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The Power of Weed

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

by Joe Davis

Joe davis





Browns WR Josh Gordon (Image via

Browns WR Josh Gordon
(Image via

I don’t smoke weed.  I have only tried it once in my life so maybe I’m lost.  But can someone please explain to me why people are defending Josh Gordon?  He is a repeat violator of the NFL drug policy.  A policy that many former and current players have said that it’s very easy to pass. Josh Gordon has top 5 wide receiver talent.  He has bottom 5 sense.  He has been suspended from the NFL already.  He was kicked out of Baylor University for testing positive for marijuana in July of 2011, after being suspended for marijuana use during the 2010 season.  He transferred to Utah and sat out before entering the NFL thru the supplemental draft (some reports even say that he failed drug tests at Utah).  In 2013 he was suspended for the first two games of the season because he failed the drug test.  And now he is possibly gonna miss the entire season because he failed the drug test AGAIN! REALLY?!?!?!

(Image via HelpingHandsDispensary)

(Image via HelpingHandsDispensary)

I am not gonna argue about whether weed is or isn’t a drug.  I’m not even gonna debate the people that will talk about how marijuana is being decriminalized by many states in our great country.  Here is my point. If your job says don’t use a substance then don’t do it. ESPECIALLY if they test for it.  There are hundreds of thousands of people that also are subject to random drug tests; and they aren’t making $825,604 this year.  THAT IS $51,600.25 PER GAME. I make a little more than that in a year, but if my job said stop drinking coffee (something I drink 6 days a week), I would quit that shit in a heartbeat.  So I don’t get how someone would blow this opportunity to set themselves and their family up for a lifetime.  And to defend this man seems to be the problem.  He’s under contract.  He’s got a talent that many would kill for.  He has been given a 2nd, 3rd and now 4th chance.

In a famous skit on Chappelle Show, Rick James said “Cocaine is a helluva drug!”  But how powerful is weed?  Let’s not defend bad behavior.  Josh Gordon needs a wake-up call before he’s on the list of “could have been” or “should have been” players.  Josh Gordon needs one of his buddies to tell him that he can still be his boy but leave the “wacky tobaccy” alone.  Josh even needs to get away if his friends are smoking, since he said that his last positive test comes from second-hand smoke. I guess the power of weed is stronger than many will give it credit for.


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