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Quick Slants: My College Football Top 5 of All-Time

Thursday, January 5th, 2017

by Fred Perdue







I’ve been watching College Football since I was about 5-years-old. In that time so many great players have come and gone, but time and time again the players continue to remind me how much they shaped my ideal College Football player regardless of system, team or coach. Until unseated, these 5 players are my All-Time best. #CollegeFootball

Top 5

1: Reggie Bush: The most dynamic runner in space I have ever seen. (I still to this day wear number 5 in any football video game) #WeAreSC#USCTrojans #PAC10

2: Tim Tebow: The heart of champion. Hated the guy but couldn’t keep away from watching his games. #TebowTime#SEC#FloridaGators

3: Ricky Williams: The most powerful runner I have ever seen. Short runs, long runs, ran with power, speed, finesse, and could run out of a traditional I-Formation #HookEm#TexasLongHorns#Big12

4: Johnny Manziel: The most dynamic QB I have ever seen. There was nothing he couldn’t do with a football. Off the field antics aside, dude was a nightmare to defend. #JohnnyFootball#GigEm #SEC

5: Charles Woodson: 2-way player and only defensive player to win the Heisman. #CWood#MichiganWolverines#BigTen


Fred Perdue, for War Room Sports

The State of The Philadelphia Eagles

Monday, July 25th, 2011

by Brandon Pemberton

Starting today , NFL teams will be able to re-sign their own free agents and talk to other free agents.  The Philadelphia Eagles have plenty of issues at different positions they need to address, mostly on the defensive side of the ball, in my eyes.  They already have a Super Bowl contender’s offense in my opinion, and while some believe picking up Plaxico Burress and or Reggie Bush are top priorites, the Eagles defense stunk last year in the red zone, they are weak at linebacker (as usual), they have one legit, healthy starter in the defensive backfield, and outside of Trent Cole, the defensive line can all go.  If I were the General Manager of this team, here is what I would be thinking about and doing:

Defensive Line: It’s time to either break up the defensive tackle combination of Brodrick Bunkley and Mike Patterson or get rid of them both.  The two of them have been big disappointments since being drafted in the first round of the draft in back to back years (2005 and 2006) and I’m tired of seeing them getting blown off of the ball and never making a play in the backfield.  The two of them aren’t playmakers and have no impact on this team.  I said it last year and I will say it again right here: Antonio Dixon should get a chance to be a starter on this team.  He has great size (6’3”, 322 lbs), is strong at the point of attack, and makes plays in the backfield.  He brings a different type of game and size compared to the other two.

Also, Albert Haynesworth will most likely be available after spending a season in D.C. with the Redskins, but he also might be facing a possible suspension from the NFL after his incident in the restaurant with the waitress in which he was charged with misdemeanor sexual assault.  Eagles hired defensive line coach Jim Washburn and he has gotten the best out of Albert during his career in the NFL.  When playing with motivation and something to prove, Haynesworth can be the most disruptive force on the interior line in all of football.  Another player that is available is DE Charles Johnson from the Carolina Panthers, who had a breakout season after Julius Peppers left for Chicago, and I also like Ray Edwards from Minnesota as well.  Bottom line is the Eagles need to help Trent Cole as far as rushing the passer is concerned.  Brandon Graham is coming off of a bad knee injury and most likely will not be ready for the start of the season.

Linebackers: The Eagles have refused to put any stock in having tough, hard nosed, playmakers at the linebacker position over the years and it has killed them.  Ernie Sims stinks and is comparable to a stray bullet.  He has no idea who and what he’s going to and suppose to hit.  It was a reason why a team like the Detroit Lions were ready to let him go and it’s time for him to receive his walking papers from the Eagles.  Chad Greenway might become available depending on the agreement on years concerning free agency in the CBA and he is the kind of player the Birds need at linebacker.  He has the speed, size, instincts, and tenacity that the Eagles have lacked at that position for years.  At middle linebacker, Jamar Chaney came on at the end of the season, starting the last two regular season games as well as the playoff game against the Packers.  He showed good instincts, speed, coverage ability, and sound tackling.  Played well enough that the Eagles are giving him the chance to be the starter this season.

Stewart Bradley has been injured on and off the last two seasons and even when he was healthy and on the field, he was overrated and exposed in pass coverage against tight ends and making plays in open space.  Moise Fokou saw time at all three linebacker positions and made no impact while on the field.  That leaves the Eagles with another weak linebacker core that needs to be upgraded.  There have been talks of playing Bradley at the “Sam” Linebacker, which was the position he played in college at Nebraska. 

Defensive Backs: Besides Asante Samuel at the left corner, they have question marks at the three other positions in their defensive backfield.  Offenses picked on the corner opposite of Samuel at an alarming rate last season.  There have been talks heating up about the Eagles trading QB Kevin Kolb to the Arizona Cardinals for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and possibly a 2nd or 3rd round pick.  This would instantly upgrade the Cornerback position and force more passes to the other side of the field.  Nate Allen is coming off of a serious knee injury(ruptured right patella tendon) and was having an up and down rookie season before the injury.  Quintin Mikell is a free agent, who has been exposed for the fraud he has always been as a player and it’s time for him to walk as well.

