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The Economics of Playing NFL QB

Tuesday, March 15th, 2016

by Gus Griffin






Brock Osweiler is introduced in Houston (Image via

Brock Osweiler is introduced in Houston
(Image via

Does Brock Osweiler, on the basis of 7 starts, deserve the $72 million ($37 million guaranteed) that he has coming to him?

Of course he does, if some idiot is willing to pay him.  That is what the market is willing to bare.  What a team is willing to pay and what can be justified by on the field performance have never been completely in line.

Keep in mind that we are not talking about some billionaire owner being subsidized by taxpayer dollars to build a stadium, largely with seasonal workers and jobs with no benefits.  We are talking about a guy playing a game, largely financed by our voluntary viewership and patronage for a league that has made it blatantly clear that it could not care less about the health of its players after they are done.

He would be the idiot not to get every dime he could get and only those with a poor understanding of the economics of playing NFL QB are unclear about this.

What are those economics?  Think of it this way: there are 32 NFL teams.  If we evaluated the performance at starting QB with a letter grade, I can only come up with 17 that could clearly be graded as at least a “B.”  I am excluding rookies and first year starters in Tennessee, Tampa, and Washington, even if they are trending upward, due to the cautionary tale of RG3.  Simply put, their sample is too small to make a final assessment.  But even if they pan out, that still leaves 12 teams with a significant need of an upgrade at QB.  The irony of it all is that 3 of those 12 (Vikings, Texans, and Broncos) made the playoffs last year, to include the eventual champs.

Bottom line is that there are more NFL Teams than there are high quality QBs.  This produces an odd economic reality which allows the unproven and proven pedestrians, in terms of performance, to make out like bandits……..and we should not blame them for exploiting a situation reinforced by the false narrative that a team must have an upper-echelon QB to win the Super Bowl.

History shows that a dominant defense is a better predictor of winning the Super Bowl than an upper-echelon QB.  Consider this, of the 50 Super Bowls, the losing QB in nearly half of them (23) are either hall of famers or league MVPs.  Eighteen of them split between Elway, Tarkenton, Kelly, Staubach, Warner, Manning, and Brady lost more than one.  Compare that to this list of single SB starters to include Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson, Mark Rypien, Jeff Hostetler, Phil Simms, and Jim McMahon.  Their Super Bowl record was 6-0.  The common denominator was dominant defense.

I submit that as long as the false narrative of needing elite QB play is more prevalent than the reality, which is that there simply are not 32 dudes on this planet that can play NFL QB at an elite level, about a 3rd of the league will continue to chase that which simply does not exist in a quantity large enough to meet the demand.

Smart economics would stop going for the home run at QB and instead load up on defensive talent.


Gus Griffin, for War Room Sports

Peyton Manning is Fool’s Gold?

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

By LeRoy McConnell III

The Peyton Manning sweepstakes goes to the Denver Broncos!  John Elway once again completed his magical fourth-quarter comeback by landing the biggest free agent ever in the NFL.  It’s a wrap folks!  Fold up your tents, the Super Bowl will reside in the Mile High City for the next 5 years.  Peyton Manning will go down in NFL history as the best quarterback to ever play the game.  He will win an additional 5 MVP’s to go along with the four he already has.  Giselle’s husband, Brett Favre’s protege, the quarterback in New Orleans that knew about the bounties, and number eighteen’s little brother will all be  afterthoughts as they will bow down to the G.O.A.T., Peyton Manning!

Well Denver Bronco fans,  Dr. Seuss stopped writing feel good stories years ago.  I hope the Bronco-Nation enjoyed their pep rally, because this is the closest to a Lombardi trophy your new quarterback will take you.  Peyton Manning is a heck of a regular season quarterback that can get you twelve regular season victories each year.  He has a Super Bowl win over the Chicago Bears, although it was Rex Grossman as the opposing quarterback.  Bottom line, his post-season resume consists of a frustrating 9-10 record.  Broncos fans, keep in mind Peyton Manning threw a PICK6 which cost the Indianapolis Colts a Super Bowl win. 

The dog and pony show happened this past week in Denver.  The Broncos have introduced their new quarterback Peyton Manning, who is now public enemy #1 this fall in the National Football League.  I don’t think the NFL will have to worry about bounties anymore! (snickering!).  Manning has been the pray of defensive players since he has entered the league so the usual bulls-eye on him (and his neck) won’t phase him.  

I wonder if John Elway knows how much pressure he has placed on Manning to deliver a championship to Denver. 

Peyton, I thought you wanted to win a Super Bowl.  Wasn’t the sole reason for leaving Indianapolis to play for a contender?  Of all the teams you could have gone to, you chose DENVER.  What is Denver, besides Elway?  Denver is irrelevant.  Denver is no Dallas, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Green Bay, or New York.  No tradition, no one cares about Denver.  Is Denver going to really give you the best chance to win a championship?  The infamous John Elway, Terrell Davis, Shannon Sharp, or even Rod Smith are not walking through that door.  Believe it or not, the AFC West is one of the toughest, competitive divisions there is.  The rivalry with Kansas City, Oakland, and San Diego will be more fierce than what you have experienced in the AFC South.

I thought you had a sense of urgency, due to you being 36 years old this season.  Knowing it is important to be on a team that gives you the best chance to win, maybe the 49ers would have given you the best opportunity to hold that Lombardi trophy multiple times.  I am sure you will go out there and prove us wrong.  Although it would be good to see you on the field again, it is unfortunately doubtful that the $96 million investment will show a good Super Bowl return.

LeRoy McConnell III of “A Fan’s Point of View”, for War Room Sports