Is Michael Vick The Real Deal???

Is Michael Vick really an improved QB or is he just taking advantage of weak opposition? Vick’s currently brandishing (II) some very gaudy statistics over 2 and a half games:* 110.2 QB Rating
* 7 Total TD’s
* 750 Yards Passing
* 60.7 Completion Percentage
* 170 Yards Rushing
* And most importantly 0 INTERCEPTIONSI ask you, is Michael Vick the real deal? Or are these impressive stats just a product of awful competition? You make the call…

Paul “PJ” Johnson of The War Room

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One Response to “Is Michael Vick The Real Deal???”

  1. Kevin Richardson says:

    Yo cuz, Vick hasn’t proven himself yet! Homie has played against the worst teams in the NFL, lets see that dude play against some real defenses then we can crown him……until then he’s uncrowned and still a “running QB” as far as I’m concerned!

    Holla at your ocky!!

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