Sergio Garcia Is Getting A Reality Check

by LeRoy McConnell III





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Sergio, EVERYBODY IN AMERICA EATS FRIED CHICKEN!  Though you are not from the U.S., you don’t get a pass for your racist remark made toward Tiger Woods.  In the last few weeks, the sports world has witnessed how much disdain you have for the world’s number one golfer.  If you want to exchange insults with him, then privately say it to his face!  Sergio, don’t be surprised if the African-Americans are offended by your choice of words.  Just ask Fuzzy Zoeller, who also made the same inappropriate comment about “fried chicken”.  Zoeller is a racist bigot who maliciously attacked Tiger Woods in front of the world back in 1997.  Tiger Woods left Zoeller out to dry and Fuzzy was crucified for it.

In my opinion, those words were 100% directed toward Tiger Woods.  I don’t think Sergio meant to offend me or other African-Americans.  I don’t know Sergio personally, but I haven’t heard anything to lead me to believe he is a racist bigot.  However, I have to hold him accountable.

The only reason Sergio Garcia apologized today was the $10-12 million in endorsements that he is probably trying to save.

Luckily for you Sergio, Tiger Woods was classy enough to rescue you by responding to your apology.  I believe you can make a racist comment without being a racist.  If I’ve made the same mistake, I would pray someone would forgive me.

Look Sergio, if you want to get even with Tiger Woods, then you beat him on the playing course.  Until then, shut up and play golf.


LeRoy McConnell III of “A Fan’s Point of View”, for War Room Sports

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