Aquil Bayyan is a sports fanatic and a diehard fan of his teams whether they win 1 NFL game (1989 Dallas Cowboys) or only average a record of 21-61 (.256) over a six year period (99-04) in the NBA (Chicago Bulls). He sticks to his fandom that he developed in the mid 1980s while growing up all over the Philadelphia tri state area with a stop in Baltimore. To a lesser degree he is a fan of the Philadelphia Phillies and the Philadelphia Flyers due to hometown representation and not playing or watching those sports that frequently growing up.

Aquil has a sports background of playing high school football, basketball, and running track at Central High School (254) in Philadelphia, PA which led to offers from colleges to play football and basketball for them. He transferred to Camden High School his senior year and gave up football to pursue basketball full time. He took his basketball talents to Lafayette College in Easton, PA and after 3 semesters transferred to Howard University where he finished out his playing career while putting together a solid highlight reel in the process. He still plays basketball competitively and once and a while runs into overseas or NBA players in pickup basketball games in the Dallas area where he gets to relive some of his glory days.

Aquil has been able to mesh the student-athlete title by graduating with a B.A. in Political Science at Howard University, a M.A. in Education from the University of Phoenix, and is currently pursuing an Educational Doctorate from the University of Phoenix. Aquil has coached basketball and football at many levels over the last several years and knows what it is like to successfully build a sports program.

Aquil uses his experiences and vast knowledge to qualitatively (intangibles) and quantitatively (numbers) breakdown sports debates in a critical and objective manner. Aquil is a master at putting together and finding statistical data to back up his arguments, knowing that numbers do not tell the whole story but that they are part of the story. If you happen to decide to present an antithesis (that means you disagree with what someone says and will provide the reason why) to a statement or idea that Aquil has presented, please make sure you have done your research and that you really know what you are talking about and don't just say things out of emotions or frustration. If you happen to be right or prove Aquil wrong, he will concede your point and if you happen to be wrong…well you just happen to be wrong. Aquil resides in the Dallas area with his wife (Alemtsehay) and two children (Aquil, Jr. and Baiza).

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