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Do Not Let the Madness March Over HBCU Basketball

Thursday, March 15th, 2018

by Gus Griffin








March Madness is here and we college basketball fans are excited.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) annual ritual is the single most entertaining sports event in the world for me.

It is also a cash cow. The NCAA will get $857 million from Turner this year. Within a few years, it will be generating over $1 Billion in TV revenue alone.

I am also a proud Historically Black College and University (HBCU) graduate of Howard University!

As March Madness grows to include more teams, it is crucial that we fight against efforts that would exclude HBCU’s. The most specific threat against HBCU’s is the call to eliminate the automatic bid system.

The current system allows any Division 1 team that wins its conference championship to secure an automatic bid to the tournament.

This is how you sometimes end up with teams with say a 15-15 record in the tournament. ESPN commentator Jay Bilas, whose opinion I generally respect, would do away with this. His contention is that the best 68 teams should be selected via record, who you played, and where you played them, as well as the infamous “eye test”. In a vacuum, it is a compelling case. Who among us that are sports fans don’t want the best teams in the playoffs?

The problem is that nothing in this world is ever in a vacuum. There is both a historical and current day context for all understanding and college basketball is no different.

The history is that up until 1957, HBCU’s were not permitted to participate at all due to the Jim Crow laws of that day. The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) was actually the first to admit such schools. The NCAA was forced to admit schools in order to compete.  There was a time when only conference champions made the tournament. This is why arguably the greatest team in the history of Maryland basketball did not get to play in the tournament. The 1973-74 team that featured John Lucas, Tom McMillan, and Len Elmore finished 23-5. All of their losses were to North Carolina, 8-time defending champion UCLA, and eventual national champion North Carolina State, that beat Maryland in the Atlantic Coast Conference tournament. Some say that game was the greatest college basketball game ever played.  There were calls to eliminate the automatic bid at that time but the alternative of awarding at-large bids won out and was implemented in 1980. This was a boon for the power conference schools, while keeping the automatic bid process.

The tournament has expanded over the years largely due to its incredible popularity. However, with every expansion comes the call to eliminate the automatic bid process.

Doing so would be a deathblow for HBCU basketball.

Contrary to what the current Secretary of Education thinks, HBCU’s were not born out of choice but out of a necessary response to racism. That same factor has always undermined these institutions’ financial struggles. Participation in this tournament not only gives them a rightful cut of the eventual $1 billion TV pie, but also helps with recruitment of both athletes and non-student athletes.

You may think if they want to participate, they should have to earn it like every other school. How did that work out for Central Florida in college football? They went undefeated, concluding by whipping Auburn from the mighty SEC, which beat both title game finalists. Yet they were systemically locked out of any chance to win the college football title. There was nothing that they could do differently because the power schools do not have to play them. The same would and already does happen to HBCU’s. The best they get is a “pay to play” trip across the country to play larger programs for a check. Only in the tournament do they get to compete in a neutral site.

It is not as if HBCU’s have no history of success.  Of the eight number 15 seeds to win a game, three were from the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC, the home of my Howard University).

We are talking about a basketball legacy that has produced Willis Reed, Earl Monroe, and Sam Jones. Such talent now rarely considers HBCU’s in basketball, which is a byproduct of the raid that integration brought about. Simply put, the struggles of HBCU basketball are not from bad coaching or management, but they are a direct result of the expansion of opportunities for the players. The automatic bid process is the only safeguard that keeps HBCU’s at the table. The system is rigged to favor the power schools and without the automatic bid, HBCU’s will be shut out.

It should remain and we should fight any argument otherwise.


Gus Griffin, for War Room Sports

3 all-time greats go down on the same day!

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017


by Gus Griffin







March Madness trivia question:


Have 3 coaches with more combined wins ever all lose on the same day in the NCAA tournament?


Mike Krzyzewski – 1071, Rick Pitino – 770, and Tom Izzo – 544,  for a total of 2385.


Throw in 8 national titles as well.


Gus Griffin, for War Room Sports

The Villanova Wildcats are National Champions!!!

