the Detroit Pistons.  If there is talk of bounties in sports, you are it Ron!  There will be a time when you have played your last game, and don’t be surprised if it’s real soon.  My prediction for you, Ron, is you will be black balled from the league, and you will only have yourself to blame.  Come to think of it, you are better fit throwing your hat in the ring as a professional boxer.  Once again, America is salivating for a new Heavyweight Champ.  You would be perfect for the sport and without a doubt be loved by everybody once you’ve become the champ!  Oh well, just a thought.

Now back to your regularly scheduled sports program.

LeRoy McConnell III of “A Fan’s Point of View”, for War Room Sports

The Kobe Effect

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

By Brandon McConnell

Kobe Bryant is arguably one of the best players that has ever picked up a basketball.  He has won 5 rings with the Los Angeles Lakers and is searching for that 6th ring to catch his idol Michael Jordan. 

This year while Kobe has been trying to lead his team to a championship, he has suffered a few injuries.  Right now, he has missed the past 5 games due to an injured shin.  In Kobe’s absence, the Los Angeles Lakers have put up a 4-1 record, consisting of an impressive win on Sunday versus last year’s NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks.

The amazing thing about the Lakers’ recent play is the production they have been receiving from role players Metta World Peace (can’t believe I just typed that), and Matt Barnes.  Last week, World Peace led the Lakers past the Spurs with 26 points, when he only averages 7.4 points a game.  Matt Barnes led the team past Denver on Friday with 24 points, when he averages 7.7 points a game.  Why are these guys not producing on a more consistent basis?  Could it be the KOBE EFFECT?

KOBE EFFECT – The act of decreasing in productivity due to the lack of shots and confidence while in the presence of Kobe Bryant.

Let’s see if this theory holds any weight when it comes to teammates that won championships with Kobe.

The first year he won a championship, the Lakers traded for Glen Rice to help the team get over the hump.  Glen Rice averaged 22.3 points a game with 45% shooting the year before he became a Laker, and averaged 15.9 points a game at 43% shooting the year they won the championship. 

The next year Mitch Richmond joined the Lakers and won a championship.  He averaged 16.2 points per game at 40% shooting with the Wizards, then joined the Lakers and averaged 4.1 points per game at 40% shooting.

Finally, Ron Artest aka Metta World Peace averaged 17.3 points per game at 40% shooting with the Rockets, then joined the Lakers and averaged 11.7 points per game at 41% shooting.

For some reason, perimeter players have the hardest time being successful with Kobe Bryant.  Is it because Kobe shoots the ball too much?  Is it the stress of playing on a championship caliber team?  Is it the lack of trust Kobe has for his teammates, which results in the lack of shot attempts they receive?

One thing I’ve learned in the last week is the Lakers are real contenders, but if Kobe Bryant doesn’t realize that he actually has good players around him, that can realistically help him win that 6th ring, then he can just pop in the Luniz cd, cause all he will have is “FIVE ON IT“!

Brandon McConnell of “Respect Da Game”, for War Room Sports

What’s Next For The Los Angeles Lakers?

Monday, May 9th, 2011


The Lakers' dreams of yet another 3-peat are over

As I’m sitting here watching the Lakers getting their asses handed to them on a free lunch platter for the 4th straight game, all types of thoughts about this team are running through my head.  The Lakers just weren’t the better team in this series.  The Mavericks controlled the paint on both ends of the floor, were the better defensive team, moved the ball better on offense, and just played harder.

The Lakers were swept by the Mavs in a series where most people thought the Lakers were the clear favorites.  After watching the Lakers sort of struggle in the first round with the New Orleans Hornets, I thought the Lakers would have a hard time with Dallas but win in 7 games.  After watching the Lakers closely this season, I saw holes in the team that could be exploited by the right team.  The NBA is all about matchups and a mismatch could cause a team a playoff series.

One of the holes which should have been clear to anyone who knows basketball is the inability of the Lakers to stop dribble penetration.  We can start out with Derek Fisher who has lost the ability to defend his position.  He was a liability the whole season and during both rounds of the playoffs.  It’s time for him to hang it up.  Ron Artest during his career has been one of the best defensive players in basketball, but it’s obvious he has lost a step.  Teams have been attacking Fisher and Artest off the bounce all season, causing breakdowns in the Lakers defense which have led to open 3-point shots, layups, or foul trouble for the Lakers “bigs”.

