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Mike Vick’s ‘Significant’ Concussion Sets Stage for Nick Foles Start on Sunday

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

by Brandyn Campbell





You going in to take a hit or is it my turn?

Andy Reid said on Monday that Mike Vick suffered a “pretty significant” concussion in Sunday’s loss to the Dallas Cowboys.  This fact sets the stage for Nick Foles to be the Eagles’ starter against the Redskins in Week 11, which is reportedly set to occur.

Said Reid,

“I’m just telling you Michael is hurting right now.  Nick is going to step in and be the quarterback until that point comes, and we’ll take it all from there.  Listen, I can’t project the future.  I’m just telling you what I’m telling you.  Mike is the quarterback.  Nick comes in, and he is a relief pitcher and does his thing.”

Yesterday I asked the question if Vick’s early exit from Sunday’s game is how things will end for the quarterback in Philadelphia.  Will that be his last appearance on the field as a starter?  After all, it’s how Vick got his own opportunity to start for the Birds in 2010, beating out Kevin Kolb for the role after Kolb suffered a concussion.

If Foles shows promise against the Skins on Sunday, how could Reid justify pulling him?  He wouldn’t have to because he wouldn’t do it.  And let’s say Foles does poorly and the team falls to 3-7 (UGH).  The season would be a wash at that point, with Vick virtually guaranteed to be gone at the end of the year.  So why not see what you have in the rookie?

Vick will focus on resting and getting better, but will the move to Foles mean any improvement for this Eagles team?  A squad already in desperate need of leadership now needs to get clamor behind a new quarterback.  Will that transition be the final piece to make the wheels come off of the 2012 Eagles or will Philadelphia finally make a play to stop its five- game losing streak?

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Brandyn Campbell of Philly Sports Muse, for War Room Sports

Andy Reid Says Benching Mike Vick Was Never an Option

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

by Brandyn Campbell





Andy Reid continues to stand alongside quarterback Mike Vick.
(Image via Lehigh Valley Live)

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid addressed the media on Thursday following the unconventional move on Wednesday of issuing a statement in support of quarterback Mike Vick.

Reid tried to clear the air about his initial comments about Vick following Sunday’s failure against the Falcons, which were widely construed as a wavering support for Vick.

“I know a lot’s been said in regards to [QB] Michael [Vick].  I learned a long time ago from you guys that there’s a time and a place when you’re upset and I was upset after the game.  Not at Michael Vick; I was upset, starting with myself and not getting my team ready to play and then working from there.  But I’ve learned to step back and evaluate, so that was my point to you.  My point wasn’t that I was going to bench Michael Vick; it was that I needed to step back and evaluate before I came to you with something.”

In fact, Reid went on to say that he felt Sunday was one of the quarterback’s “better games” this season.  The coach typically addresses the media on Monday but was unable to do so this week because of the threat posed to the region by Hurricane Sandy.  But like the superstorm, he saw the winds of  gossip about Vick swirling out of control and wanted to end the fury.

Regardless of what he says, Reid’s remarks will continue to be dissected and second guessed because, frankly, soft support by the coach one day quite frequently turns into job loss down the line under his regime.  Just ask Kevin Kolb or Juan Castillo.

When asked pointedly if Reid considered making a change at the quarterback position, his response was simple and to the point.

“That wasn’t my intent.  No, not at all.”

Would Reid commit to saying that Vick would be the team’s starter for the remainder of the season?

“Michael’s the starting quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles.”

The rumors have been put to rest – for now.  It’s really more like they’ve gone below the surface and will hover, waiting to re-emerge should Monday Night’s game against the Saints go sour.

Vick’s own comments on the controversy were intriguing, with the quarterback admitting that his confidence was impacted by the rumors and that he has to get his “swag” back.  Vick also revealed that the team finally had a closed door,  player’s only meeting on Thursday to try to pull itself together.  It’s a small but needed step.

