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Two years ago, I wrote an article telling the story of how the number of people across the world watching the NFL, especially during the Playoffs and very specifically when it comes to Super Bowl, is growing.

Since that time, I decided in conjunction with other NFL enthusiasts to throw an unofficial Lagos Super Bowl party with the 2014 games being the inception edition. Needless to say the first year event drew a remarkable crowd. A combination of Americans living in Nigeria who wouldn’t miss the Super Bowl for anything, Nigerians like myself who grew up stateside and are still in love with the game, and Nigerians and Europeans who just want to see what the greatest show on Earth is all about, and of course to catch the halftime show.

2015 marks the 2nd annual event and it is gaining some serious momentum as more individuals are attending this year by sheer word of mouth. The game is also growing on a lot of individuals as the stories behind the players and how they got here are becoming main talking points on international news stations such as CNN and Sky News. I am actually having very significant dialogues about how Brady should not think of throwing any passes in the direction of Richard Sherman or how the Pats are truly “America’s Team” and not the Dallas Cowboys, and of course Marshawn Lynch making the statement “shout out to all my real Africans” has made folks over here even more interested in the Super Bowl this year.

I am quite proud to be part of the growing culture of people wanting to watch the Super Bowl, not only for the entertainment value anymore but for the actual sport itself, in this part of the world at the ungodly hours on a Sunday night into Monday morning. It just shows that with enough time, branding, publicity, exhibition, and league games being played globally that the NFL, even with its Rugby looking ball and even stranger style of play can truly become a global sport, as is evident with the number of people attending the 2nd ANNUAL UNOFFICIAL LAGOS SUPER BOWL PARTY….


Nwaji Jibunoh, International Correspondent for War Room Sports

Located in Lagos, Nigeria, Nwaji Jibunoh is War Room Sports’ International Soccer Contributor.  Nwaji also contributes commentary on U.S. sports from an international perspective.  He’s an Atlanta Falcons fan, Howard University alum, and former tight end for the North Atlanta High School Warriors.


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    Please when can we watch Super Bowl 51 in Lagos tomorrow into
    Monday Feb 5/6, 2017

    Thank you

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