Next up is Pau Gasol, who was a complete no-show this year in the playoffs. After averaging 20 ppg, 11 rpg, and 2 bpg during the Lakers run to their 2nd straight NBA title in the 09-10 playoffs, he laid a turd this year, putting up averages of 13 ppg and 8 rpg while shooting 42% from the field.  Numbers like this from a player of his caliber are flat out unacceptable.  Yes we all know Kobe is going to get his, but the Lakers won two in a row and played in the 3 prior NBA Finals because of the addition of Gasol.  The Lakers had no legit 2nd scoring option and they could have gone to Andrew Bynum more, but they chose not to.

Finally, I hate to ask this question, but Is Kobe Bryant slowing down a tad bit or did he just lose his trust in his teammates?  Yes, we all know that he isn’t the athlete that he was in the early 2000’s, and he has reformed his game as Michael Jordan did when he lost his ability to drive and jump over everyone ,by resorting to posting up and using his mid-range game to score.  There were plenty of situations in the series against the Mavs that Kobe blatantly looked off open teammates to take tough shots contested by two or more defenders. It also didn’t help that the Lakers bench, besides Lamar Odom, was a non-factor throughout the playoffs.

In my eyes, there are a few things the Lakers could do to fix this team and be right back in the Finals:

1.  Trade for Dwight Howard. The Orlando Magic are worried that they will lose Howard after the 2011-12 season (if there is one) for nothing to free agency.  The Lakers have what no other NBA team has, a legit, talented young center in Andrew Bynum, who’s 25 years old and has yet to reach his full potential.  Howard would give the Lakers a legit superstar center that would take the pressure off of Kobe and is the best defensive player in the NBA.

2.  They must find replacements for Derek Fisher and Ron Artest.  Fisher has been a nice pro and the perfect role player on some championship teams, but it’s time for him to retire.  He can’t keep anyone in front of him anymore and he never was a playmaker at the point.  Ron Artest’s better days have passed him and the little bit of athletic ability that he had and used to help him be one of the league’s most versatile and best defenders is gone.  It might be hard to move Artest and his remaining 3 years on his deal at $7 Million per, and if you do find his replacement, I can’t see Artest coming off the bench.  He’s going to be tough to replace.

3.  Retool the bench.  Lamar Odom was the NBA’s “Sixth Man of the Year”, but besides him and maybe Shannon Brown from here to there, who else made an impact off the bench?  Steve Blake and Matt Barnes were brought in to be glue guys and provide spark off the bench, but they were ineffective when it counted.  The Lakers could also use a backup center off the bench to rebound, defend, and block a few shots.


Is Phil really leaving?

4.  Finally, with Phil Jackson’s great career coming to an end, the Lakers are going to need a new coach, one with some creditability, past success, and a no-nonsense attitude.  Coming in to coach a veteran team who has had success and won titles before you have gotten there is a tough job.  Establishing respect, foundation, and your own system is key to winning the team over and being successful.  Kobe Bryant has openly endorsed Lakers assistant coach Brian Shaw as the next Lakers head coach.

I know getting swept is a bad thing and it looked real bad.  Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom taking cheap shots in the fourth quarter down by almost 30 points made the loss even worse.  But if the Lakers’ front office doesn’t remain complacent and make the right moves, the Lakers can and will be back in the fold as a title contender.

Brandon Pemberton, Blogger for War Room Sports

I have a problem with the NCAA and their treatment of so-called “Student Athletes”.

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Does the NCAA really believe that eligibility is a more punishable offense than DWI’s, Assaults, Stalking, or any of the offenses committed by the University of Florida players. When you juxtapose the situation in USC and The University of Florida do you really believe that USC should be punished? That is a joke!!

The problem is the special treatment given to great athletes. Outstanding athletes, especially on the collegiate level are allowed to get away with pretty much anything because of their talents. No one holds them accountable for questionable morals as long as they help schools make millions of dollars. By the time these athletes get to the professional level these behaviors are exposed. The amalgamation of their fame and the amount of money they are paid only adds fuel to the fire.  Two hours at a rookie symposium does not erase 21 years of ignorant behavior.   At the professional level, players get fined, suspended, cut or traded for behavior that is not new. How do they expect these boys to become men and show good judgment when their behavior has been allowed for years? These moral transgressions have been allowed for years and now the organizations and the fans expect them to magically disappear. That won’t happen. More than likely they will end up like Braylon Edwards.

Jimmy Williams