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Quick Slants: My College Football Top 5 of All-Time

Thursday, January 5th, 2017

by Fred Perdue







I’ve been watching College Football since I was about 5-years-old. In that time so many great players have come and gone, but time and time again the players continue to remind me how much they shaped my ideal College Football player regardless of system, team or coach. Until unseated, these 5 players are my All-Time best. #CollegeFootball

Top 5

1: Reggie Bush: The most dynamic runner in space I have ever seen. (I still to this day wear number 5 in any football video game) #WeAreSC#USCTrojans #PAC10

2: Tim Tebow: The heart of champion. Hated the guy but couldn’t keep away from watching his games. #TebowTime#SEC#FloridaGators

3: Ricky Williams: The most powerful runner I have ever seen. Short runs, long runs, ran with power, speed, finesse, and could run out of a traditional I-Formation #HookEm#TexasLongHorns#Big12

4: Johnny Manziel: The most dynamic QB I have ever seen. There was nothing he couldn’t do with a football. Off the field antics aside, dude was a nightmare to defend. #JohnnyFootball#GigEm #SEC

5: Charles Woodson: 2-way player and only defensive player to win the Heisman. #CWood#MichiganWolverines#BigTen


Fred Perdue, for War Room Sports

Quick Slants – 8/10/16

Wednesday, August 10th, 2016

by Fred Perdue







We are a mere 22 days away from kick off of the college football season. Fall camps are underway and with so many things in the news as of late, let’s take a look at some of the latest happenings in and around college football.


  • Former Florida Gators Quarterback Tim Tebow is perfecting his form… In BASEBALL. The Former Heisman Trophy winner won’t let his pro athlete dreams die. Good for you Tim.
  • A Michigan State fan drops a dope hype film putting everyone in the Big Ten on notice that the Spartans are going Back2Back.
  • Ohio State is getting into the college spirit early and often.
  • Thinking of betting on a National Champion? Heisman Trophy winner? Vegas has released their odds on favorites.
  • Former Baylor Head Coach Art Briles is at his fifth NFL camp taking lessons from great minds as he looks for a new coaching job.


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Say It Ain’t So: It’s Time for Tebow in Philadelphia

Monday, April 20th, 2015

by Brandyn Campbell

Brandyn Blog





Time to get your Tebow on, Eagles fans.

Time to get your Tebow on, Eagles fans.

The Philadelphia Eagles are no strangers to the spotlight, particularly in an offseason that has seen the team rid itself of top-flight talent like LeSean McCoy, Jeremy Maclin and Nick Foles for the likes of the perennially injured Sam Bradford. Now the squad is about to sign Tim Tebow, a move that will ensure that the sports media (read: ESPN) camps out in Philadelphia until it is forced to tear itself away for the upcoming NFL draft.

According to Jay Glazer of FOX Sports, the Eagles will sign Tebow on Monday. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that the QB will be signed to a one-year deal.

Chip Kelly made news last month when he brought in the 27-year old Tebow for a workout, but left Philadelphia with no deal. According to Schefter,

“Before signing Tebow, the Eagles first wanted to try to trade backup quarterback Matt Barkley. But when the team could not get enough in return, it decided to bring in Tebow anyway so that he could be present for the team’s entire off-season program.”

Tebow will be reunited with former Jets teammate Mark Sanchez. He joins a crowded field of quarterbacks for the Eagles, which includes Sanchez, Bradford, Barkley and G.J. Kinne.

Tebow has been out of the league since August of 2013, when he was released by the Patriots. While in New England, he completed 11 of 30 passes for 145 yards and two touchdowns and two interceptions in three preseason games. While some argue that all he does is win, Tebow has notoriously struggled with throwing in the NFL, with a career a 47.9 completion percentage. He has thrown 17 touchdowns to nine interceptions during his time in the league. The quarterback has worked with QB coach Tom House in an attempt to spur an NFL comeback, work that has impressed the Eagles.

The divisive quarterback will clearly have to compete for a spot on the team, but the move is another head-scratcher in an Eagles offseason filled with them. Kelly must have been impressed by what he saw from Tebow in March, but signing the quarterback brings a circus-like level of attention to a  team that needs to keep its focus among a sea of changes.  Media interest should not dictate football decisions, but this will be interesting, to put it mildly. Let’s see what Tebow’s got – and what Kelly’s got up his sleeve.

