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NFL: 10 Things We Learned From Week 1

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

by Ricky O’Neil

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Week 1 of the NFL is behind us and there can be alot of things to be excited about. Rookies finally getting starts, players coming back from injuries, and one of the most outstanding single game performances we have ever seen. These are some of the important things that I learned while watching.

1. Peyton Manning is not human
Manning decided to open the season with an outstanding performance. SEVEN passing touchdowns against the Baltimore Ravens. The addition of Wes Welker helped, Demaryius Thomas is still catching TDs, and also the Ravens not having Ed Reed or Ray Lewis could have played a role.

2. Adrian Peterson could very well break the single season rushing TD record
We all know what type of running back AP is, but did we really think his very first carry would go for a touchdown? 78 yards straight to the house on the first play from scrimmage for the Vikings. Even though he only had 93 yards, he also had 3 TDs. 25 more in 15 games is possible.

3. The Steelers defense is not what it once was
This being my favorite team, it saddens me to say this, but the years of the Steelers ruling the defensive side of the ball are over. James Harrison gone, rush defense not as good, but at least they’re still making some type of effort, only losing by 7.

4. Geno Smith Prospering???
Even though playing the Bucs, Geno Smith and the NY Jets got a victory in Week 1. Smith threw for 256 yards and one TD, and also rushed six times for 47 yards. Now let’s not look too far into it because they play New England this week.

5. Tom Brady is still Tom Brady
They played the Bills…The game should not have been close at all in my opinion, but it became interesting late in the game. Tom Brady put together a game-winning drive (like usual) and the Patriots won by 2 with a late FG. Brady threw for 288 yards with 2 TDs. “Brady being Brady.”

6Chip Kelly’s offense is very exciting
The Eagles got a W to start the season off and Chip Kelly got the game ball afterwards. The fast-pace offense had a total of 77 offensive plays. It was great to see the “Oregon Style” offense in the NFL. Plus Mike Vick is the PERFECT guy to be running it.

7RG3 was nervous stepping back onto the field
Even though the Redskins put up a fight late in the game, RG3 did not look like himself in the first half of his game Monday night. Scared to take a hit of any kind. But as he got back into the groove of the game, he started stepping up and rushing a little bit. The Redskins still lost by 6.

8. Philip Rivers can’t close a game out
The Chargers were winning ALL GAME… Philip Rivers was having a great game. The Chargers defense was stepping up, making all the big stops needed. Houston started a comeback, and all Rivers needed to do was hold on to the football. Of course, deep in his own endzone, throws a pick 6 and Houston tied the game up. After that, Houston ends up kicking a FG to win the game. SMH… Same Ole Rivers.

9. Carson is on his way back!
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying he is going to win MVP, but Arizona could be the best place for him. Not a bad defense, plus Larry Fitzgerald to throw to…not bad. Losing by 3 to the Rams isn’t a good start with a new team though.

10. Colin Kaepernick can throw the ball just a well as he can run
Playing the Green Bay Packers, Kaepernick stayed in the pocket more often than not. Throwing for 412 yards, 3 TDs, 0 INTs, becoming the only 49ers QB (other than Joe Montana) to throw for 400 yards, 3 TDs, and 0 INTs.

Week 1 was very exciting and we have 15 more regular season weeks to go… And as for my Fantasy leagues, I went 4-1 so I’m a happy NFL fan


Ricky O’Neil of ITMORO, for War Room Sports

NCAA Week 1 Predictions

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

by Ricky O’Neil

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This is a new blog series @_ChefDon_ and I are starting. In this weekly series, one of us will pick a game from the 6 major conferences, plus 3 more games at random, then an “Upset Alert” pick. We will make our predictions on what will happen in the games (Halftime/Final scores, Amount of turnovers, and Keys to winning). This blog entry will more than likely be posted Wednesday nights or Thursday mornings.

This week, I was the one to choose the games, and with it being the first week of College Football, I was very excited to look into every matchup that the NCAA has put together.