Tuesday, April 5th, 2016


The Villanova Wildcats have captured their first college basketball National Championship in 31 years, in one of the greatest Final games in NCAA Tournament history!  Show your ‘Nova pride and party like it’s 1985 in OFFICIAL championship gear, by clicking the link below:

Villanova Wildcats 2016 National Championship Gear

After Further Review (#483)

Monday, March 31st, 2014

by Christopher Dinkins

Christopher Dinkins Blog





After Further Review


AFTER FURTHER REVIEW #483 SHOUTOUT to you ANDRE REED…..((NCAAHOOPERY)) THE FINAL FOUR is set ..CONNECTICUT….FLORIDA….KENTUCKY….WISCONSIN….great games yesterday CONNECTICUT 64 (NAPIER 25) MICHIGAN STATE 54 (HARRIS 22)…..KENTUCKY 75 (RANDLE 16/11) MICHIGAN 72 (STAUSKAS 24)…..that’s why you STAY !!!!!… cannot get that kind of ELECTRIC atmosphere and dramatics in the NBA…..PERIOD !!!!……ladies side….SWEET 16—(*LOUISVILLE REGION…MARYLAND 73 (THOMAS 33/13) TENNESSEE 62 (SIMMONS 31)….upset !!!!….LOUISVILLE 73 (SCHIMMEL 19) LSU 47 (BALLARD 24)….NOT an upset…..*STANFORD REGION…NORTH CAROLINA 65 (DE SHIELDS 19) SOUTH CAROLINA 58 (COATES 22/11)….upset !!!!……STANFORD 82 (OGWUMIKE 29/15) PENN STATE 57 (EDWARDS 22)….NOT an upset……WOMENS NIT—SOUTH DAKOTA STATE 76 (WAYTASHEK 20) INDIANA 64 (GASSION 22)….SOUTH FLORIDA 60 (STRINGFIELD 20) MISSISSIPPI STATE 58 (GRANT 22)….we gotchoo covered at AFTER FURTHER REVIEW !!!!….((NHL)) BRUINS 4 FLYERS 3(SO)….SENATORS 6 FLAMES 3….RED WINGS 3 LIGHTNING 2….PENGUINS 4 BLACKHAWKS 1….PREDATORS 4 CAPITALS 3(SO)….RANGERS 5 OILERS 0….LONG STREAK (KINGS 6)….WRONG STREAK (MAPLE LEAFS 8 )……((NBA)) winners include THUNDER…CAVALIERS…NETS…RAPTORS…BULLS…KNICKS…BLAZERS…LAKERS…playoff races ((EAST….1.pacers 2.heat 3.raptors 4.bulls 5.nets 6.wizards 7.bobcats/hornets 8.hawks……KNICKS 1 game behind ATL for eighth spot…can it be done ???…will it be done ???…..what will happen if it does get done ????….what will happen if it doesn’t ????….stay tuned !!!!..****ANDREW WIGGINS TO ENTER NBA DRAFT****..((MLB)) PADRES 3 DODGERS 1…..and we are off and ready for BASEBALL SEASON… sets off TODAY ((finally !!!))….full slate of games …gave you the STARTERS yesterday on AFR !!!!!…..looking forward to choppin it up wit the homie SATCHEL PAGE on THE BIGGER SHOW……we gonna talk BASEBALL yall !!!!!…..((TENNIS)) SONY OPEN—-NOVAK “NO JOKE” DJOKOVIC over RAFAEL NADAL (6-3.6-3) to win MENS TITLE…((GOLF)) STEVEN BOWDICH wins TEXAS OPEN with a 4-over 76 to win by one stroke…..he finished at 8-under 280…..ELDRICK/TIGER still iffy about THE MASTERS….((SOCCER)) anybody know who is gonna be on U.S. roster for WORLD CUP’14 ?????…..seems they don’t know eitha …..NBA GAME of the day SPURS (57-16) v PACERS (52-22)….NHL GAME of the day WILD (38-26-11) v KINGS (44-25-6)…….MLB GAME of the day ROYALS (shields) v TIGERS (verlander)….TRUE SCHOOL JAM of the day “YO..BUM RUSH THE SHOW”–PUBLIC ENEMY……enjoy OPENING DAY 2014…..and put some sunshine on ya face…….the BALLISTICS have been kicked !!!!!!……AFR.


