Farewell to Entourage: All’s Well That Ends Well

by Bradley Anderson

Last night, on 9/11, at 11:10pm EST, one of HBO’s greatest creations, Entourage, went off the air for the last time.  Doug Ellin’s masterpiece was just that, a masterpiece, because it managed to capture the male fantasy and combine it with very real emotion, logic, and general coolness against a dream-scape we’d all want to live in.  We laughed, we rooted for them, we thought about how we’d handle the Ferrari’s on the track, how we’d bend Sasha Grey up, how we’d live the lavish lifestyle.  We laughed at Ari’s clever, cruel, and masterfully hilarious quips…knowing damn well they were rude, cutting, and politically incorrect.  But we also knew at some level it represented what we may have been thinking.  And as the seasons progressed and “the guys” became almost like friends, the resounding themes of humor, fun, friendship, and loyalty against the backdrop of Tinseltown captivated us for 8 seasons.  The last episode leaves us with the storybook ending…and that’s ok…because Entourage was the ultimate fantasy.  “Drama” gets his movie, “Turtle” makes his millions, “E” gets his girl (and a baby), Ari becomes the good husband and father, and Vince gets “The Girl”.  “All’s well that ends well.”  What does this have to do with Sports?  Ari was/is going to bring an NFL franchise to LA, “Turtle” had a veritable who’s who of NBA, NFL, and MLB athletes investing in Don Pepe’s, and Mark Cuban made an impact like no other billionaire.  But most of all…”All’s Fair in Sports and War”.

Bradley “B. Austin” Anderson of The War Room, for War Room Sports

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