AAC: Purdue @ Cincinnati
 (2Fresh_4Real) I chose this matchup for this conference because I feel it is the most even matchup that includes an AAC team. Both teams are coming into this season with a new starting QB, so don’t expect a very high scoring game.
Halftime Score – Purdue 10 Cincinnati 7
Final Score – Purdue 17 Cincinnati 21
Key to victory: Turnovers. Whichever team has the fewest turnovers will win.
Turnover – Purdue 2 Cincinnati 1

(ChefDon) This matchup is interesting in the sense that two new head coaches are going head-to-head (Tommy Tuberville for UC and Darrell Hazell for Purdue). It’s the first game in the newly named AAC for Cincy. Both with two new QB’s, so this will either be a very weird, fun game or bland and not worth watching.
Halftime score: Purdue: 10 Cincy: 10
Final Score: Purdue: 17 Cincy: 24
Key to victory: Cincy’s offense: They still have weapons from last year that Butch Jones left them. I think Tuberville will find a way to get the wide receivers in open space.
Turnovers: Purdue: 2 Cincy: 1

ACC: Florida State @ Pittsburgh
(2Fresh_4Real) It’s going to be very interesting to see how Florida State does without an experienced QB. Every QB on the roster is a freshman besides one (Jacob Coker, Sophomore). Pittsburgh is going to have a VERY tough day defending Rashad Greene, even though listed at 6”0 180, he has great leaping ability and is quick.
Halftime Score – FSU 21 Pittsburgh 7
Final Score – FSU 35 Pittsburgh 17
Key to Victory (for Pitt): Defense. Florida State can jump out to a big lead and it is difficult to play “Catch Up” against an explosive offensive.
Turnovers: FSU 1 Pittsburgh 1

 (ChefDon) Potential for an upset in my opinion and here’s why… first game for sophomore QB Jameis Winston. Highly sought after QB who sat behind EJ Manuel for a year, he has the potential to be a great QB at FSU. Only problem I see him encountering is his first game is AT Pittsburgh on top of it being your first start. First game jitters will either eat him up or he will rise to the occasion.
Halftime score: Florida State: 17 Pittsburgh: 14
Final score: FSU: 24 Pittsburgh: 31
Keys to Victory: Frustrating Jameis Winston – Simply put FSU’s offense will go as Winston goes. He will have some athletes beside him that may save him in the end, but if he gets rattled early what do you do?
Turnovers: FSU: 2 Pittsburgh: 0

Big 12: LSU @ TCU
(2Fresh_4Real) This is TCU’s shot at what it has wanted; they are now in one of the power conferences. Could they contend for a championship? TCU is returning QB Zach Mettenberger, 4 D-linemen, and 3 RBs. Starting the season off against an SEC defense could be exactly what they need to know what exactly needs to be done.
Halftime Score – LSU 17 TCU 17
Final Score – LSU 31 TCU 28 (FG as time expires)
Key to victory: Time of Possession
Turnovers: LSU 0 TCU 1

(ChefDon) Match up of top 20 teams other than Georgia and Clemson, this one could be the one that will have the most excitement. TCU loves to throw the ball, they also like to score early and often, then on the other hand you have LSU whose defense is scary good at containing teams. The type of athletes LSU has can match up with any team in the nation. So who wins the battle? LSU isn’t known for putting up big numbers offensively even though they have the talent to do so. It will be interesting to see.
Halftime score: LSU: 21 TCU: 14
Final score: LSU: 35 TCU: 21
Keys to Victory: LSU defense – They will in my mind shut down TCU’s offense. LSU has a lot of weapons on the defense to cause havoc all game.
Turnovers: LSU: 1 TCU: 3