Christopher “The Mayor” Dinkins of GeeQue Palace Sports, for War Room Sports

After Further Review (#478)

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

by Christopher Dinkins

Christopher Dinkins Blog





After Further Review


AFTER FURTHER REVIEW #478 SHOUTOUT to you ANTHONY MUNOZ…..((NBA)) CAVALIERS 102 (WAITERS 24) RAPTORS 100 (LOWRY 22/10A)….MAGIC 95 (HARRIS 25/11) BLAZERS 85 (LOPEZ 20/13)….MAVERICKS 128 (NOWITZKI 32/10) THUNDER 119 (DURANT 43)….LAKERS 127 (HENRY 22) KNICKS 96 (ANTHONY 29)…..any further questions KNICKS “die hards”…your reality is nowhere NEAR the truth…and its easier to deal with when you looking at it REALISTICALLY….get the point now ?????…..((NCAAHOOPERY)) NIT QUARTERFINALS—-CLEMSON 73 (MCDANIELS 16) BELMONT 68 (BRADSHAW 21)….MINNESOTA 81 (HOLLINS 32) SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI 73 (WATSON 16)……ladies side NCAA TOURNEY—-LINCOLN REGION– CONNECTICUT 91 (STEWART 21/11) ST JOSEPHS 52 (SHIELDS 12)….TEXAS A&M 85 (WILLIAMS 23) JAMES MADISON 69 (BURKHOLDER 20/10)….LOUISVILLE REGION– LOUISIANA STATE 76 (BALLARD 22/15) WEST VIRGINIA 67 (BUSSIE 21)….LOUISVILLE 83 (SCHIMMEL 26) IOWA 53 (DISTERHOFT 15)….MARYLAND 69 (THOMAS 16/11) TEXAS 64 (HENDERSON 14)…..STANFORD REGION– NORTH CAROLINA 62 (DESHIELDS 24/12) MICHIGAN STATE 53 (HINES 16)….PENN STATE 83 (TAYLOR 22) FLORIDA 61 (LEWIS 20)…..SOUTH CAROLINA 78 (WELCH 21/11) OREGON STATE 69 (WEISNER 21)…..couple of upsets over there too !!!!!…..((NHL)) BLUES 5 MAPLE LEAFS 3….COYOTES 3 PENGUINS 2….KINGS 5 CAPITALS 4(SO)…..ISLANDERS 5 HURRICANES 4….CANADIENS 2 SABRES 0….PANTHERS 3 SENATORS 2(SO)….BLUE JACKETS 4 RED WINGS 2….BLACK HAWKS 4 STARS 2…..AVALANCHE 5 PREDATORS 4(SO)….SHARKS 5 OILERS 2… the EAST its a four team (COLUMBUS..DETROIT..WASHINGTON..TORONTO) scramble for last TWO spots….in the WEST two teams (DALLAS..VANVOUVER) hanging on for dear life….YOU missed a great show last night AFTER FURTHER REVIEW on GEEQUE PALACE RADIO….we talked about all important issues in SPORTS ….SHOUT to CALLERS ((KIA…MR HOLLYWOOD) and a SHOUT to LISTENERS we see you too !!!!….and I meant every word I said about some “sports heads” being VERY VERY VERY limited…….im glad im not YOU !!!!……((NFL)) JARED ALLEN to BEARS 4YR/$32M……basically replaces JULIUS PEPPERS who went to PACKERS… dunking football over goal posts…..ummm okay… now can NFL deal with concussion issue and do something about taking care of veteran players….sheeeeeesh !!!!!!……((NCAAFOOTBALL)) RIP to WILL MCKAMEY (NAVY) he passed away after collapsing on field at practice….he was 19 years old….NLRB is about to rule on NORTHWESTERN players and their attempt to form a union….this will be a very interesting decision…..are you paying attention “sportsheads” ????……((MLB)) its almost here OPENING DAY 2014 (stateside that is)…who are your picks…???….AFTER FURTHER REVIEW did ours already….or are you really interested in baseball ((LOLski))…it is a sport yanno !!!!!!……sunday night DODGERS v PADRES…..and monday is OPENING DAY !!!!!!……((NASCAR)) RIP to LYNDA PETTY (RICHARD’S wife) she passed away from cancer at 72…..RESPECT. (TENNIS)) SONY OPEN—ANDY MURRAY over JO-WILFRIED TSONGA (6-4.6-1)……NOVAK “NO JOKE” DJOKOVIC over TOMMY ROBREDO (6-3.7-5)…ladies side MARIA SHARAPOVA over PETRA KVITOVA (7-5.6-1)…..SERENA WILLIAMS over ANGELIQUE KERBER (6-2.6-2)……you already know whats going down next !!!!!……NBA GAME of the day HEAT (48-21) v PACERS (51-20)……NHL GAME of the day FLYERS (38-26-7) v RANGERS (40-29-4)……TRUE SCHOOL JAM of the day “SHE BLINDED ME WITH SCIENCE” -THOMAS DOLBY……its hump day…snow is on the ground….so what !!!!…make it happen for yourself !!!!…the BALLISTICS have been kicked !!!!!……AFR.


