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40 All-Time Iconic Baseball Moments

Monday, July 15th, 2013

LeRoy McConnel III

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"The Babe" calling his shot. (Photo courtesy of

“The Babe” calling his shot.
(Photo courtesy of


Here at WRS, we went brainstorming for a list of baseball players in the past and present to see who has the best iconic moments. Our goal was to feature players who have wowed us with their signature move that fans all over have talked about, mimicked, or can tell you where they were when the moment occurred. We will use Babe Ruth for example. We have long heard about how he allegedly called his home run shot. Baseball purists have told stories about that for years. How truthful was it? We will never know. It sounds more like a tall tale but it’s still Babe Ruth’s iconic move.

Let’s take a look at other Major League players’ trademark or brand-defining moments that have made them forever popular. The iconic moments are not in any order.

Click HERE to see the list and accompanying video footage.


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