Big 10: Syracuse @ Penn State
(2Fresh_4Real) Penn State still has the Sandusky scandal in the back of their mind, but let’s gets past it. Players could have left, all of these men decided to stay. Home field advantage will play a big role in how this game turns out.
Halftime Score – Syracuse 7 Penn State 7
Final Score – Syracuse 10 Penn State 13
Key to victory: The home crowd. If the crowd is cheering and into the game, Penn State will win
Turnover: Syracuse 0 Penn State 0

(ChefDon) Penn State is a year removed from a scandal and coming off an impressive 8-4 season. They are going to continue to trend in the right direction and I don’t think this game will be any different. Bill O’Brien will have them ready to go. Syracuse also lost their star QB and head coach to the NFL. New coach, system and QB doesn’t seem like it will go to well.
Halftime score: Syracuse: 7 Penn State: 21
Final Score: Syracuse: 14 Penn State: 30
Keys to Victory: Coaching: Bill O’Brien will have a leg up on the new coach at Syracuse and will take advantage of that. Penn State shouldn’t have a hard time.
Turnovers: Syracuse: 2 Penn State: 2

Pac-12: Nicholls State @ Oregon
(2Fresh_4Real) I really just want to see what uniforms Oregon is going to wear. The mascot will be doing a lot of push-ups. Thomas is going to run all over this defense… I’m guessing 250 rush yards, 3 TDs. Not to mention what Mariota is about to do.
Halftime Score – Nicholls State 7 Oregon 38
Final Score – Nicholls State 17 Oregon 59
Keys to victory (For Oregon): Run the Football
Turnovers: Nicholls State 4 Oregon 2

(ChefDon) Oregon will probably have some crazy jersey to go along with some crazy plays. This game won’t be close; this will be the first time we will see DeAnthony Thomas get the majority of the carries and see how legit of a Heisman contender he is. You can most likely book a kickoff return happening in this game.
Halftime score: Nicholls State: 7 Oregon: 45
Final Score: Nicholls State: 14 Oregon: 68
Keys to Victory: Oregon showing up – Plain and simple, Oregon shows up, they’ll win. DeAnthony Thomas will have 4 scores by halftime, going away.
Turnovers: Nicholls State: 5 Oregon: 1

 SEC: Rice @ Texas A&M
 (2Fresh_4Real) IS MANZIEL ELIGABLE??!! The question everyone is asking. Well, he may play, he may not, but if he plays and is ruled ineligible, they will have to forfeit every game he played it. That would kill the season for them. But if he doesn’t play, does that give Rice a chance? Not really.
Halftime Score – Rice 0 Texas A&M 17
Final Score – Rice 3 Texas A&M 31
Key to Victory: Nothing really, I don’t see Rice having a chance
Turnovers: Rice 3 Texas A&M 1

(ChefDon) *Sigh* Johnny Football, if you don’t know the story of Johnny Manziel you’ve been living under a rock. Johnny is the biggest thing in college football aside from Jadeveon Clowney. Everybody wants to know, will Manziel handle the pressure of the youngest Heisman winner and being 20 in the national spotlight? This game won’t be competitive
Halftime score: Rice: 7 Texas A&M: 28
Final score: Rice: 21 Texas A&M: 52
Keys to Victory: Texas A&M’s offense – Basically how well they work together which shouldn’t be a problem. Protecting Manziel and getting off the field with injuries in this tune up game, because Alabama comes to town in 2 weeks.
Turnovers: Rice: 4 Texas A&M: 1

The other 3 games are
Ole Miss @ Vandy (2Fresh_4Real Pick: Vandy) (ChefDon’s pick Ole Miss)
Georgia @ Clemson (2Fresh_4Real Pick: Georgia) (ChefDon’s pick Georgia)
Alabama @ Virginia Tech (2Fresh_4Real Pick: Alabama) (ChefDon’s pick Alabama)

(2Fresh_4Real) UPSET ALERT: Mississippi State over Oklahoma State
(ChefDon) UPSET ALERT: Pittsburgh over Florida State

Ricky O’Neil of ITMORO, for War Room Sports