Christopher “The Mayor” Dinkins of GeeQue Palace Sports, for War Room Sports

After Further Review (#476)

Monday, March 24th, 2014

by Christopher Dinkins

Christopher Dinkins Blog





After Further Review


AFTER FURTHER REVIEW #476 SHOUTOUT to you PK SUBBAN…..((NBA))winners include RAPTORS…SUNS…NUGGETS…KINGS…NETS(OT)…CAVALIERS…LAKERS….long streak (SPURS 13) wrong streak (SIXERS 24)….****AFTER FURTHER REVIEW NBA TOP 10 RANKINGS 1.SPURS* (53-16) 2.THUNDER (51-18) 3.ROCKETS (47-22) 4.CLIPPERS (49-21) 5.NETS (37-31) 6.PACERS* (51-19) 7.HEAT* (47-21) 8.BULLS (39-31) 9.RAPTORS (39-30) 10.BLAZERS (45-25)****…..((NCAATOURNAMENT)) SWEET 16 is here !!! SOUTH REGION: (1-FLORIDA v 4-UCLA/10-STANFORD v 11-DAYTON) EAST REGION: (1-VIRGINIA v 4-MICHIGAN STATE/3-IOWA STATE v 7-CONNECTICUT) WEST REGION: (1-ARIZONA v 4-SAN DIEGO STATE/2-WISCONSIN v 6-BAYLOR) MIDWEST REGION: (4-LOUISVILLE v 8-KENTUCKY/2-MICHIGAN v 11-TENNESSEE)….ladies side LINCOLN REGION (1-UCONN v 9-STJOSEPHS…4-NEBRASKA v 12-BYU…3-TEXAS AM v 11-JAMES MADISON…2-DUKE v 7-DEPAUL)….STANFORD REGION (1-SOUTH CAROLINA v 9-OREGON STATE…4-NORTH CAROLINA v 5-MICHIGAN STATE…3-PENN STATE v 11-FLORIDA…2-STANFORD v 10-FLORIDA STATE)….NOTRE DAME REGION (1-NOTRE DAME v 9-ARIZONA STATE…4-PURDUE v 5-OKLAHOMA STATE…3-KENTUCKY v 6-SYRACUSE…2-BAYLOR v 7-CALIFORNIA)….LOUISVILLE REGION (1-TENNESSEE v 8 -STJOHNS…4-MARYLAND v 5-TEXAS…3-LOUISVILLE v 6-IOWA…2-WEST VIRGINIA v 7-LOUISIANA STATE)…..who ya got to win the thing ????..CHAMPIONSHIP is APRIL 8 in NASHVILLE TN…….((NHL)) winners include ISLANDERS…BLUES…DEVILS…PREDATORS…WILD(OT)…CANUCKS…DUCKS….****AFTER FURTHER REVIEW NHL TOP 10 RANKINGS 1.x-BRUINS (103pts) 2.x-BLUES (103pts) 3.SHARKS (100pts) 4.DUCKS (99pts) 5.PENGUINS (97pts) 6.BLACKHAWKS (97pts) 7.AVALANCHE (94pts) 8.KINGS (86pts) 9.LIGHTNING (86pts) 10.CANADIENS (85pts)****….((MLB)) LOS ANGELES DODGERS are in first place in NL WEST in case you haven’t noticed…BASEBALL SEASON has already started……OPENING SERIES in AUSTRALIA ((DODGERS 3 D’BACKS 1….DODGERS 7 D’BACKS 5))……I know its confusing right……but the season has already set off….((NFL)) BUCS trade JEREMY ZUTTAH to RAVENS…MICHAEL VICK signs with JETS…..FREDDY FRED is pleased …I think….keep an eye on BLAKE BORTLES (CENTRAL FLORIDA) he may be one of first if not THE first QB taken in draft……((TENNIS)) SONY OPEN—ANDY MURRAY over FELICIANO LOPEZ (6-4.6-1)….ROGER FEDERER over THIEMO DE BAKKER (6-3.6-3)…..ladies side VENUS WILLIAMS over CASEY DELLACQUA (6-4.5-7.6-4)….LI NA over MADISON KEYS (7-6(3).6-3)…..((NASCAR)) KYLE BUSCH wins AUTO CLUB 400….he is still 28 points behind CARL EDWARDS for SPRINT CUP lead……((GOLF)) MATT EVERY wins at BAY HILL….is ELDRICK/TIGER healthy ???….will he be ready for MASTERS (APRIL 10-13) ?????……NBA GAME of the day BLAZERS (45-25) v HEAT (47-21)….NHL GAME of the day KINGS (40-25-6) v FLYERS (38-25-7)…..TRUE SCHOOL JAM of the day “POP LIFE” – PRINCE and the REVOLUTION……its MONDAY….and it aint goin nowhere…..the BALLISTICS have been kicked !!!!!……AFR.