The Eagles drafted Temple safety Jaiquawan Jarrett in the second round, a selection that was a bit of a stretch in my eyes.  I thought he would be available in the 3rd round or maybe fourth.  While he is a big hitter and sound tackler, and is always in the right spots, he is sort of a tweener as a NFL saftey.  He doesn’t have the top end speed and range to play free safety and isn’t big enough to play in the box constantly as a strong safety.  The Eagles should look for help at safety from the likes of Roman Harper (Saints), Atari Bigby (Packers), or maybe Eric Weddle (Chargers).

The Eagles say they are all in and ready to win it all.  If that’s the case, then fixing the defense and giving first year defensive coordinator Juan Castillo talent to work with will be key.  Free agency will be moving fast, so we will see.

Brandon Pemberton of Brandon on Sports, for War Room Sports

Kris Humphries: Krazy in Love

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

By Roy Burton

Kris Humphries and bride-to-be Kim Kardashian

Oklahoma City point guard Russell Westbrook was frequently criticized for his decision-making skills during the Thunder’s recently completed playoff run.  However, no NBA player has had a greater lapse in judgment during this postseason than Kris Humphries of the New Jersey Nets.

On May 18, Humphries proposed to Kim Kardashian – his girlfriend of six months – by giving her a 20.5 carat engagement ring.

Yes, you read that correctly.  Twenty-and-a-half carats.

Kim Kardashian's 20.5 carat engagement ring

For the moment, let’s look past the fact that a bauble that large pretty much has to be a blood diamond of some sort.  In the spirit of (potential) matrimony, it’s probably best that we don’t think about all of the people who possibly lost their lives so that Humphries could proclaim his love in such a foolish manner.

Now to be clear, if Humphries truly believes that Kardashian is the one that he would like to spend the rest of his life with, then I applaud him for making his commitment known to both God and man.

However, in my opinion, I don’t think he has any idea of what he’s gotten himself into.

Kardashian, 30, is a socialite who… really hasn’t done much of note.  Even so, she and the rest of her family pulled in an impressive $65 million last year, courtesy of their reality shows, endorsements, and other business ventures.

The future Mrs. Humphries is the most well-known figure in the brood; one can argue that her fame is due in large part to amateur videographer (and part-time R&B singer) Ray J, who documented his bedroom exploits with Kardashian in an infamous recording that has been seen by half of Western civilization.

Following her relationship with Ray J, Kardashian has been romantically linked to both Reggie Bush and Miles Austin.  These flings have kept her in the pages of both Sports Illustrated and People magazine, and have earned her a (perhaps undeserved) reputation as an athlete-chaser.

Now I’m not saying she’s a gold digger…because she clears way more money than anyone she’s been with over the past few years, athlete or otherwise.

Speaking of athletes, Kardashian is reminiscent of one who, coincidentally, was drafted by the New Jersey Nets.

Tim Thomas.

Much like the former NBA player, Kardashian looks the part and has tons of natural talent, but when you put on the tape (literally and figuratively), all you see is an individual who doesn’t appear to be maximizing their God-given ability.

In their defense, both Thomas and Kardashian have shown the propensity to step up during a contract year. And no matter the circumstances, there’s always a suitor at the door, hoping that they’re the one who can finally coax the talent out of them.

After six months, perhaps Humphries thinks he’s that man.  One thing that he clearly didn’t think about was the potential for uncomfortable situations with his bride-to-be.  It has to be somewhat awkward to take a woman such as Kardashian to your high school reunion or to your family picnic, considering that nearly everyone has seen her wares (not to mention the fact that she was as emotionless on the aforementioned video as Rajon Rondo).

Or maybe he just doesn’t care. 

A year ago, he was a journeyman NBA reserve who was sentenced to play his home games in Newark, NJ – a city best known for Mayor Cory Booker, Redman and the infamous riots of 1967.  Today, he’s a starter on a team destined for Brooklyn, fresh off of a career year (10.0 PPG, 10.4 RPG in 74 games) that will set him up for a huge payday once the free agency period begins. 

Humphries is playing with the proverbial house money at this point, so perhaps he’s trying to get everything that he can before the well runs dry.  But with the collective bargaining agreement set to expire this summer, it was fiscally irresponsible of him to spend $2 million on anything, especially considering that he has no idea when his next paycheck is coming. 

With a $3.2 million gross salary in 2010, Humphries likely didn’t even make enough in take-home pay to cover the cost of the ring.  According to, Humphries has made nearly $17 million during his seven-year NBA career.  So if he’s been smart with his money (like Cincinnati Bengals’ QB Carson Palmer), he may just have made enough to give Kardashian the scaled-down version of the Hope Diamond.

But, in all likelihood, Humphries is spending funds that he hasn’t even earned yet.  This is like a payday loan taken to the extreme – not even Montel Williams would approve of such frivolous expenses.

By comparison, L.A. Lakers’ forward Lamar Odom (who has actually made a decent amount of money in his career), gave Kim’s sister Khloe a nine-carat engagement ring two years ago.

Humphries clearly didn’t consult his future brother-in-law when he made his purchase.

In a society where married couples are now the minority, Kris and Kim should be congratulated for their recent engagement.  To celebrate the momentous occasion, Kim’s mother Kris Jenner threw an intimate party that included two miniature horses covered in glitter.

Yes, you read that correctly.  Miniature horses covered in glitter.

Russell Westbrook’s decision-making doesn’t seem all that bad now, does it?

Roy Burton of The Broad Street Line, for War Room Sports

What is the hardest Football hit you have ever seen?

Thursday, December 30th, 2010