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Brandyn Campbell of Philly Sports Muse, for War Room Sports

Understanding “Overrated”

Friday, April 26th, 2013

by Cory Jefferies


If some of the greatest players in the history of North American sports can be overrated from the narratives told about them and the social statuses given to them to describe their level of greatness, surely it isn’t too hard to figure out how or why a great player can be overrated DESPITE the player’s GREATNESS.  “Overrated” doesn’t automatically run mutually exclusive to extremely horrible, over-hyped players.  I think 99% of fans miss this point.  Well, maybe more like 87-90%.

Let me point out 3 types of overrated players:
#1. You can be HORRIBLE & OVERRATED (see JaMarcus Russell’s draft day position).  See Tim Tebow, Mark Sanchez, Ryan Leaf, and Kwame Brown’s draft position, plus their actual production.
#2. You can be AVERAGE & OVERRATED.  For example, see discussions on whether or not guys like Derek Fisher or Robert Horry are Hall of Famers.
#3. You can be GREAT/ELITE and STILL BE OVERRATED.  See Steve Nash winning two consecutive MVP awards.  See Derrick Rose’s MVP season where he averaged 23 ppg & 8 apg but was outplayed in every sense by LeBron James.  See Michael Vick’s best season in Philly and Donovan McNabb’s career in Philly as well (DESPITE his otherwise nice playoff resume).  Just because you are elite doesn’t exempt you from being overrated.  If people say that Kobe Bryant is better than Michael Jordan, even though Kobe’s surely one of THE greatest players ever, he’s simply overrated.
My point: Whether you are awful, marginal, above average, mediocre, good, or very good, the narrative people have for you can make you overrated.
Cory Jefferies for War Room Sports

The Tim Tebow Experiment

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

By Brandon Pemberton

The Tim Tebow debate has been an ongoing topic since he was preparing for the 2010 NFL Draft and it has been a hot topic during the 2011 NFL season.  Tebow is arguably one of the top 20 college football players of all time, was a great leader of men at the University of Florida, and a model citizen from what we know.  With all that said, he had flaws as a passer in college that I and others thought would hinder his ability to be a solid quarterback in the NFL and a successful passer in or out of the pocket.  Many call my opinions and the opinions of others “hate”, but it’s far from it.  I just call things the way I see it.

The Denver Broncos felt pressure from fans to start Tebow during training camp, but decided to go with last year’s starter Kyle Orton instead.  Head coach John Fox felt as though he was the more accomplished passer and would give them the best chance to win.  Denver went 1-4 in his five starts at QB and going into the bye week, Fox let it be known that there might be a change.  Eventually Tebow was named the starter and he would get his chance to prove that he could play in this league.

In four starts, Tebow has a 3-1 record and the Broncos are a game out of first place in a weak AFC West division.  The Broncos have had to totally get rid of the passing game because their starting quarterback has below average ability passing the ball.  Here are Tebow’s passing stats in his four starts: 43-95 45%, 526 yards, 6 TD’s, 1 INT, and a passer rating of 79.5 to go along with 14 sacks.  Can I ask you a question?  If I read you these stats without telling you who the player was, what would you say?  You would tell me he stinks and will never win in this league with those types of passing numbers, right?  He is horribly inaccurate, holds the ball too often, and has problems delivering the ball on time.  With those deficiencies, there’s no way in hell he’s the quarterback of the future in Denver or for any other NFL franchise.

Tim Tebow and the Broncos have been winning games by running the read option offense for now, but can you seriously tell me that they can win like this consistently?  The life span of an NFL running back is about 3-5 years if he’s lucky, so there’s no way this guy’s going to last, taking these hits.  Quarterbacks are protected in the pocket as passers, not when you are running the option; they are treated like a running back.  It’s only a matter of time before he gets knocked out while running the ball or after pitching the ball to one of his backs.  NFL players are too big, too fast for this style of offense to work week to week, let alone for years.  This is the NFL, not West Point, not the Naval Academy, and not Colorado Springs, Colorado.  2-8 for 69 yards passing is not going to win you a Super Bowl.

I received all the confirmation I needed when it comes to Tebow yesterday when I read the direct comments from his head coach when asked about his team’s new offense: “If we were trying to run a regular offense, he’d be screwed.”  There you have it folks, even his own coach knows his limitations.  It’s blatantly obvious people.  Just watch tonight as the Jets defense makes mince meat out of Tebow. I’m not the type to toot my own horn, but as I told Philadelphia Eagles fans when Casey Matthews was drafted that he couldn’t play, I said the same about Tebow and his long-term ability to win games.  He had a nice run, but tonight he and this option offense will be exposed.

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Brandon Pemberton of Brandon on Sports, for War Room Sports