Christopher “The Mayor” Dinkins of GeeQue Palace Sports, for War Room Sports

2012 NCAA Second Rd. Match-up: Syracuse vs. Kansas St. Features 3 Archbishop Carroll HS (DC) Teammates

Saturday, March 17th, 2012

By Aquil Bayyan

I  just wanted to take the time to talk about a story line in the second round of the NCAA Tournament East Region (Pittsburgh, PA). The second round match-up between (1) Syracuse Orange and (8) Kansas St. Wildcats has an interesting twist to it. Three starters for the teams actually went to the same high school in Washington, DC. That high school is, Archbishop Carroll High School, which plays in the extremely competitive WCAC (Washington Catholic Athletic Conference). Through the years Archbishop Carroll has produced the likes of John Thompson, Jr., George Leftwich, Tom Hoover, Edward “Monk” MalloyEddie Jordan, David Hawkins, and many other college and professional athletes in various sports. Kansas St. forward Jamar Samuels played with Kansas St. guard Rodney McGruder before he eventually transferred to a prep school. The year after Jamar Samuels transferred from Archbishop Carroll, Kris Joseph, who is a forward for Syracuse, came to Archbishop Carroll via Montreal, Canada and played with Rodney McGruder for two seasons. The three star players also played AAU together with the world renowned DC Assault AAU organization, which has produced numerous college and professional basketball players. All three players are very versatile, with the combination of fundamentals and athletic ability to play basketball at the next level. I have had the pleasure of being able to coach, train, and mentor these players while teaching and coaching at Archbishop Carroll. It has been great watching them develop into the players I knew they could become. Joseph and Samuels are seniors and McGruder is a junior. There is a chance we will see all three players playing in the NBA and if not they all have the ability to make good money playing overseas. Keep Working Hard and Good Luck Fellas!!!!!

Jamar Samuels with the Dunk, Rodney McGruder with the Jumper, and Kris Joseph with the Dunk!

Aquil Bayyan of The War Room, for War Room Sports

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