Shogun Fights VII

by Jimmy Williams





This past Saturday October 20th the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, Maryland was home to Shogun Fights VII.  I have been to many regional events, as well as UFC events, and I must say I was highly impressed with what Shogun Fights owner John Rallo and his team has been able to put together in a short period of time.  This was one of the most professional, well run fight cards I have ever attended.  The night was action-packed with many entertaining mixed martial arts contests.

Marshall Thompson may have had the most interesting entrance of the evening, dressed in a Spartan helmet, with entourage in tow. (Photo courtesy of War Room Sports)

You may notice a theme when I give my recap on contests.  Whether Boxing or MMA, I have the propensity to root for guys who have either unique ring/cage entrances or they enter with music that I am fond of.  Considering I am a Hip-Hop Junkie, this usually means someone enters to a Hip-Hop song I love.

Adi Alic celebrates his 1st round KO of Mike Young (Photo courtesy of War Room Sports)

Fight 1:  Adi Alic  VS  Mike Young

In this 1st match Adi Alic entered the cage with what appeared to be 50 people behind him.  It was a kick-ass entrance which was reminiscent of Cobra Kai.  I immediately wanted to see if he could live up to his entrance.

Adi started the fight very aggressive, attempting a couple of submissions until being hit below the belt.  This slowed him down for a brief minute but he then exploded with a knee followed by hammer fist which gave him the victory in the 1st round by KO.

If you blinked, you may have missed the fastest KO in Shogun Fights history. (Photo Courtesy of War Room Sports)

Fight2:  David Perez VS Cole Presley

No interesting entrances to speak of but when the match started, so did the fireworks.  Cole Presley wasted no time and won by KO with an overhand right followed by hammer fists.  The fight lasted 23 seconds, which was announced as the fastest knockout in Shogun history.

Brent Hess won the pre-fight dance off….
(Photo Courtesy of War Room Sports)

….but Christian Leonard easily won the fight.
(Photo Courtesy of War Room Sports)











Fight 3:  Brent Hess VS Christian Leonard

Hess wins the entrance with hilarious Gangnam Style dancing with the Gangnam Style music to match.   Then the fight starts and immediately it is evident that Christian Leonard is ready for his 1st pro fight.   Leonard gets top position and Hess attempts a couple of submissions but after Leonard dropped a hook from the top position, the fight was ended with the 18-year old Leonard proving he is the real deal.


Dave Daniecki enters the octagon.
(Photo courtesy of War Room Sports)

Fight 4:  Dave Daniecki VS Najim Wali

Najim Wali wins the entrance contest as he enters to “The Champ is Here” by Jadakiss, which immediately made me root for him, but that’s the last thing he won.  Danieki dominated the fight by controlling the tempo the entire match by taking the fight to the ground and landing shots from the half guard position.  Danieki wins a unanimous decision 30-27 on all three judges’ scorecards.


Nate Grebb and his team prepares to do battle.
(Photo courtesy of War Room Sports)

Fight 5:  Nate Grebb VS Ruben Martinez

Martinez wins the entrance war by entering the ring to Big Pun’s 100%.  This makes me take notice but again the entrance wars mean nothing as Grebb wins by triangle choke in the 2nd round.

Cody Baker leaving the octagon after his victory over Ryan Mackin.
(Photo courtesy of War Room Sports)

Fight 6:  Ryan Mackin VS Cody Baker

No interesting entrances to speak of in this match but this was one hell of a fight that went back and forth until Mackin was saved by the bell in round 2 after being put in a rear naked choke.  Mackin seemed to be drowsy and the fight was stopped giving Baker the victory.

Marshall Thompson
(Photo courtesy of War Room Sports)

Ryan Berry…focused.
(Photo courtesy of War Room Sports)











Fight 7:  Ryan Berry VS Marshall Thompson

This fight had 2 great entrances as Thompson enters with a Gladiator mask on.  Not to be outdone, Berry enters to DMX with one of the scariest faces I have ever seen.  Berry looked like he meant business.  The fight was close but Berry dictated the pace and won by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27, and 29-28.



Dan Root holding his trophy.
(Photo courtesy of War Room Sports)

Fight 8:  Dan Root VS Brian Van Hoven

No interesting entrances to speak of in this match but Root put on a hell of a performance.  He wins by Rear Naked Choke in the 2nd round.  In the post-fight interview Root has the line of the night when asked about how he got this victory.  He says “I take it any way I can get it, like sex”.

Gustavo Kiesler (L); Rob Sullivan (R) – And the winner is…….
(Photo courtesy of War Room Sports)

Fight 9: Rob Sullivan VS Gustavo Keisler

Gustavo wins the entrance by using music from Hip Hop artist The Game but the fight was a different story.  This was a close fight with Sullivan winning a unanimous decision 29-28, 29-28, and 30-27.

Micah Terrill vs Kyle Sefcik
(Photo courtesy of War Room Sports)

Sefcik attempts a kick.
(Photo courtesy of War Room Sports)














The guillotine choke that ended the fight.
(Photo courtesy of War Room Sports)

Fight 10:  Micah Terrill VS Kyle Sefcik

Nothing special with the entrances but it is a documented fact that Kyle Sefcik is a friend of War Room Sports.  Watching him enter the fight I might have been more nervous than Kyle.  Kyle started the fight by attempting multiple Superman punches and back fists.  The fight went to the ground where Terrill seemed to be winning by controlling the fight.  Round 2 was more of the same but in round 3 Sefcik pulled out the victory with an amazing guillotine choke that caused Terrill to tap out.

The Main Event – Frank Lester vs Caleb Ball
(Photo courtesy of Shogun Fights)

Fight 11:  Frankie Lester VS Caleb Ball

This was the main event of the night and it did not disappoint.  Frankie Lester wins the entrance war by far, entering to The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Juicy”.  This entrance had me so amped I was ready to jump in the cage until I realized I have nothing but a black belt in talking trash.  This fight was an all-out war with both athletes landing multiple shots.  Lester landed a clean shot to the ribs which seemed to hurt Ball and Lester then began to land the better shots.  In the 2nd round Lester continued to land shots and eventually cut Ball whose eye started to swell and close.  The doctors stepped in and checked Ball but allowed him to continue.  After the end of the 2nd round the doctors decided Ball had suffered enough damage and stopped the fight, giving Lester the win.  Finally a fighter with a kick-ass entrance wins a fight.

It looked rough, but Caleb was a VERY worthy opponent in defeat.
(Photo courtesy of War Room Sports)

The main event victor – Frank Lester
(Photo courtesy of War Room Sports)












Overall the night was action-packed and full of entertainment.  Shogun Fights is a quality MMA organization and the Mid-Atlantic region has a vibrant MMA community that will produce many future stars in this sport.  If Shogun Fights VII was this exciting, I can only imagine what Shogun Fights VIII will have to offer.

Jimmy Williams (L); UFC Fighter Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone (M); Devin McMillan (R)
(Photo courtesy of War Room Sports)


Devin McMillan (L); MMA Legend Renzo Gracie (M); Jimmy Williams (R)
(Photo courtesy of War Room Sports)
































Jimmy “The Blueprint” Williams of The War Room, for War Room Sports

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