The War Room: You CAN’T Miss This Show!


Message for those who hit us every week saying “damn, I missed the show this week”.  There is NO SUCH THING as missing our show.  It’s a podcast.  It is meant to be heard WHENEVER you have time to hear it!  Just in case you weren’t aware, here are ALL of the various ways to listen to The War Room:

LIVE on Thursdays from 6-8pm ET by clicking “LISTEN LIVE” at, by dialing 323-410-0012

 to listen LIVE by telephone, or at

Fridays at 7am, 1pm, & 7pm ET at

Sundays & Tuesdays at 3pm ET at

Fridays right here on our blog at

Here’s how you can listen to ANY episode we’ve EVER recorded at ANYTIME you want to hear them in your whole, entire life:

On Itunes – subscribe at

On our RSS feed at

On our own FREE mobile app – Just search “War Room Sports” in your App Store or in Google Play (IOS app acting up a bit at the moment but we’re working on an upgrade – Android is fine)

On Stitcher SmartRadio (on the web or the mobile app) at – enter promo code “TheWarRoom” (one word)

On Google Listen – Get the app in the Google Play Store

Long story short, if you own a computer and/or mobile device (which all of you do), there is NO SUCH THING as “missing our show”.  If you WANT to listen, there is a way.  If you don’t, that is your choice, but we’d prefer that you do.

This has been a War Room Sports public service announcement.

Happy listening everybody…and thanks for your support!

The Staff at War Room Sports

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