Who knows, perhaps it can help to stop – or at least slow – the steady unraveling of this Eagles team.  Not much else has worked and with Reid’s inability to motivate his team, it’s time for players to be accountable for themselves and to each other both on and off the field.

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Brandyn Campbell of Philly Sports Muse, for War Room Sports

If Kevin Kolb is Traded, Vince Young Makes Sense as Vick’s Backup

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

By Nairann Merceir

As a die-hard Eagles fan, I would love to see nothing more than Kevin Kolb traded once the lock-out is officially lifted, to the Arizona Cardinals for Rodgers-Cromartie (immediate upgrade at right corner) and a second round pick.  However, once Kolb is traded, that leaves the Eagles with a huge void at back-up QB, leaving only second year man Mike Kafka as Michael Vick’s primary back-up.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not comfortable with Mike Kafka having to start two to three games.  Hence the reason the Eagles must seek out a veteran back-up to Vick.  I’ve heard rumors of Brett Farve, Mark Bulger, etc. coming to Philly but I want Vince Young, and here is my argument now.

First, the offense that Andy Reid and the Eagles have installed for Vick fits the skill set of Vince Young.  Plus we know Andy has a proven track record of developing QBs who were labeled as underachieving passers, such as McNabb and Vick, so why couldn’t he do the same for Young?  Now let’s look at Vince Young the player.  Last season, Young appeared in 9 games (8 starts), and had the 4th best third down passer rating in the league, only trailing Brady, Roethlisberger, and Kitna.  At times in his short career, he has done pretty well, he’s had several come from behind victories, and he’s been effective in the short and long passing game.  According to NFL Films, last season Vince was the most accurate passer of balls that were thrown in the air beyond 35 yards and we know how that plays into Desean Jackson’s game.

Looking at Young’s first 4 seasons in the NFL, 2006 through 2009, he has amassed a regular season record of 26-13 as a starter.  That’s a .67 winning percentage for you math guys.  He’s lead 11 come from behind victories in his career, including 9 come from behind or tied performances in 2009.  That season, he started the final 10 games and led the Titans to an 8-2 record after they began season 0-6.  So the leadership skills are there.  He also made the Pro Bowl that season but we know that’s a bogus award/recognition.  

His career numbers through the first 5 years of his career are: 54 games played, 8,098 yards passing, 42 tds and 42 ints, with a 57.9 percent completion rate, 264 rushes for 1,380 yds and 12 tds.  If you compared that to Vick’s first 5 seasons, Mike played 58 games, threw for 9,031 yards, 51 tds and 39 ints, with a 52 percent completion rate.  There’s no need to even add rushing numbers, as they are not even comparable. However, as a passer, Vince Young is on par with Michael Vick through the first 5 years of their respective careers, with Vince actually being a more accurate passer.  So there is definitely something for the Eagles to develop here, and let’s not forget this guy was a top 3 talent when he came out of Texas in 2006.  If anyone has a better option out there to back up Michael Vick for this Eagles season, who may be called upon to start two to three weeks in case Vick goes down, I would love to hear it.

Nairann Merceir, Philly Sports Correspondent, for War Room Sports

Vick has earned the Job but why diss Kolb?

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

PJ Talks About Jason Peters

Friday, November 5th, 2010

Mike Vick vs Kevin Kolb

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Is Michael Vick The Real Deal???

Thursday, September 30th, 2010
Is Michael Vick really an improved QB or is he just taking advantage of weak opposition? Vick’s currently brandishing (II) some very gaudy statistics over 2 and a half games:* 110.2 QB Rating
* 7 Total TD’s
* 750 Yards Passing
* 60.7 Completion Percentage
* 170 Yards Rushing
* And most importantly 0 INTERCEPTIONSI ask you, is Michael Vick the real deal? Or are these impressive stats just a product of awful competition? You make the call…

Paul “PJ” Johnson of The War Room